13 Commits (0cd673d72060afd6e784b91e44b2c5353c72605e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Moonchild 0cd673d720 Issue #1656 - Part 6: Clean up the build files 2 years ago
Moonchild 30df895eb2 Issue #1656 - Part 3: Nuke more vim config lines in the tree. 2 years ago
Gaming4JC b490bda019 Issue #21 - Remove TelemertyVFS 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin 659e10b6dd Issue #1053 - Remove android support from storage/mozStorageConnection.cpp 3 years ago
wolfbeast 7b237d9768 Issue #1342 - Remove support for system sqlite 3 years ago
wolfbeast 0d69766fb3 No issue - Always use jemalloc allocator for storage memory when 3 years ago
wolfbeast ad782894c8 Remove all C++ telemetry autotimers 4 years ago
wolfbeast 8c8145e620 Remove all C++ Telemetry Accumulation calls. 4 years ago
wolfbeast 1a823f5ad6 Remove SPS profiler. 4 years ago
wolfbeast 92fbd042f5 Remove the Dark Matter Detector (DMD) Memeory debugger component. 4 years ago
wolfbeast c76d18a40d Remove support for system jemalloc. 4 years ago
wolfbeast 86aabf8edd Cleanup async mozStorage callback management. 4 years ago
Roy Tam dcd9973243 import FIREFOX_52_6_0esr_RELEASE from mozilla-esr52 hg repo 5 years ago