2901 Commits (a5dcb0f82a3804c66d66b2340ea1527143112f38)

Author SHA1 Message Date
athenian200 a5dcb0f82a MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 22: Remove some unused type declarations from IPC process_util. 3 years ago
athenian200 1041e13cfb MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 21: Fix Flash player and some extensions being incompatible. 3 years ago
athenian200 cbf60a2058 Fix a bunch of dumb typos and omissions. 3 years ago
athenian200 7a5928ca08 MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 20: Add atomic.h to system-headers. 3 years ago
athenian200 362f15fbfc MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 19: Make the unpreprocessed file script work on Solaris. 3 years ago
athenian200 84f95c4d6d MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 18: (Hopefully) final version of build system fixes. 3 years ago
athenian200 5b946dc15f MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 17: All the libffi and libxul.so issues, resolved. 3 years ago
athenian200 63e0d2e326 MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 15: fdlibm should provide definition for u_int32_t and u_int64_t. 3 years ago
athenian200 c3adb0a157 MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 14: libstagefright build should avoid _GLIBCXX_OS_DEFINES. 3 years ago
athenian200 5476f8090f MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 13: Redefining abort in C++ requires extern "C" 3 years ago
athenian200 56c6d39d60 MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 12: Add Solaris/illumos support to WasmSignalHandlers. 3 years ago
athenian200 c19f252ab2 MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 11: libpng uses C89 now to avoid buffer overflows. 3 years ago
athenian200 9df21e3a0e MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 10: ipc_channel_posix.cc should use IOV_MAX. 3 years ago
athenian200 7de03715a5 MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 9: Look for hypot in the math library (libm). 3 years ago
athenian200 d145b6b6fd MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 8: Align pointer for char_16t. 3 years ago
athenian200 b652dd59ae MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 7: All the posix_m* memory-related stuff, gathered together. 3 years ago
athenian200 68ee7c2d20 MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 6: Solaris needs an audio implementation. 3 years ago
athenian200 bfb6af4f3a MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 5: Fix POSIX compliance issue in process_util.h. 3 years ago
athenian200 afb2e3a054 MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 4: Core build system changes, lots of libevent/IPC junk. 3 years ago
athenian200 c54b1f4ea0 MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 3: Finally end the long tradition of casting getpid() to int. 3 years ago
athenian200 f7e2b86c94 MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 2: Make the mozconfig loader POSIX-compliant. 3 years ago
athenian200 6de8a0f12d MoonchildProductions#1251 - Part 1: Restore initial Solaris support, fixed up. 3 years ago
wolfbeast 465f7201ca #1261 - Update status bar component for the removal of Object.(un)watch 3 years ago
wolfbeast 3d8d9f95df Issue #1257 - Part 3: Remove/update tests. 3 years ago
wolfbeast ca9e376e55 Issue #1257 - Part 2: Remove watch/unwatch and JS watchpoint class. 3 years ago
wolfbeast 3b9fbdc71d Issue #1257 - Part1: Remove watch class-hook and proxy trap. 3 years ago
wolfbeast abbe1d4499 Force clobber. 3 years ago
wolfbeast 0771bbb58c Add size checks to WebGLContext::BufferData() 3 years ago
wolfbeast 8896e73c1a Fix type barrier in IonBuilder::jsop_getimport. 3 years ago
Henri Sivonen 0e80c15692 Adjust tokenization of U+0000 3 years ago
Byron Campen df83678e80 Prevent nr_ice_component_insert_pair from leaking. 3 years ago
wolfbeast a194aefa0d Leverage strings to get working dirs in nsUpdateDriver. 3 years ago
Simon Giesecke 8b52506007 Ensure that file actors created after the database was closed are expired. 3 years ago
wolfbeast 21f7feb805 Avoid following the prototype chain 3 years ago
wolfbeast 96cb9e1c39 Add null check in Http2Session::RecvAltSvc 3 years ago
wolfbeast d794c3d762 Issue #1255 - Port upstream fix from libexpat 3 years ago
wolfbeast 4a024d6b52 Avoid uint32_t overflow in js shell by checking size of file before 3 years ago
wolfbeast d21dc0f76a Issue #1253 - Reset performance object on navigation 3 years ago
wolfbeast c87432ab7e Issue #1229 - Remove fallback for $INSTDIR 3 years ago
wolfbeast 2df83f4801 Issue #1231 - Correct defines for Mac and keep universal prefs generic. 3 years ago
Gaming4JC 23a2c27f8b Issue #1243 - Update List of NSS Exported Symbols 3 years ago
Dmitry Grigoryev 6ba305ded8 Replace calls to undefined functions isMarkable() and toMarkablePointer() 3 years ago
wolfbeast 1e7a9e0e28 No Issue - Expand HWA over RDP to Windows 8.1 and 10. 3 years ago
Matt A. Tobin d381d20590 Don't treat format warnings as errors in xpconnect 3 years ago
Matt A. Tobin 12097d40a2 Fix build errors with newer glibc versions 3 years ago
Dmitry Grigoryev 12fba36d6e Added missing libwebp files to update.sh 3 years ago
wolfbeast bca314ad02 No issue - Update TZ data to 2019c 3 years ago
Dmitry Grigoryev 9d42392ea8 Added missing libwebp NEON files 3 years ago
Gaming4JC 4bc299bb79 Issue #1230 - Part 3: Update Reftests 3 years ago
Gaming4JC bbb8b6490a Issue #1230 - Part 2: Align devtools to the changes in css-grid 3 years ago