a big-brained Twitter bot that replies to mentions with Rick and Morty quotes
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# Media
This is your home for Pseudbot's media files.
## Adding media
Place thematically-related media files together in subdirectories of this one.
## Using media
Mention Pseudbot in a tweet followed by the 🖼 emoji and a category to post a
tweet with a related reaction image attached.
If you wanted to tweet a randomly-selected image from the `smart` directory at
the head of a copypasta response chain (note that your Pseudbot instance may
have a different handle) you could tweet:
@pseudbot 🖼 smart
If you want to only tweet an image with no attached copypasta chain, add a
second 🖼 emoji at the end of your tweet like so:
@pseudbot 🖼 smart 🖼