A curated list of awesome technologies related to Anime, Comic and Games
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Awesome ACG Awesome

A curated list of awesome tools and projects related to anime, comics, games, light novel, visual novel, vocaloid and touhou.

Sharing, suggestions and contributions are always welcome! Please take a look at the contribution guidelines first.



  • 0x40-web - HTML5/CSS3 Canvas + Web Audio clone of the 0x40 Hues Flash. [English]
  • chiru.no - High quality ACG music streaming. [English]
  • Mikutap - Interactive music mixer with Hatsune Miku. [English]
  • moefm.sh - Client script for moefm radio. [中文]
  • VOICEVOX - 無料で使える中品質なテキスト読み上げソフトウェア、VOICEVOXのエディター. [日本語]


  • ABPlayerHTML5 - Video Player for danmaku comments. ABPlayer in HTML5. [English/中文]
  • CommentCoreLibrary - Javascript Live Comment (Danmaku) Engine Implementation. [English/中文]
  • Danmaku - High performance JavaScript danmaku engine. [English/中文]
  • danmaku2ass - Convert comments from Niconico/AcFun/bilibili to ASS format. [English/中文]
  • DPlayer - HTML5 danmaku video player. [English/中文]


  • Albireo - Bangumi auto download and management project. It has a webclient called Deneb. [English]
  • anilist-crawler - Crawl data from anilist API and store in elasticsearch. [English]
  • BooruDownloader - Downloader for gelbooru, danbooru and other websites that use their engines. [English]
  • CeJS - Online novels / comics downloader. [English/中文]
  • Comic-DL - Command line tool to download manga and comics from various comic and manga sites. [English]
  • Danbooru Downloader - Downloader for Danbooru. [English]
  • DMHY - Easily download/auto-download torrent(s) from share.dmhy.org / acg.rip etc. sites for OS X. [中文]
  • E-Hentai-Downloader - Download E-Hentai archive as zip file. [English]
  • gallery-dl - Command-line program to download image-galleries and -collections from several image hosting sites. [English]
  • getComic - Download tencent comics. [中文]
  • imgbrd-grabber - Very customizable imageboard/booru downloader with powerful filenaming features. [English]
  • JComicDownloader - Tool for downloading some comics and light novels from China. [中文]
  • MangaRipper - Download manga (Japanese Comic) from several websites for your offline viewing. [English]
  • OkanimeDownloader - Scrape Arabic translated anime from Okanime without any effort. [English]
  • PixivUtil (Pixiv Downloader) - Downloader and tag manager for Pixiv. [English]
  • Pixiv Illust - Both a downloader and a third-party Node.js api for Pixiv. [English]
  • you-get - Dumb downloader that scrapes the web. [English]

Databases / Data Sources

Image Board

  • aint.moe - Your waifu aint moe. [English]
  • animeshot2 - An open and searchable image repository with telegram bot integration in Node.js. [English]
  • atogatari - Share and discover your favorite anime characters. [English]
  • BooruSurfer2 - Consistent and space-efficient interface to Booru-like image boards. [English]
  • danbooru - Taggable image board written in Rails 4 for danbooru.donmai.us. [English]
  • Hydron - Media tagger and organizer backend and GUI frontend. [English]
  • Hydrus - A personal booru-style media tagger that can import files and tags from your hard drive and popular websites. [English]
  • Moebooru - Fork of danbooru1 that has been heavily modified. Used on yande.re , Konachan.com. [English]
  • PBooru - Permanent Booru is an image board web server which takes leverage of the decentralization of IPFS to distribute its content. [English]
  • szurubooru - Python-powered booru for small to medium communities. [English]
  • TagsTable - Chinese ⇔ Engish translation table for common booru tags. [中文]

