77 Commits (0cd673d72060afd6e784b91e44b2c5353c72605e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Moonchild 08809c7f12 [Pale-Moon] Issue #1717 - Add distinct mixed-mode indicator and logic for display. 2 years ago
FranklinDM 41ed98b736 [Pale-Moon] Issue #1826 - Restore missing close icon on the undo prompt at the quick dial page 2 years ago
Ryan C 18f2c4ec16 [Pale-Moon] Show private indicator on OS X if no MOZ_CAN_DRAW_IN_TITLEBAR (#1784) 2 years ago
Lootyhoof fbf2c3a044 [Pale-Moon] Add MOZ_CAN_DRAW_IN_TITLEBAR to OS X theme 2 years ago
Lootyhoof 3bc5f3f49e [Pale-Moon] Issue #1773 - Improve persona styling on Mac 2 years ago
Lootyhoof 583b5c34a3 [Pale-Moon] Issue #1769 - Improve fullscreen mode on Windows 2 years ago
Lootyhoof 5a9cfb364d [Pale-Moon] Issue #1751 - Make the Mac bottom tab bar blend better 2 years ago
Lootyhoof 86551712e5 [Pale-Moon] Replace -moz prefixed logical properties in themes 2 years ago
Lootyhoof 372b921dcb [Pale-Moon] Make sure we index libraryToolbar.svg 2 years ago
Lootyhoof ef9c1eca47 [Pale-Moon] Add HiDPI toolbar icons to the library on Windows 2 years ago
Lootyhoof 5debac3383 [Pale-Moon] Cleanup OS X default theme 2 years ago
Lootyhoof 33b1931a95 [Pale-Moon] Make OS X default theme integrate better 2 years ago
SpockFan02 820a5eb8a7 [Pale-Moon] Issue #1748 - Remove Windows rule from osx CSS 2 years ago
wolfbeast d1125a5bd7 Remove MOZ_BROWSER_STATUSBAR conditional. 3 years ago
Ryan C 0fbf778732 Don't shrink the tab bar in customize mode 3 years ago
Lootyhoof 256a94d778 Only draw a border on the tab bar when on bottom 3 years ago
Lootyhoof e3b3cc12d2 Don't modify toolbox-after-color in lwthemes 3 years ago
Lootyhoof 20cc8b92e4 Draw a border when hiding the tab bar 3 years ago
FranklinDM b8070842f1 Only use white audio indicator when using a lightweight theme [pinned tabs] 3 years ago
FranklinDM e2b186d571 Only use white audio indicator when using a lightweight theme 3 years ago
wolfbeast 2c450f5ad9 Improve toolbar icons for all DPIs 3 years ago
wolfbeast 83b95f2c5b Fix library window reference to SVG toolbar image. 3 years ago
wolfbeast 311d45691c Replace status bar download overlay glow arrow with SVG. 3 years ago
NTD 088c74605c Issue #889 - Clean up the Pale Moon tree - Part 2b: Make jar.mn consistent 3 years ago
NTD e954ea3e95 Issue #889 - Clean up the Pale Moon tree - Part 2a: Make moz.build consistent 3 years ago
FranklinDM 4b17e666d5 Issue #638 - Part 10: Rename all tabs sound icon to be consistent with others 3 years ago
FranklinDM b0a98ca25b Issue #638 - Part 8: Add overlay sound icon for pinned tabs 3 years ago
FranklinDM 3e51f5e6cf Issue #638 - Part 7: Remove hover and active states for sound indicator 3 years ago
FranklinDM 8714e0d4f7 Issue #638 - Part 4: Add tab sound icon to tab drop-down list 3 years ago
FranklinDM 6dc555939c Issue #638 - Part 1: Provide a visual indicator for muting/unmuting tabs 3 years ago
wolfbeast 34d846ba55 Strip Inkscape data from toolbar SVGs and remove obsolete PNGs. 3 years ago
wolfbeast 3c9d8715a7 Replace toolbar PNG bitmaps with SVG vectors. 3 years ago
wolfbeast e044dab0bb Revert "Add tabbrowser findbar styling" 3 years ago
wolfbeast 1edb6c3921 Revert "Add tabbrowser findbar styling for Linux and OSX" 3 years ago
SpockMan02 81b6a47384 Restore some osx icons 3 years ago
SpockMan02 e54a42877d Revert osx editBookmarkOverlay.css to osx version 3 years ago
SpockMan02 4768460fd5 Restore Mac bookmark doorhanger styling 3 years ago
NTD 785712413e Fix theme/os mismatch with full screen/private browsing caption buttons on Macintosh 3 years ago
wolfbeast 3446bd29ea Fix position and size of Permissions Manager main content area. 3 years ago
wolfbeast 416e3703e3 Fix position and size of Permissions Manager main content area. 3 years ago
SpockFan02 be86e0a951 Fix typo 3 years ago
SpockMan02 7013acc5bb Pale Moon: Fix positioning of caption buttons in application-drawn titlebar 3 years ago
SpockMan02 9453a7812a Pale Moon: Restore osx private browsing indicator 3 years ago
Lootyhoof 9baa2e8cfd Adjust popup ID for password manager 3 years ago
SpockFan02 58a67bf3d7 Don't hide caption buttons with a lw theme, either 3 years ago
SpockFan02 9a906f1dbc Mac: Do not hide caption buttons or titlebar 3 years ago
janekptacijarabaci ef547d4967 Bug 1334411 - Remove the UI for indexedDB in Page Info and Permissions Manager 3 years ago
Lootyhoof 384f756181 Add tabbrowser findbar styling for Linux and OSX 3 years ago
Lootyhoof e0c06e6226 Only invert dropmarker by default on glass 3 years ago
Lootyhoof 99b514df11 Allow menubar items to inherit toolbar text styling 3 years ago