A TempleOS distro for heretics
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$WW,1$$FG,5$$TX+CX,"Graphic Sprite Resource Help"$$FG$
A sprite is an ordered list of elements such as lines, rectangles, bitmaps and color changes. In a program's source code, you first $FG,2$make a sprite$FG$ somewhere outside a function. Then, you $FG,2$insert a pointer$FG$ to the sprite as an "*elems" arg when calling $LK,"Sprite",A="MN:Sprite"$() or $LK,"Sprite3",A="MN:Sprite3"$(). See $LK,"Sprites",A="HI:Sprites"$.
You can create a $FG,2$sprite macro$FG$ on your $LK,"PersonalMenu",A="FI:~/PersonalMenu.DD"$ with a payload of $LK,"HolyC",A="FI:::/Doc/HolyC.DD"$ source code to execute when it ESC's back to the cmd line. If you check "Pop-Up", it will spawn a new task and run the payload. A pop-up macro can be placed in any document.