A TempleOS distro for heretics
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$WW,1$One jiffy is one time slice. $LK,"cnts.jiffies",A="MN:CCntsGlbls"$ returns time slices since boot.
$LK,"SysTimerRead",A="MN:SysTimerRead"$ reads the timer ticks since boot. It's not as fast as $LK,"GetTSC",A="MN:GetTSC"$.
Use $LK,"JIFFY_FREQ",A="MN:JIFFY_FREQ"$ to convert $LK,"cnts.jiffies",A="MN:CCntsGlbls"$.
Use $LK,"SYS_TIMER_FREQ",A="MN:SYS_TIMER_FREQ"$ to convert $LK,"SysTimerRead",A="MN:SysTimerRead"$.