An investigation into Jacob Appelbaum leaving the Tor Project
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Chronological Timeline

This is a work-in-progress chronological timeline of the events and claims detailed in the investigation. Due to its length and detail, many readers have difficulty following along and finding new entries. Keep in mind that the dates of many events are disputed (as to when and / or whether they occurred). If no precise date or window of time (e.g. within a month) has been found, the default date will be when the first known claim about it was published.

The first column uses YEAR / MONTH / DAY formatting. The third column references the section(s) where the event or claim is featured. If you would like to suggest a re-ordering or correction for particular events or claims, please submit a pull-request or open an 'Issue.'

2016/05/24 Andrea Shepard tweets a commitment hash. 'The Resignation'
2016/05/24 Eindhoven PSI publishes the speaker list for their conference on May 26th. Appelbaum's talk is later noted as "Cancelled due to sickness." 'The Resignation'
2016/05/26 A GitHub account using Appelbaum's name is created. 'The Website and Twitter Accounts'
2016/05/26 Eindhoven PSI tweets that they "hope @ioerror will get better soon." 'The Resignation'
2016/05/27 Shari Steele sends a resignation agreement to Appelbaum, who tweets: "Changing of the guards." 'The Resignation' and 'Appelbaum Denounces Allegations'
2016/05/27 The "victims collective" website '' is registered using GitHub Pages. 'The Website and Twitter Accounts'
2016/06/02 Roger Dingledine emails 'tor-internal' about Appelbaum leaving (the email is leaked on June 5th). Steele publishes on the Tor Project blog that Appelbaum has left. Shepard reveals her commitment hash. 'Removal from Core Tor'
2016/06/03 An early version of the "victims collective" website pretends to be Appelbaum. An account first known as 'Time to Die Jake' joins Twitter, then becomes 'Victims of Jake' and shares the "victims collective" website. 'The Website and Twitter Accounts'
2016/06/03 Meredith Patterson criticises the Tor Project's announcement. Director of Communications Kate Krauss, who had tweeted "tears," the day before, sends an email response to journalist Cyrus Farivar. 'Patterson Denounces "Gross Disservice to Tor Community"'
2016/06/04 Steele publishes a longer statement on the Tor Project blog. 'Patterson Denounces "Gross Disservice to Tor Community"'
2016/06/06 Appelbaum responds to the allegations in a statement. Journalist Andy Greenberg at WIRED publishes an article on the resignation and allegations. Patterson tweets that Appelbaum's response is "bullshit" and re-iterates old claims. The "victims collective" website is updated to include an FAQ section. Appelbaum is removed from 'Cult of the Dead Cow.' 'Appelbaum Denounces Allegations,' 'Patterson Denounces "Gross Disservice to Tor Community",' 'The Website and Twitter Accounts,' and 'Cult of the Dead Cow'
2016/06/07 Lovecruft responds to the statement from 'Cult of the Dead Cow' to say, "I encourage other hacker groups / spaces who value member safety to do the same." Dell Cameron, Patrick Howell O'Neill, and Selena Larson of The Daily Dot publish an article, interviewing Emerson Tan, Shepard, Macrina, Patterson and her fiancé Dan Hirsch; Shepard, Tan, and Patterson are also quoted by William Turton from Gizmodo. 'Cult of the Dead Cow', 'Emerson Tan, Patterson, Shepard, and Hirsch'
2016/06/08 Freedom of the Press Foundation co-founder and executive director Trevor Timm announces that Appelbaum is no longer a member of the advisory board. He is also removed from the list of Tor Project current contributors, and then added to the list of past contributors sometime between June and July. 'Removal from Core Tor'
2016/06/09 Jill Bähring publishes a statement refuting the story from The Daily Dot and Gizmodo, revealing that she was the 'girl' they claimed to have witnessed being harassed in December 2015 and that there was "nothing wrong" with her interactions with Appelbaum. Tor Project lawyer Pepijn Le Heux tweets that Bähring's story is "accurate." Yan Zhu confirmed that Bähring "seemed okay." 'Emerson Tan, Patterson, Shepard, and Hirsch'