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  1. <?php
  2. $male = strpos($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'], 'jessica') !== false ? false : true;
  3. $femName = "Jessica";
  4. $maleName = "Jonathan";
  5. $lname = "Yaniv";
  6. $name = ($male ? $maleName : $femName);
  7. $pro = ($male ? "he" : "she");
  8. $pos = ($male ? "his" : "her");
  9. $reflex = ($male ? "him" : "her");
  10. $self = "{$reflex}self";
  11. function he($ucase = false) {
  12. global $pro;
  13. return ($ucase ? ucfirst($pro) : $pro);
  14. }
  15. function his($ucase = false) {
  16. global $pos;
  17. return ($ucase ? ucfirst($pos) : $pos);
  18. }
  19. function him($ucase = false) {
  20. global $reflex;
  21. return ($ucase ? ucfirst($reflex) : $reflex);
  22. }
  23. function himself($ucase = false) {
  24. global $self;
  25. return ($ucase ? ucfirst($self) : $self);
  26. }
  27. $cites = [
  28. [
  29. 'title' => "When one person’s right is another’s obligation",
  30. 'url' => "",
  31. ],
  32. [
  33. 'title' => "Why I Am Permanently Banned From Twitter And Why This Should Make You Worry",
  34. 'url' => "",
  35. ],
  36. [
  37. 'title' => "&quot;Ah! I miss you @biz!!&quot;",
  38. 'url' => "",
  39. ],
  40. [
  41. 'title' => "Twitter reverses ban of Lindsay Shepherd after international outrage",
  42. 'url' => "",
  43. ]
  44. ];
  45. function cite($index) {
  46. $citeNum = $index+1;
  47. return "<sup class=\"cite\"><a href=\"#cite-link-{$index}\" class=\"cite\">[{$citeNum}]</a></sup>";
  48. }
  49. ?><!DOCTYPE html>
  50. <html class="no-js" lang="en-CA">
  51. <head>
  52. <meta charset="utf-8" />
  53. <meta http-equiv="x-ua-compatible" content="ie=edge" />
  54. <title>PREDATOR: <?=$name?> <?=$lname?> | <?=$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']?></title>
  55. <meta name="description" content="<?=$name?> <?=$lname?> is a notorious pedophile and legal troll in British Columbia." />
  56. <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, shrink-to-fit=no" />
  57. <link href=",700|Open+Sans|Quattrocento:700" rel="stylesheet" />
  58. <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/normalize.css" />
  59. <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/ligtbox.min.css" />
  60. <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/main.css?<?=time()?>" />
  61. </head>
  62. <body class="<?=($male ? "safety-off" : "safe-space")?>">
  63. <div class="construction"><span>This webpage is <a href="">open source</a>.</span></div>
  64. <header>
  65. <div class="clearfix"></div>
  66. <h1><?=$name?> <?=$lname?> is a Sexual Predator</h1>
  67. <div class="clearfix"></div>
  68. </header>
  69. <nav id="navbar">
  70. <ul>
  71. <li><a class="nav-link" href="#wax-my-balls">&quot;Wax my Balls&quot;</a></li>
  72. <li><a class="nav-link" href="#censoring-the-fallout">Censorship</a></li>
  73. <li><a class="nav-link" href="#tampon-fetish">Tampon Fetish</a></li>
  74. <li><a class="nav-link" href="#paedophile">Paedophilia</a></li>
  75. </ul>
  76. </nav>
  77. <main>
  78. <section>
  79. <div class="clearfix"></div>
  80. <figure class="right">
  81. <img src="/img/case/Jonathan-Yaniv-Jessica-Yaniv-TrustedNerd-JY-Paedophile-Pedophile-Sex-Pest.jpg" />
  82. <figcaption>
  83. <p>
  84. "JY", (legally <?=$maleName?> <?=$lname?>, now <?=$femName?> <?=$lname?>), owner of TrustedNerd tech review blog.
