A TempleOS distro for heretics
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Press <CTRL-ALT-c> to break.
Rerun Program
Press <CTRL-ALT-d> to enter Dbg.
> $LK,"Dr",A="MN:Dr"$; //Dump Regs
> $LK,"G2",A="MN:G2"$; //Cont program
Press <CTRL-ALT-d> to enter Dbg.
> $LK,"Uf",A="MN:Uf"$("DbgDemo");
> $LK,"U",A="MN:U"$(_RIP);
See $LK,"Debugging",A="HI:Debugging"$
U0 DbgDemo()
I64 i=0;
while (TRUE)
if (!(i++%2000000))