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@ -75,9 +75,17 @@ Imperial China lost the race for the Industrial Revolution. Will another dictato
=== Why would democracy and freedom of speech make China less likely to start a war?
This has been discussed to death:
Some arguments include:
* the people who will actually fight and die on the front can't vote against it
* dictators have huge power, so if they put it in their heads that they want to start a war, it is much harder for sensible people to stop them
* dictators need to keep the people in fear all the time to keep their power, and a war is a great way to achieve that
=== Censorship is necessary to protect China from harmful USA propaganda
I don't think this is below them, but:
@ -225,8 +233,8 @@ We have to choose the one we think is the worst, and focus on it.
What is worse is a subjective choice. For me:
. I love China and my Chinese GF
. I hate dictatorships, and China is the largest one
* I love China and my Chinese wife
* I hate dictatorships, and China is the largest one
My SO username and protest time are not infinite.
@ -351,6 +359,10 @@ If it wasn't for the dictatorship, I would seriously consider living there.
Of course not. I am, just like you, a completely selfless being, who only cares about what is best for the world as a whole.
=== Are you doing this because it makes you feel important?
No, I am a selfless human being, only concerned with the well being of humankind.
=== Would you be doing this if you were in China?
Not with my real name attached to it.
@ -389,6 +401,18 @@ But my employer believes that inclusion and non-discrimination is more valuable.
I will always do my best to not let my personal opinions affect my professional decisions, as that would be unfair to my employer.
=== Don't you have anything better to do?
In 1995, a beautiful thing called the Internet was invented.
The Internet gives everyone the magic power of writting something, and having million people read it for free!
This is how much time I spend on this to give you an idea:
* every week or two, someone sends me a message, I reply with "read the FAQ", and usually update
* I follow amongst many other programming subs, and all major bad news show up there
* when something bad enough comes up, I go to and update <<attack,my keyword attack>>
== Were you influenced by the Cute cat theory of digital activism?

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@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ Anyone can create content 任何人都可以些:
- <> <> <>
- Google Play <>
- <> <>
- <> <> <>. Oh, but an official press does have an 1M subscriber account on Twitter: <>
- <> <> <>. Oh, but an official press does have an 1M subscriber account on Twitter: <> They have a rumour refutation platform! 微博辟谣 lol
- <> <>
- <>
- <>

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@ -12,3 +12,5 @@ Well, will likely be the case for a large proportion of projects:
But here we go:
- Urho3D <> on comment by Yao Wei Tjong <> The thread was later deleted, and my other threads had the links removed and were closed: <> and <> An interesting side effect of this is that no-one in that forum can ever link to my posts since that website fetches titles, images and more. Waiting to see if they will add clear guidelines, or just use the Chinese method of having de-facto unsaid rules. It will be even more fun when my name itself becomes a censored keyword, and other people have at mentioned me. <> <> I made a further post linking to my pull request on GitHub, but I didn't know that the profile picture showed up on links to pull requests, and then my account was banned: <> <>
- Then the saga continues, as I decide to bisect their tolerance: <>

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@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ Which is the same as not controlled by it :-)
- <>
- <> <>
- China News Digest 华夏文摘 <>
- China Digital Times 中国数字时代 <> <> <>
- China Digital Times 中国数字时代 <> <> <> <>
- <> <>
- <>
- <>, linked to Taiwan 和台湾有关系

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@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
# people
# People
- Father of the Great Firewall <>
@ -8,3 +8,7 @@
- <> his strategy
- <>
- <>
## Xi Jinping
- <>