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# kf-announcements
Note: I didn't include movie nights unless they were featured threads. I also didn't include Mad at the Internet streams except for the first ones.
Note2: Some dates may be off. For announcements I checked when they first appeared in archives. For featured threads I used a combination of OP dates, dates I can see them on the front page, and surges of posts in the threads.
Note3: Some links are broken and I don't know what changed.
Note4: One of my sources was the old featured threads archive the site kept, but it only shows and dates them by their OPs, so if a thread only got featured for a specific hillarious moment then I'd have no idea. I copied provided context whenever I could find it.
Note5: I included some of Null's shitposting in the corner box when it had text or links to KF threads even though it dosen't really count.