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Bonus: Earliest archive of null's cwckiforums 2/8/14
10/22/14: @The Golden Knight finally does something that is mildly entertaining.
New url: kiwifar(dot)ms 11/20/14
11/20/14: [A] Eli and Jace band together to assault and rob Tyce. See the video ...
11/25/14: [A] MTN DEW CODE RED ALERT: Jace is currently running a livestream with Eli featuring his new segment Pickup Zone! (Link) (COTTAGE LIVESTREAM)
12/5/14: [A] Chris now identifies as a woman. (Official Decision Regarding Gender and Chris) (Status Update)
Tyce has broken radio silence for the first time in a week, between the three of them.
Our charity drive is in the final 2 weeks.
Jace is alive, Eli is injured.
Chris(tine?) re-pierced its taint after the last one became infected and migrated.
12/7/14: [A] FERGUZONE, a Tale of Crossed Streams: Tyce is solo livestreaming his thoughts on Ferguson this Sunday 5PM EST. Immediately after Tyce's stream, Jace will "counterstream" against him.
12/9/14: [A] FERGUZONE, a Tale of Crossed Streams: Tyce livestreamed about learning magic so he can use it to kill blacks. Jace streamed about how money is racist and Vikings destroyed Africa. Eli was sent to kill Tyce, but instead he got so high he forgot why he was even there.
12/13/14: Chris Has Finally Given Up On The Piercing
12/19/14: [A] Old Gal-pals were paid by Bob.
"Nice Meme" isn't in Chris's vocabulary.
A fundraiser for Eli's X-Box is tonight at 6pm EST.
12/20/14: [A] Man with world's smallest penis racks up 600 posts in 8 hours and becomes known as the forum's best shitposter.
12/20/14: [A] Jace let his sunglasses slip during Thursday's Fact Zone
12/21/14: [A] Worlds collide as Rammspieler confronts Marlan and love-shy history breaks out on the forum after 300 pages of squabbling (#1, #2 #3).
Mad virgin levels go critical as everyone that Marjan doesn't like is being blocked. See a complete list here.
Brianna Wu reports Jace Connors to the police for a very convincing threat.
12/28/14: [A] Chris chimps at a Gamestop. Vandalizes a Sonic Boom display, is banned from the store, and assaults a guard with pepper spray on the way out.
Unconfirmed reports claim the employee may be pressing charges. This could land Chris in jail.
Chris-Chan arrested for assault on GameStop employee and now awaits hearing.
12/29/14: [A] Chris is now out of custody on bail
In connection with the GameStop Incident, Chris has been charged this morning with a 6th degree felony carrying a possible sentence of one to five years in prison.