Cute girls doing cute things (on my homepage)
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Live Demo: Dark - Light

This repository contains a custom homepage made using html, css and javascript (jQuery). Feel free to download and modify. Comments and suggestions appreciated. Please don't expect too much.


  • Flashy links
  • Flashy Slidy sublinks
  • Flashy Slidy searchbars
  • Randomly selected cute 2D girls
  • Column style links.
  • New: Light color theme. See Live Demo
    • New directory structure for easier making and sharing themes.

Customizing, adding mascots and themes

To change current theme, replace its name in home.html

To customize mascots in ruri-dark theme, modify the array in themes/ruri-dark/mascots.js:

var mascotList = [ "ruri1.png", "ruri2.png", "ruri3.png" ];

To make new theme, you can copy an existing one, and change images and colors.css as you like.
Please note that entries in your theme's mascots.js should match with contents of mascots/ directory.
(Of course, above links use ruri-dark theme only as an example.)


Images of cute girls were made by Anons from /w/ and stolen from their Google Drive.