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# Chronological Timeline
This is a *work-in-progress* chronological timeline of the **events** and **claims** detailed in the investigation.
Due to its length and detail, many readers have difficulty following along and finding new entries.
Keep in mind that the dates of many **events** are disputed (as to when and / or whether they occurred).
If no precise date or window of time (e.g. within a month) has been found, the default date will be when the first known claim about it was published.
The first column uses YEAR / MONTH / DAY formatting. The third column references the section(s) where the event or claim is featured.
If you would like to suggest a re-ordering or correction for particular events or claims, please submit a pull-request or open an '[Issue]('
| **DATE** | **EVENT or CLAIM** | SECTION |
| 2016/05/24 | Andrea Shepard tweets [a commitment hash]( | '[The Resignation](' |
| 2016/05/24 | Eindhoven PSI [publishes]( the speaker list for their conference on May 26th. Appelbaum's talk is later noted as "[Cancelled due to sickness](" | '[The Resignation](' |
| 2016/05/26 | A [**GitHub** account]( using Appelbaum's name is created. | '[The Website and Twitter Accounts](' |
| 2016/05/26 | Eindhoven PSI tweets that they "[hope @ioerror will get better soon](" | '[The Resignation](' |
| 2016/05/27 | Shari Steele sends a [resignation agreement]( to Appelbaum, who tweets: "[Changing of the guards](" | '[The Resignation](' and '[Appelbaum Denounces Allegations](' |
| 2016/05/27 | The "victims collective" website '[](' is registered using **GitHub** Pages. | '[The Website and Twitter Accounts]('
| 2016/06/02 | Roger Dingledine emails 'tor-internal' about Appelbaum leaving (the email is [leaked]( on June 5th). Steele publishes on the **Tor Project** blog that Appelbaum has left. Shepard [reveals her commitment hash]( | '[Removal from Core Tor](' |
| 2016/06/03 | An early version of the "[victims collective](" website pretends to be Appelbaum. An account first known as '[Time to Die Jake](' joins **Twitter**, then becomes '[Victims of Jake](' and shares the "victims collective" website. | '[The Website and Twitter Accounts](' |
| 2016/06/03 | Meredith Patterson criticises the **Tor Project**'s announcement. Director of Communications Kate Krauss, who had tweeted "[tears](," the day before, [sends an email response]( to [journalist Cyrus Farivar]( | '[Patterson Denounces "Gross Disservice to Tor Community"](' |
| 2016/06/04 | Steele publishes [a longer statement]( on the **Tor Project** blog. | '[Patterson Denounces "Gross Disservice to Tor Community"](' |
| 2016/06/06 | Appelbaum [responds]( to the allegations in [a statement]( Journalist Andy Greenberg at **WIRED** publishes [an article]( on the resignation and allegations. Patterson tweets that Appelbaum's response is "[bullshit](" and re-iterates old claims. The "victims collective" website is [updated to include an FAQ section]( Appelbaum is removed from '[Cult of the Dead Cow](' | '[Appelbaum Denounces Allegations](,' '[Patterson Denounces "Gross Disservice to Tor Community"](,' '[The Website and Twitter Accounts](,' and '[Cult of the Dead Cow](' |
| 2016/06/07 | Lovecruft responds to the statement from 'Cult of the Dead Cow' to say, "[I encourage other hacker groups / spaces who value member safety to do the same](" Dell Cameron, Patrick Howell O'Neill, and Selena Larson of [**The Daily Dot**]( publish an article, interviewing Emerson Tan, Shepard, Macrina, Patterson and her fiancé Dan Hirsch; Shepard, Tan, and Patterson are also quoted by William Turton from [**Gizmodo**]( | '[Cult of the Dead Cow](', '[Emerson Tan, Patterson, Shepard, and Hirsch](' |
| 2016/06/08 | **Freedom of the Press Foundation** co-founder and executive director Trevor Timm announces that Appelbaum is [no longer a member of the advisory board]( He is also [removed from the list of **Tor Project** current contributors](, and then added to [the list of past contributors]( sometime between June and July. | '[Removal from Core Tor](' |
| 2016/06/09 | Jill Bähring publishes [a statement]( refuting the story from **The Daily Dot** and **Gizmodo**, revealing that she was the 'girl' they claimed to have witnessed being harassed in December 2015 and that there was "nothing wrong" with her interactions with Appelbaum. **Tor Project** lawyer Pepijn Le Heux tweets that Bähring's story is "accurate." Yan Zhu confirmed that Bähring "[seemed okay](" | '[Emerson Tan, Patterson, Shepard, and Hirsch](' |