A TempleOS distro for heretics
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minexew 4b873b8395 Use MakeStdDistro instead of DoDistro and clean up a bunch 2 years ago
ACDictGen.HC TempleOS V5.03 Nightly (ISO SHA-1 57e189b) 4 years ago
ACFill.HC TempleOS V5.03 Nightly (ISO SHA-1 f70d475) 4 years ago
ACInit.HC TempleOSCDV5.02.ISO 4 years ago
ACTask.HC TempleOS V5.03 Nightly (ISO SHA-1 aed1efc) 4 years ago
ACWords.DATA TempleOSCDV4.12.ISO 4 years ago
MakeAC.HC TempleOSCDV4.11.ISO 4 years ago