4078 Commits (5d3e2b23a15f885232fe15bdd0723d8b239169ec)

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Moonchild 5d3e2b23a1 [db] Update SQLite lib to 3.33.0 2 years ago
athenian200 c1b3280e01 Fix nits 2 years ago
athenian200 42d14af9a3 Issue #1629 - Part 3: Implement behind preference. 2 years ago
athenian200 6835425e20 Issue #1629 - Part 2: Implement the Explicitly Enabled flag. 2 years ago
athenian200 4e15e4c252 Issue #1629 - Part 1: Implement basic logic in HTMLLinkElement. 2 years ago
Gaming4JC e3326c56b1 Issue #1620 - Intrinsic Aspect Ratio: Debug Follow up. 2 years ago
FranklinDM 194f96855e [Pale-Moon] Issue #1824 - Fix broken page style menu selection for alternative style sheets 2 years ago
Pale Moon aa1210518c [Pale-Moon] Update user-agent overrides and reorganize. 2 years ago
Moonchild 07929daad2 [CSS] Alias -webkit-appearance for compatibility reasons 2 years ago
Andy 9f48a59946 Issue #1620 - Enable Intrinsic Ratio by Default 2 years ago
Andy c02e424911 Issue #1620 - Remove Development Comments 2 years ago
Andy be1f68f39e Issue #1620 - Use Intrinsic Aspect Ratio for Images 2 years ago
Roy Tam 1ee66d0a5f bump palemoon version 2 years ago
Roy Tam 35f288dc4a Revert UXP issue 1628 related changes. 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin 15c137e0b0 [Basilisk] Issue MoonchildProductions/UXP#1628 - Remove extensions.update.background.url from preferences 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin 9664369ac7 [Pale-Moon] Issue MoonchildProductions/UXP#1628 - Remove extensions.update.background.url from preferences 2 years ago
Moonchild 26990a1d74 Pref and disable getRootNode() 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin 3bfc574220 Issue #1628 - Remove redundant PREF_EM_UPDATE_BACKGROUND_URL 2 years ago
Gaming4JC 5703454329 Issue #1621 - Part 4: Check whether node can be splited. 2 years ago
Gaming4JC ec1301a85d Issue #1621 - Part 3: Use nsIAtom to change attirbute if possible. 2 years ago
Gaming4JC b6b2792a35 Issue #1621 - Part 2: Implement nsIAtom version of SetAttribute/RemoveAttribute/CloneAttirubte. 2 years ago
Gaming4JC 5260565a09 Issue #1621 - Part 1: CSSEditUtils should use atom for CSS property if possible. 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin ee8c57f6da Issue #1625 - Allow MailNews Oauth2 support to be configured in confvars.sh 2 years ago
Moonchild b52bc1586d [js] Try to catch bad pointers for GC and bail if not valid. 2 years ago
Andy f15f44b445 Issue #1619 - Nits Picked 2 years ago
Andy 217374ebf6 Issue #1619 - Add Vertical Writing Testcase 2 years ago
Andy 777b3cc622 Issue #1619 - Missing Dimension Computation 2 years ago
Andy 3c02d3fc0d Issue #1619 - Convert Intrinsic Ratio to Float 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin c371979637 Add license header to media/webrtc/trunk/build/mac/find_sdk_uxp.py 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin 91d2c4c05a Use an alt script to properly determine the OSX SDK version 2 years ago
Gaming4JC a1a1d76e6f Bug 1318570 - Clean up GetTextNode into TextEditRules. 2 years ago
Moonchild ffa78473f6 [Pale-Moon] Clear user prefs for AbortController on migration to reset it for users who have disabled it for web compat in the meantime. 2 years ago
Moonchild ce9a763cdb [Pale-Moon] Issue #1772 - Follow-up: properly reference restoreOnDemand (oops!) 2 years ago
athenian200 f08ee332d7 Issue #1615 - SunOS LDAP cleanup. 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin a9478b09e1 Issue #1614 - Update en-US Dictionary 2 years ago
Moonchild 5f85ec0cd8 Improve dll loading on Windows. 2 years ago
Michael Tuexen 5ec7dd76e6 [WebRTC] Stop putting addresses in the cookie chunk. 2 years ago
Moonchild 9dc4265141 [dom] Fix a spec compliance issue with the HTML LS regarding script loading. 2 years ago
Moonchild ecf4aecd21 [js] Don't improve TypeSets containing the magic-args type. 2 years ago
Andrea Marchesini 7a37234be2 [xpcom] Make Base64 compatible with ReadSegments() with small buffers. 2 years ago
Jan de Mooij 51d75f257d [js] Fix Sink to check for non-recoverable operands. 2 years ago
Moonchild 52c03190ee [network/dom] Improve sanitization of download filenames. 2 years ago
Moonchild b33e80b186 Issue #1391 - Remove the DOM battery API 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin d97bcfb97a Follow up to 39be34c06 - The check sound be if not ordered 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin b72d30186a [MailNews] Allow setting "Local Folders" as always the first displayed account 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin 8d9b34816c [MailNews] Allow ordering of accounts to respect mail.accountmanager.accounts 2 years ago
Moonchild 078fea47aa Fix line endings. 2 years ago
Moonchild 70bf74e9d3 Issue #1587 Part 12 (followup 2): Allow clearing of signal by setting to null. 2 years ago
Moonchild 1ae6431766 Issue #1587 Part 11 (followup 1): Implement multithreaded signals for workers. 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin 95c5a64b1f [Basilisk] Issue MoonchildProductions/UXP#1611 - Use platform default for WASM 2 years ago