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1/21/16: 1/21 Chris retracts, Jeff/Francine in jail.
Bonus: confetti 1/21/16:
1/22/16: Nick Bate is GUILTY on all charges.
1/22/16: Linode is now the shittiest company I've ever dealt with
Bonus: moving over to EDIS France 1/23/16
1/24/16: Vixen Soul / Luna Prey & Knave Soul - "Sociopathic" Owners (link broken)
1/25/16: Image proxy enabled (link broken)
1/25/16: Video/FB 1/22 - New items for CWCVille Shopping
1/26/16: FB 1/25 - The snow here is DEEP!
2/8/16: Margaret/Margo, VenusAngelic's Mom (Former Thread Title: VenusAngelic) - Margo has posted nudes from her bathroom, starting here:
2/10/16: What would you expect in a "Chris Chan Simulator" game?
2/26/16: Video/FB 2/25 - Chris does not appreciate unactivated gift cards and not receiving his PS4
2/26/16: 2016-Feb-26: Defcon 2! Phil quitting facebook until surgery over!
3/18/16: [A] Barb is being sued by Discover for failing to pay her debts.
3/18/16: 03/17/2016 - BREAKING! Phil Lied About Surgery, Removed from Hospital, Flagged HIV Positive
Bonus: A face I'd vote for 3/18/16
3/22/16: Tyler/Morgan Thorp - Whiny Homeless Tranny Who Blames Kiwis for Terra Jones's Pedo Reputation
Bonus: Josh is a woman 4/1/16
5/22/16: 04/21/206 - Prepare to Go Blind, Phil Posts "No Balls" Pics
Bonus: Gamergate HQ 5/22/16
5/4/16: 150,000,000
5/6/16: 05/05/2016 - Phil Enters The Court At Noon EST
5/17/16: Repulsive Phil claims people have sex with him
7/4/16: [A] HAPPY DADDY RAPE DAY!!!!
7/4/16: Jake Rapp
7/11/16: Steph Smith / @Darth_Steph / N7 Steph / Izrador / Faunts91
7/25/16: [A] Clinton Cash: Full Movie
7/25/16: 24-Julay-2016 Taint Megathread
8/3/16: [A] Happenings
Samuel Collingwood Smith
1. Psycho Sam's mind unspools further as he loses his Internet war on every front.
2. Details come out about how Sam stalked and harassed a teen Evanescence fan for years.
Trannies Declare War on C.I.S.!
1. Ava Ciccarelli's declaration of war
2. David Ferguson's declaration of war
3. Greta Martela's declaration of war
4. Terra Jones's declaration of war
8/3/16: Coppercab / Michael Tyler Kittrell / Claire Kittrell / Claire Cab
8/18/16: [A] DEAR SUMMERFAGS: Powerleveling IS NOT talking from experience holy fucking shit. It is telling an embarrassing or shameful life story.
NOT POWEREVELING: "I worked at a cable company once and I know that fiber optic cables are faster because the amount of information delivered via light is blah blah blah!"
KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! It could save a life.
p.s. if you include a phrase like "a-logging, but" or "i know i will be downvoted, but", or "powerlevel, but" I will stomp your fucking throat. just say what you have to say and stop being a little bitch. no one but faggots care about their lucky charms score @CatParty
p.p.s. if you're going to share factual information that is based on a life story and you're concerned it might be powerleveling, protip: just say what you think without saying why you know it. dipshit.
8/18/16: TheReportOfTheWeek
New url: kiwifarms(dot)net 8/23/16
9/3/16: "Assigned Male", by Sophie Labelle Verville