A TempleOS distro for heretics
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$TX,"Terry A. Davis",HTML="mailto:tdavis@templeos.org"$
$HC,"<center><img src=\"http://www.templeos.org/images/170310TerryADavis.jpg\" width=\"320\" height=\"320\" alt=\"\"></center>"$
8144 Sickle Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89128
$FG,5$About Me:$FG$
I was a National Merit Scholar with a 1440 SAT at Arizona State University. I have a bachelor's in Computer System Engineering from ASU, basically, embedded systems, and a master's in Electrical Engineering from ASU, control systems. I worked as a software, hardware and mechanical engineer at Ticketmaster from 1990-1996.
I designed a 3 axis stepper-motor-driven milling machine 1996-1997 with a CAD/CAM package for a company I started called Home Automation and Robotic Equipment.
$HC,"<center><img src=\"http://www.templeos.org/images/Machine.jpg\" width=\"600\" height=\"400\" alt=\"\"></center>"$
I worked for a company named Xytec Corp. 1997-1999. We made FPGA-based image processing equipment. I wrote $FG,2$SimStructure$FG$ from 2000-2001 for H.A.R.E. I worked as head software/electrical engineer for a company called Graphic Technologies, 2001-2002, making replacement chips for toner printer cartridges so they could be refilled.
See $LK,"::/Doc/Credits.DD"$.