A TempleOS distro for heretics
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$WW,1$$FG,5$$TX+CX,"Compiler Options"$$FG$
Use $LK,"Option",A="MN:Option"$(). You might need to do $FG,2$#exe {Option();}$FG$.
$LK,"OPTf_GLBLS_ON_DATA_HEAP",A="MN:OPTf_GLBLS_ON_DATA_HEAP"$ without this option, global vars are placed in the code heap which is limited to 2Gig. In $FG,2$AOT$FG$ modules, global vars take-up room in the $FG,2$.BIN$FG$ file, so you might want to use this option, instead. You might wish to turn it on and off around specific vars. A disadvantage of data heap global vars in $FG,2$AOT$FG$ modules is they can't be initialized.
$LK,"OPTf_EXTERNS_TO_IMPORTS",A="MN:OPTf_EXTERNS_TO_IMPORTS"$ and $LK,"OPTf_KEEP_PRIVATE",A="MN:OPTf_KEEP_PRIVATE"$ are strange options, you'll never need. They're to allow the same header file for $FG,2$Kernel$FG$ to act as $FG,2$extern$FG$s when compiling itself and $FG,2$import$FG$s when compiled by $FG,2$AOT$FG$ modules.
$LK,"OPTf_WARN_UNUSED_VAR",A="MN:OPTf_WARN_UNUSED_VAR"$ warning if unused var. It is applied to functions.
$LK,"OPTf_WARN_PAREN",A="MN:OPTf_WARN_PAREN"$ warning if parenthesis are not needed.
$LK,"OPTf_WARN_DUP_TYPES",A="MN:OPTf_WARN_DUP_TYPES"$ warning if dup local var type stmts.
$LK,"OPTf_WARN_HEADER_MISMATCH",A="MN:OPTf_WARN_HEADER_MISMATCH"$ warning if fun header does not match.
$LK,"OPTf_NO_REG_VAR",A="MN:OPTf_NO_REG_VAR"$ forces all function local vars to the stk not regs. Applied to functions.
$LK,"OPTf_NO_BUILTIN_CONST",A="MN:OPTf_NO_BUILTIN_CONST"$ Disable 10-byte float consts for ã, log2_10, log10_2, loge_2. Applied to functions.