  85. Uses a variety of puppet companies like "JY Knows IT" and others.
  86. </figcaption>
  87. </figcaption>
  88. </figure>
  89. <p>
  90. This is an exposé regarding <?=$name?> <?=$lname?> (legally <?=$maleName?> <?=$lname?>, but asks to be called <?=$femName?> <?=$lname?>).
  91. </p>
  92. <p>
  93. This document is not about transgender issues. It is about an abuser who uses trans issues to protect <?=$self?> from criticism.
  94. Wearing the guise of a marginalized person, <?=$name?> has sued 16 different beauticians for refusing to wax <?=$pos?> penis and testicles.<?=cite(0)?>
  95. Since then, <?=$pro?> has been uncovered by <em>dozens</em> of women as being a sex pest interested in naïve, young, developing girls - specifically when they first start their periods.
  96. </p>
  97. <p>
  98. Everyone, men and women, trans and cis, who have criticized <?=$lname?> have been subjected to strict censorship, threats of litigation, and deplatforming by YouTube, Twitter, and private web hosts.
  99. This includes well-known feminist Lindsay Shepherd,<?=cite(3)?> and even transgender feminist Miranda Yardley.<?=cite(1)?>
  100. </p>
  101. <p>
  102. In the past few months more information has been uncovered exposing him as someone with an unhealthy obsession with coming-of-age girls.
  103. </p>
  104. </section>
  105. <section id="wax-my-balls">
  106. <h2>"Wax my Balls"</h2>
  107. <p>
  108. The initial incident with <?=$lname?> started when <?=$pro?> attempted to find an aesthetician willing to do work on <?=$pos?> genital region.
  109. <?=$lname?> had problems doing this because <?=$pro?> insisted on contacting women who specialized in Brazilian waxes.
  110. Either out of willful ignorance or malice, <?=$lname?> rejected advice that <?=$pro?> should seek out a general aesthetician who could work on male genitals.
  111. There is a technical distinction between a Brazilian wax for female and male genitals. A specialist who only works with female genitals cannot work with male genitals.
  112. </p>
  113. <p>
  114. Some of the women are claiming <?=$pro?> contacted them via messenger and telephone for <em>weeks</em> without taking 'no' as an answer!
  115. </p>
  116. <p>
  117. Undeterred, <?=$name?> <?=$lname?> filed complaints with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal against all 16 female beauticians who refused to service <?=$reflex?>.
  118. This is different from a lawsuit. <?=$name?> claims that the beauticians fundamentally violated <?=$pos?> human rights by not waxing <?=$pos?> balls.
  119. This human rights tribunal also has a second caveat: <?=$name?> <?=$lname?> doesn't need to get a lawyer (solicitor in Canada) to make <?=$pos?> case,
  120. but the beauticians <em>do</em> need to pay for solicitors out of pocket to defend themselves and their careers.
  121. Not only that, but because transgender law is so new and complicated, many solicitors refuse to help because it can hurt their careers as well!
  122. </p>
  123. <p>
  124. Further, <?=$name?> <?=$lname?> filed with the Canadian courts to have publication of <?=$pos?> name <em>legally banned</em>, forcing all Canadian publications to refer to <?=$reflex?> simply as "JY".
  125. It is quite clear that <?=$lname?> knows this behavior is deceitful, destructive, abusive, and generally appalling and would like people to not know what <?=$pro?> is doing.
  126. </p>
  127. <figure class="video">
  128. <video poster="/video/fcqipv.jpg" controls>
  129. <source src="/video/fcqipv.webm" type="video/webm" />
  130. <source src="/video/fcqipv.mp4" type="video/mp4" />
  131. </video>
  132. <figcaption>
  133. <?php if (!$male) : ?>
  134. <p class="tw">
  135. This video features some TERF rhetoric, but she is a primary victim of a censorship campaign. Censoring her would be unacceptable.
  136. </p>
  137. <?php endif; ?>
  138. <p>Gender abolitionist feminist <a href="">Peachyogurt</a> explains the <?=$name?> <?=$lname?> situation from her point of view.</p>
  139. </figcaption>
  140. </figure>
  141. <p>
  142. In court, it was revealed that <?=$lname?> is heavily enabled by <?=his()?> mother. At all times, she is by <?=his()?> side and trying to give help.
