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@ -65,16 +65,12 @@ Another advantage of this is that since it comes first in the repo, it ensures t
Each summary section contains a link to the main section, which contains sources and description of each image.
Text only:
* <<xi-abolishes-term-limits-2018-03>> (2018包子露宪)
* <<the-709-crackdown>>
* <<panama-papers>> (邓家贵)
* <<low-end-population>>
* <<tibetan-unrest-2008>>
Text and image:
**社会主义核心价值观 Core socialist values**
@ -1056,7 +1052,10 @@
Here is a different picture of the same product from April 14th: That one might allow better brand identification: 万X福 That one also posted at:偶然看到这张图不知道是不是真的/ Watermarked Weibo @第三豹弹
.Chinese <<dual-use-technology,dual-use>> bread.
.Chinese <<dual-use-technology,dual-use>> bread. More info at: <<communist-bread>>.
.Communist bread vs Communist condom. Someone made a brilliant communist condom Photoshop reply to the <<communist-bread>>. Pointed out at: and a previous source at:[].Part of the joke is that the Chinese message reads "中国人不吃这一套" (The Chinese people won't fall for this trick), and "套" is the last character for condom in Chinese (避孕套). "套" more generally means a type of "slip-on cover or envelope".
@ -1365,6 +1364,7 @@ video::sUvBNpkxrJo[youtube,height=400,width=600]
TODO maybe not arrested but relevant:
* unconfirmed video: Police travel to man’s house and force him to delete his WeChat post about Covid-19 spreading in his area because the government won’t admit to any cases.
*[Fang Fang] (方方_(作家)[方方]) published in 2020[Wuhan Diary] (方方日記[方方日記], 方方日记)
Possible free Chinese version: ([archive])
@ -3545,7 +3545,7 @@ Classify Ciro's techno-political goals as you will:
A possible way to get closer to either:
Anything in between, he's not sure about don't know.
Anything in between however, he's not sure about.
All he has is a fundamental and irrational belief that we should not <<overlook-human-rights-for-profit,violate human rights to reach those goals>>, which is why he opposes the CCP (and others who violate human rights).
@ -5114,6 +5114,7 @@ More information:
===== GitHub gov-takedowns
@ -5794,6 +5795,11 @@ News:
* 2021-07 "Twitter restricts account of expert who mocked China leader" Anne-Marie Brady
* 2021-04-08: publicly supported the <<milk-tea-alliance>>
Unfair censorship:
* 2021-08-12 Twitter locks account of India’s largest opposition party (Indian National Congress)
* 2021-08-10 Twitter suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene temporarily for spreading vaccine misinformation
.Cartoon showing Donald Trump's mouth sewn shut in a "Twitter" shape by <<kuang-biao>> (2021) after Trump was <<unjust-social-media-censorship-in-the-west,banned from Twitter>>. You know it's bad when the artists who normally criticize the <<ccp,CCP>> start to criticize you. <<rebel-pepper>>'s["I can't Tweet"] comes to mind, although it was about <<racist-west>> instad.[Source].
@ -5820,6 +5826,12 @@ Many of their videos use their <<xi-jinping-speech-synthesizer>> system called X
* 独立思考社群 (Independent thought society)
=== Medium
== Separatism (分离主义, Taiwan 台湾, Xinjiang 新疆, Hong Kong 香港)
@ -7362,7 +7374,11 @@ It was perfectly legal for <<nazi,Nazis>> to kill Jews. Does it make that right?
But in the end, the commies don't even bother passing or following laws, they just fuck people anyways without one: <<rule-of-law>>.
The problem in <<dictatorship,dictatorships>> is that the people have no power at all to change the law because there is no
The problem in <<dictatorship,dictatorships>> is that the people have no power at all to change the law because there is no <<democracy>>.
The excuse that "we have to do this to follow Chinese law in order to operate in China", is exactly what all <<western-companies-that-comply-with-chinese-censorship-requests>> do. If Chinese law mandated killing Jews, they would likely comply.
The trick though is to delegate the dirty work to Chinese branches and employees, as a way to distance themselves from the activity. This is also generally a regulartory requirement of the Chinese government however.
=== Falun Gong is fake (法轮功是假的)
@ -13597,6 +13613,30 @@ The dominating Chinese Facebook/Twitter clone as of 2020.
.<<weibo>> logo vs Sauron's eye 微博标志vs索倫魔眼 by <<ciro-santilli>>.
===== Ciro Santilli's Weibo block (三西猴被微博屏蔽)
Somewhere around 2021, Ciro's Weibo was blocked:
Ciro never wrote any public posts in it, and only replied minimally to a few private messages many years before.
This clearly shows how Chinese platforms (obviously) target specific users specifically, regardless of what they did in a particular platform:
* unblocked 2021-02
* blocked 2021-06
The block message afte redirect is:
The account is now unavailable for being complained of violating laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the "Weibo Community Convention".
* 我爱看围脖 seems to be a Weibo mirror. TODO is it uncensored? Sample post replication: the condom post from has origin at see also <<communist-bread>>
=== Chinese censorship companies (中国审查公司)
@ -13677,6 +13717,8 @@ For Zhihu backlinks, see: <<zhihu-questions-related-to-ciro-santilli>>.
