A TempleOS distro for heretics
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$WW,1$$FG,5$$TX+CX,"Sprite Main Menu Help"$$FG$
Order of elements matters. They are executed in the order they appear in the side-bar. You can set the insert point for new elements by click the element in the side-bar and making it RED.
After you create a 3D Mesh, you can edit it by seling it in the side-bar so it is colored RED. Then, click EDIT-3D-MESH. A shiftable 3D mesh has a 2D offset to position the origin. You can convert between shiftable and non-shiftable by editing it with the other command.
You can convert all elements to a BitMap if END is RED in the side-bar and you CONVERT-TO-BITMAP. Later, you can edit that bitmap by seling it in the side bar so it is colored RED and clicking EDIT-BITMAP.
If you have a 3D icon, you might want to place a background-colored rectangle under the 3D icon, so it hovers above. Use TRANSFORM-OFF and TRANSFORM-ON. You will also need to set the Z offset of the icon. Go to the Edit menu and sel EDIT-AS-TEXT and change the third INT to Z offset. Good luck.
While inserting vector elements, you can usually press $FG,2$'c'$FG$ to eye-dropper the color under the mouse. Press $FG,2$'t'$FG$ for transparent.