  143. Even when ordered by the members of the court, she will insist on trying to pass notes to him, has fits where she storms out of the room and back into the room, and otherwise demonstrates antisocial behavior seen in <?=$name?>.
  144. She has been described as <?=his()?> bouncer, and <?=he()?> will sic mom on annoyances.
  145. </p>
  146. <figure class="video">
  147. <video poster="/video/Public-Freakout-Jonathan-Jessica-Yaniv-Mother-Elevator.jpg" controls>
  148. <source src="/video/Public-Freakout-Jonathan-Jessica-Yaniv-Mother-Elevator.webm" type="video/webm" />
  149. <source src="/video/Public-Freakout-Jonathan-Jessica-Yaniv-Mother-Elevator.mp4" type="video/mp4" />
  150. </video>
  151. <figcaption>
  152. <p><?=$lname?>'s public behavior is about as good as one can imagine. <?=his(1)?> mother seems to be a prime enabler, always at <?=his()?> side. <?=he(1)?> threatens a member of the public for recording <?=him()?>, then hides behind <?=his()?> mother while calling an elevator.</p>
  153. </figcaption>
  154. </figure>
  155. </section>
  156. <section id="censoring-the-fallout">
  157. <h2>Censoring the Fallout</h2>
  158. <figure class="right">
  159. <img src="/img/case/Yaniv-with-biz-Twitter-Cofounder.png" />
  160. <figcaption>
  161. <p>
  162. <?=$name?> <?=$lname?> with Twitter co-founder @biz (Biz Stone).
  163. <?=$name?> likes to boast about <?=$pos?> connections in the IT industry and the benefits it gives <?=$reflex?>.<?=cite(2)?>
  164. </figcaption>
  165. </figcaption>
  166. </figure>
  167. <p>
  168. The most baffling aspect of the #WaxMyBalls backlash was how it was <em>killed</em>.
  169. It didn't die a peaceful death.
  170. Twitter and YouTube forcefully came down on anyone (<em>anyone!</em>) who mentioned Yaniv.
  171. This ranges from random women and activists with no following, to significant players like Miranda Yardley with high visibility on the platform.
  172. </p>
  173. <p>
  174. <?=$name?> <?=$lname?> works IT and runs their own tech blog called "Trusted Nerd" at, and is noted for going to many tech conventions out of Canada.
  175. <?=he(1)?> openly brags about <?=his()?> connections to the IT industry, such as meeting the co-founder of Twitter in person.
  176. No one has been able to bring up other stories of Twitter protecting an individual so hard, especially against respected feminists, which makes it seem likely nepotism is to blame.
  177. </p>
  178. <p>
  179. The behavior of Twitter's ban system is also suspect.
  180. While people usually get temporary bans that are based in obvious infractions of the rules, Twitter's protection of <?=$name?> is the opposite.
  181. Random messages referencing <?=$lname?> get flagged intermittently, sometimes appeals are accepted, sometimes rejected, sometimes never answered at all.
  182. This unpredictability hints that it's a manual process sometimes intercepted by employees who don't know <?=$lname?>.
  183. Twitter can't be reached for comment and even as notable people get banned for talking about <?=$lname?>, even indirectly, the company stays silent.
  184. </p>
  185. <p>
  186. This extends outside of Twitter.
  187. <?=$name?> also polices mentions of <?=his()?> name on YouTube, and will aggressively abuse a copyright law to delete content and penalize creators.
  188. These strikes against YouTube channels limit the features available to the creator and can harm their revenue.
  189. Consecutive strikes can disable their channel entirely.
  190. </p>
  191. <p>
  192. YouTube then never reviews appeals to these DMCA complaints, allowing the appeal to sit indefinitely on the channel's account instead of being forwarded to the complainant.
  193. Normally, YouTube would review appeals within a couple of business days and start down a 10 day timer (as per the legal requirements of the DMCA),
  194. but with anything having to do with <?=$lname?>, no action is taken and that 10 day timer never starts, forcing the creator to endure months of penalty status.
