A TempleOS distro for heretics
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$WW,1$$LK,"gr.text_base",A="MN:CGrGlbls"$ must be updated 30fps in your Fs->draw_it() callback. You probably want $LK,"GrPrint",A="MN:GrPrint"$() or just $LK,"Print",A="MN:Print"$(). The $LK,"DolDoc",A="FI:::/Doc/DolDocOverview.DD"$ code takes care of plotting text to $LK,"gr.text_base",A="MN:CGrGlbls"$.
Bits 0-7 8-Bit ASCII Scrn Code
Bits 8-11 Foreground $LK,"color",A="MN:BLACK"$
Bits 12-15 Background $LK,"color",A="MN:BLACK"$
Bits 16-20 Signed X pos shift val
Bits 21-25 Signed Y pos shift val
Bit 28 $LK,"Blink",A="MN:ATTRF_BLINK"$
Bit 29 $LK,"Invert",A="MN:ATTRF_INVERT"$ed (Swap foreground and background)
Bit 30 $LK,"Sel",A="MN:ATTRF_SEL"$ (XOR colors with FF)
Bit 31 $LK,"Underline",A="MN:ATTRF_UNDERLINE"$
$LK,"GrUpdateTaskWin",A="MN:GrUpdateTaskWin"$() calls $LK,"DocUpdateTaskDocs",A="MN:DocUpdateTaskDocs"$() which calls $LK,"DocRecalc",A="MN:DocRecalc"$() where the document text is plotted into $LK,"gr.text_base",A="MN:CGrGlbls"$. Then, $LK,"GrUpdateTextBG",A="MN:GrUpdateTextBG"$() and $LK,"GrUpdateTextFG",A="MN:GrUpdateTextFG"$() render the $LK,"gr.text_base",A="MN:CGrGlbls"$ onto $LK,"gr.dc2",A="MN:CGrGlbls"$, a raw graphic bitmap.
See $LK,"::/Demo/Games/Maze.HC"$.