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There is no separate preprocessor pass. The parser front-end calls $LK,"Lex",A="MN:Lex"$() which has the preprocessor built-in. The compiler looks ahead a token, most of the time, so you might throw an extra semicolon after a directive if it's not taking affect right away.
Put an extra semicolon $FG,2$#exe {Cd("DirName");;}$FG$ in case a $FG,2$#include$FG$ follows.
$FG,2$#include ""$FG$ There is no angle bracket <> form of this directive.
$FG,2$#exe {}$FG$ Will execute code at compile-time and can be used to insert code into the stream being compiled using $LK,"StreamPrint",A="MN:StreamPrint"$().
$FG,2$#define$FG$ Define string const
$FG,2$#assert$FG$ Print a warning during compilation if an expression is not true.
$FG,2$#if$FG$ Include code if an expresion is true.
#ifdef,#ifndef $FG$Include code if a sym is defined.
$FG,2$#ifaot,#ifjit $FG$Include code if in $FG,2$AOT$FG$ compiler mode.
$FG,2$defined()$FG$ Is a function that can be used in expressions.
$FG,2$#help_index$FG$, $FG,2$#help_file$FG$ See $LK,"Help System",A="FI:::/Doc/HelpSystem.DD"$.
See $LK,"PreProcessor",A="FF:::/Compiler/Lex.HC,KW_DEFINE"$.