A TempleOS distro for heretics
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See $LK,"::/Compiler/OpCodes.DD"$ for opcodes. They're not standard. Some invalid insts are not flagged and some valid insts are not implemented. 16-bit asm support is limited.
Here are example inst formats:
$HL,0$$HL,1$ ADD RAX,I64 [DISP]
$FG,2$$$$FG$ Current compiler output pos (inst ptr). Even works in HolyC expressions.
$FG,2$$$$FG$ works in $FG,2$class$FG$es.
$FG,2$class MyFun
I64 local1;
I64 local2;
I64 crazy;
$FG$ Defines an exported glbl label.
$FG$ Defines an non-exported glbl label.
$FG$ Defines a local label with scope valid between two global labels.
$FG,2$DU8$FG$, $FG,2$DU16$FG$, $FG,2$DU32$FG$, $FG,2$DU64$FG$
Define BYTE, WORD, DWORD or QWORD. Can be used with $FG,2$DUP()$FG$ and ASCII strings. For your convenience, the ASCII strings do not have terminating zeros. Define cmds must end with a semicolon.
$FG,2$USE16$FG$, $FG,2$USE32$FG$, $FG,2$USE64$FG$
$FG,2$IMPORT$FG$ $FG,4$sym1name$FG$, $FG,4$sym2name$FG$;
$FG,2$ALIGN$FG$ $FG,4$num$FG$, $FG,4$fill_byte$FG$
Align to $FG,4$num$FG$ boundary and fill with $FG,4$fill_byte$FG$.
$FG,2$ORG$FG$ $FG,4$num$FG$
Set code addr for JIT or set module $LK,"Load",A="MN:Load"$() addr -- has 16-byte $LK,"CBinFile",A="MN:CBinFile"$ header and patch table trailing.
$FG,2$BINFILE$FG,4$ "FileName.BIN"$FG$;
See $LK,"Assembly Language",A="FF:::/Doc/GuideLines.DD,Assembly Language"$, $LK,"::/Demo/Asm/AsmAndC1.HC"$, $LK,"::/Demo/Asm/AsmAndC2.HC"$ and $LK,"::/Demo/Asm/AsmAndC3.HC"$.