A TempleOS distro for heretics
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//TempleOS supports standard $LK,"Print",A="MN:Print"$()
//codes and extended ones.
//See $LK,"Print(\"\") Fmt Strings",A="FI:::/Doc/Print.DD"$.
//Demonstrates $LK,"aux_fmt_num",A="FF:::/Doc/Print.DD,aux_fmt_num:2"$ codes.
"\nWith the ',' flag:\n";
"\nFloating Point:\n";
"%h25c\n",'x'; //Print 25 x's
"%h*c\n",25,'y'; //Print 25 y's
'zzzz\n'; //$LK,"PutChars",A="MN:PutChars"$() up to 8 characters.