A TempleOS distro for heretics
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$WW,1$There are no streams in the traditional sense. The cmd line output gets sent to the cursor location of a document being edited and by using cursor keys, text can be injected all over the document. $LK,"Sprites",A="HI:Sprites"$ can be injected and are not serialized! Furthermore, the input can come from triggering macro widgets. See $LK,"Doc Overview",A="FI:::/Doc/DolDocOverview.DD"$ and $LK,"Doc Routines",A="HI:DolDoc"$.
If you had a remote term and sent key $LK,"Scan Codes",A="MN:SC_INS"$, the user would press $FG,2$<CTRL-m>$FG$ to access his $FG,2$Personal Menu$FG$ to trigger his macros. However, the local $LK,"~/PersonalMenu.DD"$ might differ from the remote, causing loss of sync between local and remote sessions. Also, the window size of local and remote might differ, so word-wrapped text would be different. Injecting output text with different windows sizes would cause remote and local documents to not be in sync.
See $LK,"Char Overview",A="FI:::/Doc/CharOverview.DD"$ and $LK,"Char Routines",A="HI:Char"$.
You can send characters into $FG,2$StdIn$FG$. See $LK,"In",A="MN:In"$(), $LK,"XTalk",A="MN:XTalk"$() and $LK,"InFile",A="HI:InFile"$.