Image Generation

Image Processing

  • Anime4K - A High-Quality Real Time Anime Upscaler. [English]
  • animeloop-cli - Automatically detect and cut anime loops. [English]
  • cgCompress - Compression tool tailored for Visual Novel CGs. [English]
  • DeepCreamPy - Decensoring hentai with deep neural networks. [English]
  • hoshizora - Merge two image by alpha channel to get displayed respectively on white/black background. [English]
  • MangaCraft - Semi-automatic manga colorization. [English]
  • mangaEditor - Edit manga and translate it online. [中文]
  • Overmix - Automatic anime screenshot stitching in high quality. [English]
  • PaintsChainer - Line drawing colorization using chainer. [English]
  • sketchKeras - An u-net with some algorithm to take sketch from paints. [English]
  • style2paints - Paint line images with AI. [English]
  • TachibanaYoshino AnimeGAN - shinkaimakoto mentioned "shinkaimakoto" animestyle transfer model [English]
  • upscale.wiki.anime - Image Super-Resolution model wiki [English]
  • waifu2x - Image Super-Resolution for Anime-Style Art. [English]
  • waifu2x-converter-cpp - Improved version of waifu2x. [English]
  • Waifu2x-Extension-GUI - Video, Image and GIF upscale/enlarge(Super-Resolution) and Video frame interpolation. Achieved with Waifu2x, SRMD, RealSR, Anime4K, RIFE, CAIN, DAIN and ACNet. [English/中文]
  • WaifuCutout - Image segmentation (matting) for Anime characters. [English/中文]

Image Recognition

Mobile Apps

  • Amadeus - A side project that aims to replicate the Amadeus App shown in Steins;Gate 0. [English]
  • Atarashii - Android client for MyAnimeList. [English]
  • EhViewer - Unofficial E-Hentai Application for Android. [中文]
  • KonaBot - iOS client for konachan.net. [English]
  • LNReader-Android - Light novel reader for android. [English]
  • NineAnimator - Elegant, concise, and intuitive anime discovery app for iOS. [English]
  • Tachiyomi - Free and open source manga reader for Android. [English]



  • aeneas - Automagically synchronize audio and text. [English]
  • ASS.js - JavaScript ASS subtitle format renderer. [English]
  • dialogue.moe - Search where a dialogue comes from. [English/中文]
  • JavascriptSubtitlesOctopus - Displays subtitles in .ass format and easily integrates with HTML5 videos. Supports all SSA/ASS features. [English]
  • libjass - Renders ASS subs in the browser. [English]
  • SubBuilder - Toolset to help checking and organizing bilingual subtitles (諸神字幕組). [English/中文]
  • subsearch.madsck.com - Search source of anime dialogue. [English/中文]
  • Sushi - Automatic subtitle shifter based on audio. [English]


  • anitomy - Anime video filename parser. [English]
  • arc_unpacker - Visual novel extracting tool in CLI. [English]
  • bgm - Display bangumi list in CLI. [中文]
  • Comicbook - Convert online comics to .epub e-book. [English]
  • getnative - Find the native resolution(s) of upscaled material (mostly anime). [English]
  • kuroshiro - Japanese language utility mainly for converting Kanji-mixed sentence to Hiragana, Katakana or Romaji with furigana and okurigana modes supported. [English]
  • OpenCC - Project for conversion between Traditional and Simplified Chinese. [中文]
  • rankit.ikely.me - Scientific ranking of anime ratings by Rankit. [English]
  • Shoko - Anime Collection Manager. [English]
  • Taiga - Lightweight anime tracker for Windows. [English]
  • Visual Novel OCR - Japanese optical character recognition for visual novels. [English]
  • wikipedia_anime_graph - Calculate anime relevance from wikipedia. [日本語]


  • acgn-stock - Stock market for trading waifu on PPT (Taiwan). [English/中文]
  • awesome-bangumi - Collection of bangumi.tv related projects. [中文]
  • Bangumi scripts - Collection of user scripts for bangumi.tv. [中文]
  • Deneb - Web client for Albireo. [English]
  • japari-pedia - Chrome extension that turns Wikipedia into Japari-Library. [English]
  • kalidoface - Face and Body Tracking for Live2D / 3D models on the web. [English]
  • KarasamaEgg - KarasamaEgg dynamic wallpaper for WallpaperEngine. [English]
  • Kemono Adblocker - Replace Advertisements with Kenomo Friends pictures using perceptual techniques. [English]
  • Moelib - Website with collections of various nijigen(二次元)-related development resources with filters and multi-language support. Inspired by awesome-acg. [English]
  • My Diary - MyDiary from movie 「Your Name」.[中文]
  • nKemono - Chrome Extension that replaces all images with Kemono Friends. [English]
  • ojosama-web - テキストを壱百満天原サロメお嬢様風の口調に変換するWebアプリ. [日本語]
  • pixi-live2d - Display live2D model as a sprite in pixi.js. [English]
  • WebLive2D - Rebuild of Cybernoids' Live2D demo for interactive systems on mobile platforms. [English]


Developer Groups

Some chat rooms or channels of ACG-loving developers