  195. </p>
  196. <figure>
  197. <img src="/img/case/Jonathan-Yaniv-flags-down-YouTube-video-DMCA-abuse.png" />
  198. <figcaption>
  199. <p>
  200. This strike filed by <?=($male ? $name : "{$lname}'s legal name, as required by the DMCA complaint,")?> against a YouTube channel was done on December 26th, 2018 and appealed immediately after.
  201. The complaint regarded a thumbnail on an upcoming livestream that never started because of the DMCA complaint.
  202. In the weeks following, no one at YouTube has touched it, and the channel remains in a penalized state for the duration.
  203. The 10 day timer in which <?=$lname?> would be required to make legal action has never started because YouTube is ignoring the appeal.
  204. </p>
  205. </figcaption>
  206. </figure>
  207. <p>
  208. This is not normal. This doesn't happen to anyone for anyone else.
  209. </p>
  210. </section>
  211. <section id="tampon-fetish">
  212. <h2>Tampon Fetish</h2>
  213. <p>For years, when speaking to women he met in social media groups, <?=$name?> <?=$lname?> inevitably turned the conversation to menstruation and menstrual products, especially tampons.
  214. <?=his(1)?> obsessive interest in periods and feminine hygiene products primarily involves recurring fantasies in which <?=he()?> "bonds" with women and girls via menstruation-related interactions.
  215. The two main fantasies, which he discussed with numerous women over the course of several years, were:</p>
  216. <p>Asking nude women in changing rooms for a tampon or pad, particularly after observing the string of their tampon between their legs, or<br />
  217. Being asked for tampons by "10-12 year old girls" in transit on BC Ferries, and subsequently showing the pre-teen girl how to use the tampon.</p>
  218. <p>At various times, <?=$lname?> has claimed to have a period, in spite of telling waxers in 2018 that <?=he()?> had male genitalia (menstruation with male genitals is not possible in any known intersex condition or disorder of sexual development).
  219. <?=he(1)?> has used "heavy flow days" as a pretext for discussing period-related fantasies.
  220. <?=he(1)?> collects menstrual products of many brands and absorbencies, and claims to be certain he will be approached for a tampon or pad eventually.
  221. When a woman mentions having an experience being asked for menstrual products, <?=$name?> requests a play-by-play, including location and the age of the girl in question.</p>
  222. <p>At times, <?=$lname?> appears to clearly be using lines of questioning about menstruation to determine the best angle of approach for discussing menstruation with pre-teen girls.
  223. In one exchange, <?=he()?> asks first whether it would be "weird to approach a 10-12 year old girl to ask for a tampon or pad,"
  224. and when told it would indeed be weird, switches tactics and asks, "What if however I get asked for one cause she started her first period?"</p>
  225. <p>Almost all of <?=$lname?>'s fascination with femininity seems based on makeup and menstruation and it is a constant excuse to make awkward interaction with women.</p>
  226. </section>
  227. <section id="paedophile">
  228. <h2>Paedophilia</h2>
  229. <p>Outside of <?=$lname?>'s obsession with tampons is a deeper and more sinister attraction to coming-of-age girls.
  230. In one set of chatlogs, <?=$lname?> describes <?=his()?> fantasies of meeting 10-year-old girls having their first period.
