731 Commits (0cd673d72060afd6e784b91e44b2c5353c72605e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
wolfbeast 9fdca8dca9 Update about box design. 3 years ago
wolfbeast d980adc4da Replace about box backdrop. 3 years ago
wolfbeast e1651482f5 Remove updater gunk from the about box. 3 years ago
wolfbeast 1e6b075d1d Make the Auth prompt DOS protection a browser-element opt-in feature. 3 years ago
wolfbeast c283102a46 Move default-enable pref to application. 3 years ago
wolfbeast 54df9f8a30 WIP fix 1 3 years ago
wolfbeast 03821e0bfc Remove conditional MOZ_MAINTENANCE_SERVICE code 3 years ago
wolfbeast 1e740c4c65 New cycle version bump. 3 years ago
NTD 01acdb9bd3 Conform Pale Moon AM preferences to actual locations 3 years ago
JustOff 726b629766 [PALEMOON] Link dictionaries to addons.palemoon.org 3 years ago
wolfbeast 5a70528be7 Treat aContext as a bitfield in openURI. 3 years ago
Ascrod 2b68182756 Rename mediaPlaybackRate to mediaPlaybackRate2. 3 years ago
Ascrod e341b83d2c Clean up localization. 3 years ago
Ascrod 1d02d45481 Pale Moon: Add loop context menu to HTML5 media elements. 3 years ago
wolfbeast f347157c6a Update browse URL for AM search to Phoebus 2.0 3 years ago
wolfbeast 97ec6591f4 Fix line endings 3 years ago
wolfbeast f835d03c2f Move "No proxy for" control down to clarify it is a global effect. 3 years ago
wolfbeast 114e3529bc Add "check for updates" to main menu and AppMenu v2 3 years ago
wolfbeast dbe5dd5e2a Never let "localhost" get sent to a proxy. 3 years ago
wolfbeast 254178f8e9 Revert "Add "check for updates" to main menu and AppMenu" 3 years ago
wolfbeast e89121d522 Add "check for updates" to main menu and AppMenu 3 years ago
wolfbeast 5f35a6ccf0 Make sure Glass doesn't override LWT style for the title bar. 3 years ago
FranklinDM 3687a6bd06 [Pale Moon] Use mousemove events instead of MousePosTracker for hiding the navigation bar in fullscreen 3 years ago
Ascrod 13969c80a3 Pale Moon: Use file path for bookmarks import/export. 3 years ago
NTD e30598c519 [TychoAM] Fix GMP* so that EME works in Basilisk 3 years ago
wolfbeast 496aae0631 Revert "Fix bookmarks backup logic." 3 years ago
wolfbeast 1e2c555484 [PALEMOON] Remove some dead code from browser glue 3 years ago
FranklinDM b8070842f1 Only use white audio indicator when using a lightweight theme [pinned tabs] 3 years ago
FranklinDM e2b186d571 Only use white audio indicator when using a lightweight theme 3 years ago
wolfbeast c2496a58d0 Fix incorrect file reference in `onDownloadDragStart` 3 years ago
wolfbeast 83dcf0f290 Fix bookmarks backup logic. 3 years ago
Ascrod ecab329490 [PALEMOON] Fix the option to disable HSTS. 3 years ago
wolfbeast 54b77893e2 New cycle version bump 3 years ago
wolfbeast 2c450f5ad9 Improve toolbar icons for all DPIs 3 years ago
wolfbeast 7f9b5f6329 [PALEMOON] Add captive portal preference to the UI. 3 years ago
wolfbeast 199b74eb9d Add matching browser.newtab.choice pref to prevent error. 3 years ago
wolfbeast 226e8d98bb [PALEMOON] Move Advanced prefs l10n strings to their proper place 3 years ago
wolfbeast 7bd9777765 [PALEMOON] Clean up advanced prefs XUL 3 years ago
wolfbeast 83b95f2c5b Fix library window reference to SVG toolbar image. 3 years ago
wolfbeast f61fb76066 Expose hidden preference to disable Page Thumbnail generation. 3 years ago
wolfbeast 86a99f1fe3 Use getElementBoundingRect and element.ownerGlobal in FormSubmitObserver 3 years ago
wolfbeast 45cb285411 Dont rely on 'this' staying alive long enough for getting favicons. 3 years ago
janekptacijarabaci c80a76aaf0 [PALEMOON] Bug 1135348 - Fix about:downloads by adding missing XPCOMUtils imports 3 years ago
janekptacijarabaci 83ba13fdac [PALEMOON] Bug 1129896 - Part 2 of 2 - Convert the shared front-end code to a JavaScript code module 3 years ago
janekptacijarabaci b5c90dfea0 [PALEMOON] Bug 1129896 - Part 1 of 2 - Keep cached metadata for history downloads indefinitely 3 years ago
janekptacijarabaci dfed6fdfe6 [PALEMOON] Bug 1195279 - Fix typo in allDownloadsViewOverlay.js following landing of bug 1127867 3 years ago
janekptacijarabaci 53aa070170 [PALEMOON] Bug 1127867 - Use the new back-end property to get the size of downloads asynchronously 3 years ago
janekptacijarabaci ad8a1e1f50 Fix typos 3 years ago
janekptacijarabaci 63e8a36496 [PALEMOON] Bug 1117141 - Part 2 of 2 - Refactor notifications and remove the DownloadsDataItem object 3 years ago
janekptacijarabaci 5705b9b36a [PALEMOON] Bug 1117141 - Part 1 of 2 - Bypass all the DownloadsDataItem properties 3 years ago