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This is @Cyberboss rage code

The goal is a one stop solution for hosting /tg/station on linux via Docker. Will not work with Docker on Windows.

This requires Docker with the docker-compose command to be installed on your system. See ubuntu instructions here. If you fail to find the docker-ce package refer to this StackOverflow answer.

Some basic configuration options in docker-compose.yml before starting:

  • Change TGS_ADMIN_CKEY to your ckey so you may have initial control over the server.
  • Change TGS_SCHEMA_MAJOR_VERSION to your repo’s latest schema major version.
  • Change TGS_SCHEMA_MINOR_VERSION to your repo’s latest schema minor version.
  • If you want to change the MariaDB password, there are three locations in the file it must be changed from its default value of ChangeThisInBothMariaDBAndTgsConnectionString.
  • Change TGS_BYOND to set the initial BYOND version.
  • Ports are mapped in the form <external>:<internal> NEVER change the internal port. If you want to prevent a service from being exposed, delete/comment out the entire line.
    • The first (3306) is the exposed mariadb port. Do not expose this over the internet without changing the password. In general it’s a bad idea.
    • The second (1337) is the exposed DreamDaemon port
    • The third (5000) is the exposed TGS API port. Do not expose this over the internet. Setup an HTTPS reverse proxy instead.
  • Change TGS_REPO to set the repository used. Note, this must be a /tg/ derivative from at least 2019 that implements the latest TGS DreamMaker API. Repositories that follow tgstation/tgstation will have this automatically. It also must contain a prefixed SQL schema setup file.

To launch, change to this directory and run docker-compose up. The initial setup will take a long time. If that fails, Ctrl+C out, run docker-compose down, remove ./TGS_Instances and ./Database, and try again. Once setup is complete, you can either leave the terminal running, or Ctrl+C out (this will stop DreamDaemon) and run docker-compose -d to run it in the background.

What it does:

  • Starts mariadb with the data files in ./Database on port 3306
  • Installs and starts Tgs4 (using latest stable docker tag, no HTTPS) on port 5000. Configuration in ./TGS_Config, logs in ./TGS_Logs.
  • Configures a TGS instance for tgstation in ./TGS_Instances (SetupProgram)
    • The instance is configured to autostart
    • Repo is cloned from the origin specified in the docker-compose.yml
    • BYOND version is set to the latest one specified in the docker-compose.yml
    • A script will be run to setup dependencies. This does the following every time the game is built:
      • Reads dependency information from in the root of the repository
      • Installs the following necessary packages into the TGS image
        • Rust/cargo
        • git
        • cmake
        • grep
        • g++-6
        • g++-6-multilib
        • mysql-client
        • libmariadb-dev:i386
        • libssl-dev:i386
      • Builds rust-g in ./TGS_Instances/main/Configuration/EventScripts/rust-g and copies the artifact to the game directory.
      • Builds BSQL in ./TGS_Instances/main/Configuration/EventScripts/BSQL and copies the artifact to the game directory.
      • Sets up ./TGS_Instances/main/Configuration/GameStaticFiles/config with the initial repository config.
      • Sets up ./TGS_Instances/main/Configuration/GameStaticFiles/data.
      • If it doesn’t exist, create the ss13_db database on the mariadb server and populate it with the repository’s.
    • Start DreamDaemon and configure it to autostart and keep it running via TGS.
    • Updates will be pulled from the default repository branch and deployed every hour

What it DOESN’T do:

  • Configure sane MariaDB security
  • TGS Test merging
  • TGS Chat bots
  • Handle updating BYOND versions
  • Handle updating the database schema
  • Manage TGS users, permissions, or change the default admin password
  • Provide HTTPS for TGS
  • Expose the DB to the internet UNLESS you have port 3306 forwarded for some ungodly reason
  • Port forward or setup firewall rules for DreamDaemon or TGS
  • Notify you of TGS errors past initial setup
  • Keep MariaDB logs
  • Backup ANYTHING
  • Pretend like it’s a long term solution

This is enough to host a production level server !!!IN THEORY!!! This script guarantees nothing and comes with no warranty

You can change the TGS_BYOND and TGS_REPO variables when setting up the first time. But further configuration must be done with TGS itself.

You can connect to TGS with Tgstation.Server.ControlPanel (Binaries provided for windows, must be compiled manually on Linux).

  • Connect to http://localhost:5000. Be sure to Use Plain HTTP and Default Credentials

You should learn how to manually setup TGS if you truly want control over what your server does.

You have been warned.