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Simple RSS bot for the Fediverse aka re-inventing the wheel.

Updated 3 years ago

Anonymous textboard for Gemini protocol

Updated 2 years ago

Chinese "Communist" "Dictatorship" "facts". 中国《共产主义》《独裁统治》的《事实》。Home to the mega-FAQ, news compilation, restaurant and music recommendations. 常见问答集,新闻集和饭店和音乐建议。Heil Xi 卐. 习万岁。

Updated 7 days ago

blockchain-based imageboard

Updated 1 year ago

a TempleOS tile-based platformer with destructible terrain written in HolyC

Updated 1 year ago

Curated list of fediverse (Pleroma, Mastodon, GNUsocial) spam instances.

Updated 3 years ago is a golang package for archiving web pages via

Updated 4 years ago

Scans, records and archives fediverse posts

Updated 3 years ago

Random stuff for Pleroma that I keep around in case I forget

Updated 3 years ago

a TempleOS space shooter video game and god word generator written in HolyC

Updated 2 years ago

TempleOS Distribution for BlazeItFgt

Updated 2 years ago

Type-safe, compiled Jinja-like templates for Rust

Updated 8 months ago

Discusses how to verify DKIM signatures in old emails, namely one of the Hunter Biden emails in the news

Updated 11 months ago

An investigation into Jacob Appelbaum leaving the Tor Project

Updated 2 months ago

Convert PNG images to HolyC data structures for drawing in TempleOS

Updated 2 years ago