  231. The random stranger <?=$lname?> is talking to at first thinks <?=he()?> is concerned with being ridiculed by children for being in <?=($male ? "the wrong restroom" : "the women's restroom as an allegedly intersex person")?>,
  232. but <?=$name?> quickly clarifies for her that <?=he()?> is more concerned about how to interact with children asking <?=him()?> how to use hygiene products.</p>
  233. <blockquote>
  234. <p><strong class="name red"><?=$name?> <?=$lname?></strong> &quot;It sucks cause on Wednesday im travelling to the island on a ferry and usually they do field trips so that means <strong class="red">tons of 10 year old girls in the bathroom</strong> when I need to change my pads ugh</p>
  235. <p><strong class="name blue">Woman</strong> They're young enough that it may not bother them. Kids are more receptive than adults.</p>
  236. <p><strong class="name red"><?=$name?> <?=$lname?></strong> Maybe.... is it weird to ask a 10-12 year old girl for a pad? Or a tampon?</p>
  237. <p><strong class="name blue">Woman</strong> A little, because kids look up to us for guidance and help. And not every girl may know what they are for</p>
  238. <p><strong class="name red"><?=$name?> <?=$lname?></strong> Ugh<br />
  239. <strong class="name red"><?=$name?> <?=$lname?></strong> What if I however get asked for [omitted]</p>
  240. <p><strong class="name blue">Woman</strong> [omitted] I would always offer a thin pad to a little girl over a tampon though<br/>
  241. <strong class="name blue">Woman</strong> Some families and their culture are against tampons or the mother/father is against them and don't want to piss off a mother.</p>
  242. <p><strong class="name red"><?=$name?> <?=$lname?></strong> If she wants a tampon though, <strong class="red">should i give her one and instruct her on how to use it</strong>?</p>
  243. <p><strong class="name blue">Woman</strong> If she doesn't know how to use it, I would find her mother. If her mother is not there then yes.</p>
  244. <p><strong class="name red"><?=$name?> <?=$lname?></strong> And what would I tell her?<br />
  245. <strong class="name red"><?=$name?> <?=$lname?></strong> like, <strong>would i go into the stall with her and help her</strong>? that sounds so weird.</p>
  246. <p><strong class="name blue">Woman</strong> If she asks for a tampon but isn't sure how to use it, I would ask if her mom is here. If it's a yes I'd [omitted]</p>
  247. <p>Source Screenshots: <a href="/img\case\Yaniv-Helping-Girls-With-Tampons-1.jpg">1</a>, <a href="\img\case\Yaniv-Helping-Girls-With-Tampons-2.jpg">2</a></p>
  248. </blockquote>
  249. <p>The creepiest part of this exchange is that <?=$name?> <?=$lname?> seems to be planning this out.
  250. Even if we pretend <?=he()?> has functional female organs capable of menstruating as a &quot;intersex&quot; person,
  251. a normal, mentally-sound woman would simply <em>bring her own hygiene products</em> instead of constantly relying on others.
  252. If <?=he()?> can see far enough in the future to know <?=he()?> will be on <?=his()?> <?=($male ? "&quot;period&quot;" : "period")?> during this time,
  253. <?=$name?> <?=$lname?> can see far enough into the future to know to keep hygienic products on <?=his()?> person.
  254. </p>
  255. <p>This long, drawn out fantasy of having to escort a girl on her first period into a public bathroom stall and personally assist in inserting a tampon is nothing but a predator enumerating the details of <?=his()?> fetish to a stranger (itself part of <?=his()?> fetish).</p>
  256. <p>Notice how uncomfortable the woman <?=he()?> is talking to is with this conversation, and how she continually directs <?=him()?> to look for the child's parents in this hypothetical.
  257. Nevertheless, <?=$lname?> persists in continuing this fantasy with the stranger until she felt so strongly about <?=his()?> intentions she chose to publicize the logs.</p>
  258. </section>
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  260. </main>
  261. <footer>
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  263. <section>
  264. <h2>Citations</h2>
  265. <dl class="cites">
  266. <?php foreach($cites as $i => $cite) { ?>
  267. <dt><?=($i+1)?>.</dt>
  268. <dd><?="<a id=\"cite-link-{$i}\" href=\"{$cites[$i]['url']}\"><em>{$cites[$i]['title']}</a></em>"?></dd>
  269. <?php } ?>
  270. </dl>
  271. </section>
  272. <p class="copyright"><img src="/img/cc0.png" /> <a href="">No rights reserved.</a> You may save, store, transmit, duplicate, edit, publish, or monetize this document in any way that pleases you.</p>
  273. <p class="maintainer">This document is maintained by Joshua Moon <tt>&lt;<a href=""></a>&gt;</tt>. Submit comments, complaints and litigation to that address. Yes, that means you Jonathan.</p>
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