It's a better more secure (hopefully) coalfax, NOT MADE IN WORDPRESS.
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License: AGPL v3

It’s a better more secure (hopefully) coalfax, NOT MADE IN WORDPRESS.

Getting it up and running

Install PHP Composer, open this directory with your terminal of choice and run composer install, that should install all of the projects dependancies.

Import coalfax.sql into your MySQL database if you don’t want to make the table and columns yourself.

Reminder that this is only a template of sorts, I fully encourage site owners to fork the repo and experiment with this (while obeying by the terms of AGPL v3 of course).

That’s it.


The website and backend processing are written 100% in HTML/CSS and PHP, the website can be used with JavaScript disabled as a result.

WARNING: Make sure the database you use supports native prepared statements, emulated prepared statements are turned off for security reasons.