For lower profile links, see:
* 2021-07-15 on <<weibo>> #反华 挂一个垃圾仓库 cirosantilli/china-dictatorship (#anti-china Found a trash repository.) Does not understand the CCP != China: <<does-ciro-santilli-hate-china>>. Perhaps this is what triggered <<ciro-santillis-weibo-block>>.
* 2021-08-13 to[]. That's a Google Docs clone it seems. Used by the Chengdu government. Chinese name: 金山文档 (golden mountain documents). Also had 50 unique cloners on 11 and 12th. Is it <<github-gov-takedowns>> time at last??
* 2021-07-22 to after adding keywords to page header. This is from[], a security/spyware company.
* 2021-07[], presumably viewing[]. Saw it[on Google cache], semi viewable at[], but not rendering very well
* 2021-05-23 LinkedIn profile view from Circus Social[]. Some of their China stuff:


@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
#!/usr/bin/env bash
printf "Chinese \"Communist\" \"Dictatorship\" \"facts\". 中国《共产主义》《独裁统治》的《事实》。住在中国真名用户的网友请别给星星,不然你要被警察请喝茶。Friends who live in China and have real name on account, please don't star this repo, or else the police might pay you a visit. Home to the mega-FAQ, news compilation, restaurant and music recommendations. 常见问答集,新闻集和饭店和音乐建议。Heil Xi 卐. 习万岁。冠状病毒审查郝海东新疆改造中心六四事件法轮功 996.ICU709大抓捕巴拿马文件邓家贵低端人口西藏骚乱"
printf '大陆修宪香港恶法台湾武统朝鲜毁约美中冷战等都是王沪宁愚弄习思想极左命运共同体的大策划中共窃国这半个多世纪所犯下的滔天罪恶,前期是毛泽东策划的,中期6.4前后是邓小平策划的,后期是毛的极左追随者三朝罪恶元凶王沪宁策划的。王沪宁高小肆业因文革政治和情报需要保送“学院外语班“红色仕途翻身,所以王的本质是极左的。他是在上海底层弄堂长大的,因其本性也促成其瘪三下三滥个性,所以也都说他有易主“变色龙”哈巴狗“的天性。大陆像王沪宁这样学马列政治所谓"法学"专业的人,在除朝鲜古巴所有国家特别是在文明发达国家是无法找到专业对口工作必定失业,唯独在大陆却是重用的紧缺“人才”,6.4后中共信仰大危机更是最重用的救党“人才”。这也就是像王沪宁此类工农兵假“大学生”平步青云的原因,他们最熟悉毛泽东历次运动的宫庭内斗经验手段和残酷的阶级斗争等暴力恐怖的“政治学”。王沪宁能平步青云靠他这马毛伪“政治学”资本和头衔,不是什么真才实学,能干实事有点真才实学的或许在他手下的谋士及秘书班子中可以找到。王沪宁的“真才实学”只不过是一个只读四年小学的人,大半辈子在社会上磨炼特别是在中共官场滚打炼出的的手段和经验而已,他和习近平等保送的工农兵假“大学生”都一样,无法从事原“专业”都凭红资本而从政。六四学运期间各界一边倒支持学生,王沪宁一度去法国躲避和筹谋,他还加入了反学运签名,成为极少有的反学运者仕途突显,在六四和苏联垮台后中共意识形态危机,江泽民上台看上唯一能应急的王沪宁聚谋士泡制的"稳定统一领导"和之后的"新权威"谬论。左转被邓小平南巡阻止后,王策划顺邓经济改革却将政治改革逐步全面终止和倒退,泡制“三个代表”为极左转建立庞大牢固的红色既得利益集团。因此六四后各重大决策和危机难题都摆在中共中央政策研究室王沪宁桌面上,使王沪宁成了此后中共三朝都无法摆脱的幕后最有决策性实权的人,中共中央政策研究室是王为其野心巨资经营几十年,聚众谋士的间谍情报汇总研究的特务机关和策划制定决策重要机构与基地,王沪宁本人和决定其仕途关键的首任岳父及家属就有情报工作背景。中央政研室重要到王沪宁入常后为了死抓这中共情报与决策大权,宁可放弃国家副主席和中央党校校长。后再加个除习外唯他担任的中共几核心领导小组之一的“不忘初心牢记使命”主题教育工作小组组长。此后他把持的舆论必将以宣传“不忘初心牢记使命”为主,打造众所周知的所谓“习思想”其实是”王思想“。王自从主导中央政研室开始决策后,策划中止邓小平的与美妥协路线回归毛极左的反美路线。帮助前南斯拉夫提供情报打落美机放中使馆引发炸使馆事件,以此掀起六四后唯一的全国大规模游行并借此反美而起家。后又帮江泽民提供法轮功会是超过中共组织的情报,策划决策镇压迫害开始并没有把矛头指向江的法轮功群体,策划决定阻止党内外近三十年来平反六四的呼声。'
printf '金融文本情感'
printf '茶马古道'
printf '行驶工况'
printf '桌面'