Mirror of roytam1's UXP fork just in case Moonchild and Tobin decide to go after him
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# this script creates a wrapper shell script for an executable. The idea is the actual executable cannot be
# executed natively (it was cross compiled), but we want to run tests natively. Running this script
# as part of the compilation process will move the non-native executable to a new location, and replace it
# with a script that will run it under qemu.
while [[ -n $1 ]]; do
case $1 in
--qemu) QEMU="$2"; shift 2;;
--libdir) LIBDIR="$2"; shift 2;;
--ld) LD="$2"; shift 2;;
*) exe="$1"; shift;;
if [[ -z $LIBDIR ]]; then
echo "You need to specify a directory for the cross libraries when you configure the shell"
echo "You can do this with --with-cross-lib="
exit 1
mv $exe $exe.target
# Just hardcode the path to the executable. It'll be pretty obvious if it is doing the wrong thing.
echo $'#!/bin/bash\n' $QEMU -E LD_LIBRARY_PATH="${LIBDIR}" "$LD" "$(readlink -f "$exe.target")" '"$@"' >"$exe"
chmod +x $exe