A TempleOS distro for heretics
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#help_index "God"
#define GOD_BAD_BITS 4
#define GOD_GOOD_BITS 24
public class CGodGlbls
U8 **words,
I64 word_fuf_flags,
CFifoU8 *fifo;
CDC *doodle_dc;
I64 doodle_ch;
CFifoU8 *doodle_fifo;
Bool doodle_done;
} god;
god.doodle_fifo =FifoU8New(2048*8);
god.fifo =FifoU8New(2048*8);
extern U0 GodBitsIns(I64 num_bits,I64 n);
extern U0 GodDoodle(U8 *hex=NULL);
extern U0 GodBiblePassage(I64 num_lines=20);
extern U0 GodSong();
extern U0 GodWord(I64 bits=17,Bool show_num=FALSE);