A TempleOS distro for heretics
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$WW,1$A $LK,"CSprite",A="MN:CSprite"$ is an ordered list of $LK,"these",A="MN:SPT_END"$ elements, created with $FG,2$<CTRL-r>$FG$. Normally, they are packed together in a list and the address of the first is passed to routines.
See $LK,"::/Demo/Graphics/SpritePlot.HC"$, $LK,"::/Demo/Graphics/SpritePlot3D.HC"$, $LK,"::/Demo/Graphics/SpritePut.HC"$, $LK,"::/Demo/Graphics/SpriteRaw.HC"$ and $LK,"SpriteMeshEd",A="MN:SpriteMeshEd"$().
Be aware that copying $FG,2$SP$FG$, $FG,2$IB$FG$, or $FG,2$IS$FG$ entries with the clip results in duplicate entries with different nums. You can manually remove dups by editing with $FG,2$<CTRL-t>$FG$ and setting to the original num.
See $LK,"::/Adam/Gr/GrSpritePlot.HC",A="FL:::/Adam/Gr/GrSpritePlot.HC,1"$ for how CSprite are stored.$FG$