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Upvote these posts you believe in freedom of speech like me:

Since 2015, I have been uploading images that criticize the Chinese government here, because I believe that this saves lives and prevents human rights violations. I also believe that these have strong meta support in:

However, when you try to ask if you can make fun or criticize specific points of dictatorships like the Chinese government in 2021, many people in the Stack Exchange community simply refuse to give a clear yes or no answer:

  • if they said no, they would be considered evil for supporting an evil dictatorship
  • if they said yes, then this would allow you to post images that some people living in said dictatorship find distressing (Chinese media calls this "to hurt the feelings of the Chinese people"), and like good Liberals we must strive to please everyone

The key question is:

Do we have to be nice to dictators and their supporters?

So their tendency is to:

  • say anything that is not suitable for work should not be allowed. But they don't really enforce it for China, because that would imply helping a dictatorship.
  • say deciding allowed and non allowed topics is too hard. "Sure, I'm all for human rights, but I don't have the time to say yes/no right now"
  • close/delete the discussions asking such questions, e.g.: (Is Winnie-the-Pooh allowed or not?)

Imagine if a legal system also "refused to give any clear and specific guidelines, rather deciding everything on a one-by-one basis".

Wait. No need to imagine. China is the perfect example of that! They claim endlessly to obey rule of law. But in practice, every decision can be a one-by-one basis by those in power with hidden rules if there is enough interest.

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