Mirror of roytam1's UXP fork just in case Moonchild and Tobin decide to go after him
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#filter substitution
; This field specifies your organization's name. This field is recommended,
; but optional.
; This field specifies your application's name. This field is required.
; This field specifies your application's version. This field is required.
; This field specifies your application's build ID (timestamp). This field is
; required.
; This field specifies a compact copyright notice for your application. This
; field is optional.
Copyright=Copyright (c) 2004 Mozilla.org
; This ID is just an example. Every XUL app ought to have it's own unique ID.
; You can use the microsoft "guidgen" or "uuidgen" tools, or go on
; irc.mozilla.org and /msg botbot uuid. This field is optional.
; This field is required. It specifies the minimum Gecko version that this
; application requires.
; This field is optional. It specifies the maximum Gecko version that this
; application requires. It should be specified if your application uses
; unfrozen interfaces.
; This field specifies the location of your application's main icon with file
; extension excluded. NOTE: Unix style file separators are required. This
; field is optional.