Curated list of fediverse (Pleroma, Mastodon, GNUsocial) spam instances.
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This is a list of fediverse instances that are sources of uncontrolled spam.

What is Spam?

Spam is repeated or automated messages that intend to flood timelines or notifications. Spam also includes bulk commercial advertisement and scams.

How Bad?

The bar to be added to the list is high. This means "spam instances" should consist primarily of spammers. Care must be taken to avoid promoting defederating instances where legitimate users post. Effort should be made to consult with offending instance admins to control spam before being added to the list.

Just Spam?

Yes, I will never add a domain to this list because of nebulous "toxicity" or whatever censorship justification is popular at the moment. Just spam.

The List

Domain IP Reason Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Single Purpose Spam Instance 2019-08-10 Single Purpose Spam Instance 2019-08-10