9 Commits (0cd673d72060afd6e784b91e44b2c5353c72605e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Moonchild 6ff23f2f28 [Pale-Moon] Copy default userChrome and userContent examples to profile 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin 2ddb294c26 Issue #1303 - Add langpack generation targets for Pale Moon and Basilisk 3 years ago
Matt A. Tobin 94b1e61383 No Issue - Use alternative packaging for Pale Moon and Basilisk 3 years ago
adeshkp 675dada294 Issue #701 - Support spaces in Mac app name 3 years ago
Leorize 0f84519843 palemoon/installer: Fix packaging when built --with-system-nss/nspr 3 years ago
NTD 8cd7bad738 [PALEMOON] Fix packaging define for ICU 3 years ago
NTD 1f842df9d8 [PALEMOON] Fix packaging define 3 years ago
NTD 51f041c556 [PALEMOON] Revise packaging 3 years ago
NTD fe8028fa2e Add Pale Moon 4 years ago
Roy Tam dcd9973243 import FIREFOX_52_6_0esr_RELEASE from mozilla-esr52 hg repo 5 years ago