Mirror of roytam1's UXP fork just in case Moonchild and Tobin decide to go after him
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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */
#ifndef _MORKARRAY_
#define _MORKARRAY_ 1
#ifndef _MORK_
#include "mork.h"
#ifndef _MORKNODE_
#include "morkNode.h"
#define morkDerived_kArray /*i*/ 0x4179 /* ascii 'Ay' */
class morkArray : public morkNode { // row iterator
// public: // slots inherited from morkObject (meant to inform only)
// nsIMdbHeap* mNode_Heap;
// mork_able mNode_Mutable; // can this node be modified?
// mork_load mNode_Load; // is this node clean or dirty?
// mork_base mNode_Base; // must equal morkBase_kNode
// mork_derived mNode_Derived; // depends on specific node subclass
// mork_access mNode_Access; // kOpen, kClosing, kShut, or kDead
// mork_usage mNode_Usage; // kHeap, kStack, kMember, kGlobal, kNone
// mork_uses mNode_Uses; // refcount for strong refs
// mork_refs mNode_Refs; // refcount for strong refs + weak refs
public: // state is public because the entire Mork system is private
void** mArray_Slots; // array of pointers
nsIMdbHeap* mArray_Heap; // required heap for allocating mArray_Slots
mork_fill mArray_Fill; // logical count of used slots in mArray_Slots
mork_size mArray_Size; // physical count of mArray_Slots ( >= Fill)
mork_seed mArray_Seed; // change counter for syncing with iterators
// { ===== begin morkNode interface =====
public: // morkNode virtual methods
virtual void CloseMorkNode(morkEnv* ev) override; // CloseArray()
virtual ~morkArray(); // assert that close executed earlier
public: // morkArray construction & destruction
morkArray(morkEnv* ev, const morkUsage& inUsage,
nsIMdbHeap* ioHeap, mork_size inSize, nsIMdbHeap* ioSlotHeap);
void CloseArray(morkEnv* ev); // called by CloseMorkNode();
private: // copying is not allowed
morkArray(const morkArray& other);
morkArray& operator=(const morkArray& other);
public: // dynamic type identification
mork_bool IsArray() const
{ return IsNode() && mNode_Derived == morkDerived_kArray; }
// } ===== end morkNode methods =====
public: // typing & errors
static void NonArrayTypeError(morkEnv* ev);
static void IndexBeyondEndError(morkEnv* ev);
static void NilSlotsAddressError(morkEnv* ev);
static void FillBeyondSizeError(morkEnv* ev);
public: // other table row cursor methods
mork_fill Length() const { return mArray_Fill; }
mork_size Capacity() const { return mArray_Size; }
mork_bool Grow(morkEnv* ev, mork_size inNewSize);
// Grow() returns true if capacity becomes >= inNewSize and ev->Good()
void* At(mork_pos inPos) const { return mArray_Slots[ inPos ]; }
void AtPut(mork_pos inPos, void* ioSlot)
{ mArray_Slots[ inPos ] = ioSlot; }
void* SafeAt(morkEnv* ev, mork_pos inPos);
void SafeAtPut(morkEnv* ev, mork_pos inPos, void* ioSlot);
mork_pos AppendSlot(morkEnv* ev, void* ioSlot);
void AddSlot(morkEnv* ev, mork_pos inPos, void* ioSlot);
void CutSlot(morkEnv* ev, mork_pos inPos);
void CutAllSlots(morkEnv* ev);
public: // typesafe refcounting inlines calling inherited morkNode methods
static void SlotWeakArray(morkArray* me,
morkEnv* ev, morkArray** ioSlot)
{ morkNode::SlotWeakNode((morkNode*) me, ev, (morkNode**) ioSlot); }
static void SlotStrongArray(morkArray* me,
morkEnv* ev, morkArray** ioSlot)
{ morkNode::SlotStrongNode((morkNode*) me, ev, (morkNode**) ioSlot); }