39 Commits (0cd673d72060afd6e784b91e44b2c5353c72605e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Moonchild 0cd673d720 Issue #1656 - Part 6: Clean up the build files 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin 4413fcfdaa Update old.configure for --enable-phoenix-extensions 2 years ago
wolfbeast 20b2c26451 Issue #251 - Move MOZ_AV1 back to ac configure for everyone to use. 2 years ago
wolfbeast 8778ddfc52 Issue #1467 - Part 4: Rename NSS_SQLSTORE to MOZ_SECURITY_SQLSTORE. 2 years ago
wolfbeast 105283790e Issue #1467 - Part 1b: Fix type and make moz.configure happy. 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin 57552faa1d Issue #251 - Move --disable-dbm to ac configure 2 years ago
wolfbeast fced04faa2 Issue #1342 - Remove support for system libvpx 3 years ago
wolfbeast 7b237d9768 Issue #1342 - Remove support for system sqlite 3 years ago
wolfbeast 2ca47404a4 Issue #1342 - Update old.configure for removed build options 3 years ago
wolfbeast 7f94258c9a Issue #1342 - Remove support for system linbpng 3 years ago
wolfbeast a7a26d5d62 Issue #1342 - Remove support for system ICU 3 years ago
Matt A. Tobin 1531d6498d Issue #1258 - Part 8: Ifdef MailNews OAuth2 Support 3 years ago
Matt A. Tobin 18ffebc2a1 Issue #1258 - Part 3: Make mailnews and friends build 3 years ago
Gaming4JC 84c1e8ce10 Issue #1265 - Expose sndio as a build option for any supporting system 3 years ago
athenian200 b652dd59ae MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 7: All the posix_m* memory-related stuff, gathered together. 3 years ago
athenian200 afb2e3a054 MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 4: Core build system changes, lots of libevent/IPC junk. 3 years ago
Ascrod cf71a30b16 Issue #1217 - Add support for (later versions of) the Windows 10 SDK 3 years ago
Matt A. Tobin c135f205d9 [Pale Moon] Add a configure flag to functionally disable personas at build time 3 years ago
trav90 22183c7754 Remove OMX related options from configure 4 years ago
NTD 38e84217a3 [PALEMOON] Complete making Sync optional at build time 4 years ago
Gaming4JC 3c4b6babee Issue #795 - Make nsIUserInfo component optional 4 years ago
Moonchild d0e0acb1fa Revert "Make nsIUserInfo component optional with --disable-userinfo at build time" 4 years ago
Gaming4JC 5d075cfe31 Issue #795 - Make nsIUserInfo component optional 4 years ago
trav90 eb98eba938 [GCC] Add -Wno-noexcept-type to the js build flags 4 years ago
trav90 8c17dc77d0 Disable -Werror on -Wmultistatement-macros 4 years ago
wolfbeast d224ddb0e5 Issue #303 Part 2: Update build files for the new location 4 years ago
wolfbeast f4a29c2947 Teach moz.configure about --enable-precompiled-startupcache 4 years ago
wolfbeast b19e3c348c Remove the option to build without INTL/ICU 4 years ago
wolfbeast 8ffcc15d3f Move --enable-tests out of Python configure and flip the default. 4 years ago
wolfbeast 797ca533f9 Remove support for making jemalloc4 the default memory allocator. 4 years ago
wolfbeast 963560a1d2 Remove Rust from the tree. 4 years ago
NTD 29b56a9e55 Update configure variable verification 4 years ago
wolfbeast 297f13362a Move --enable-eme out of mozconfigure 4 years ago
NTD 16ee2a0626 Split MOZ_DEVTOOLS into MOZ_DEVTOOLS (client) and MOZ_DEVTOOLS_SERVER (backend) and make both optional 4 years ago
NTD fb319fb148 Hook up the Tycho Add-on Manager to the build system 4 years ago
NTD ae6fe35585 Official Vendor and Pale Moon special case 4 years ago
trav90 1eecf39f2b Require at least GCC 4.9 to build 4 years ago
NTD d8a1ba9bac Allow moz.configure to build projects at / or application/ without having to fully qualify the path in --enable-application 4 years ago
Roy Tam dcd9973243 import FIREFOX_52_6_0esr_RELEASE from mozilla-esr52 hg repo 5 years ago