73 Commits (0cd673d72060afd6e784b91e44b2c5353c72605e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
wolfbeast 8d524b4567 Disable HPKP telemetry in Pale Moon. 4 years ago
Moonchild 170f2ade41 Revert "Always build with SSE2 support & display an error if not available" 4 years ago
trav90 1e8a7b041e Tweak SSE/SSE2 GCC flags 4 years ago
trav90 989d1736b2 Display an error on Linux in the absence of SSE2 4 years ago
JustOff 614562a3c6 [PALEMOON] Replace fullscreen permission dialog with a warning 4 years ago
NTD b7158e06ac Use application specific application.ini 4 years ago
wolfbeast 48c807d319 Remove unused XREShellData 4 years ago
wolfbeast c8462db202 Remove sandbox ductwork conditional code. 4 years ago
wolfbeast 369378d566 Remove content process sandbox code. 4 years ago
NTD ec4c3105bd [PALEMOON] Issue #283 - Pale Moon Shell Service is not invoking defalt client check on start 4 years ago
adeshkp b4e59a234c [Pale Moon] Fix buildid on Mac 4 years ago
janekptacijarabaci c662424575 Bug 1038811 - Push Notifications - Firefox front end changes for preferences, and permission notification 4 years ago
wolfbeast c2013ffce4 Move the Mark of the Web pref to GRE pref file. 4 years ago
wolfbeast 5698472fee Re-implement pref-able file zone information ("Mark of the Web") 4 years ago
Moonchild 45bda44918 Revert "[PALEMOON] Reimplemented selection internet zone information on downloaded files" 4 years ago
janekptacijarabaci 93bf3b8b24 [PALEMOON] Reimplemented "Time Zone Information" 4 years ago
NTD 4a5df0d8e9 [PALEMOON] Move linux icons to moz.build 4 years ago
NTD bec27a534b [PALEMOON] Add an expected pref browser.newtabpage.enhanced 4 years ago
NTD af609b757b [PALEMOON] Fix preprocessing on preferences 4 years ago
NTD 32277773cb [PALEMOON] Steal Basilisk's nsBrowserApp 4 years ago
NTD 3e9cfdb92a [PALEMOON] First pass fix of obvious moz.build issues 4 years ago
NTD a5f9344426 Sync Pale Moon code 4 years ago
NTD fe8028fa2e Add Pale Moon 5 years ago