A TempleOS distro for heretics
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$FG,5$These take a pointer to a bit field.$FG$
$WW,1$$FG,2$Bt$FG$: Bit Test
$FG,2$Bts$FG$: Bit Test and Set to one
$FG,2$Btr$FG$: Bit Test and Rst to zero
$FG,2$Btc$FG$: Bit Test and Compliment (toggle)
$FG,2$BEqu$FG$: Set bit to value.
$FG$Bit operations are "atomic", no interrupt between the reading and writing the bit, important when multitasking. For multicore use "locked" forms.$FG$
$FG,5$These don't take a pointer, but the actual field.$FG$
$FG,2$Bsf$FG$: Bit Scan Fwd (Pos of first low one bit or -1)
$FG,2$Bsr$FG$: Bit Scan Rev (Pos of first high one bit or -1)
$FG,2$BCnt$FG$: Bit Cnt (Cnt of set bits)