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1/6/16: When will Christine enter her midlife crisis
1/6/16: Margaret Pless - Delusional Daily Kos Writer, Hypocrite, and Salty Idiot
1/18/16: CWC transgender 101 (mtf point of view)
1/19/16: remove featured threads
1/21/16: 1/21 Chris retracts, Jeff/Francine in jail.
1/21/16: Sick Nick Sentencing Game
Bonus: confetti 1/21/16:
1/22/16: Nick Bate is GUILTY on all charges.
1/22/16: Linode is now the shittiest company I've ever dealt with
1/23/16: Video/FB 1/22 - New items for CWCVille Shopping
1/23/16: [A] Migration in Progress
All server assets are being packed. Do not post attachments to the forum; they will be lost. Host images on until we've moved.
Bonus: moving over to EDIS France 1/23/16
1/23/16: Chris's Ass (why did this get featured again)
1/24/16: Vixen Soul / Luna Prey & Knave Soul - "Sociopathic" Owners (link is broken on current forum)
1/24/16: Trial of Edgeville (link is broken on current forum)
1/25/16: Image proxy enabled (link is broken on current forum)
1/25/16: Video/FB 1/22 - New items for CWCVille Shopping
1/26/16: FB 1/25 - The snow here is DEEP!
1/28/16: Surveying damage
1/30/16: Doomguy 2000 - Spergy ween with a vendetta against the Doom community
2/5/16: Lucas Werner: 36 year old man obsessed with millenials
2/6/16: [A] Are you near Lafayette County, Mississippi?
If you're near Lafayette County, Mississippi and are willing to make a drive to pick something up, PM @Null.
You will be compensated for your time with butthurt and autism.
2/6/16: Gazi Kodzo ; Amateur Nigger - Gazi Kodo, or Black Hitler/Black Goebbels as Sargon of Akkad calls him. I actually wanted to make a thread on this guy the other day. He's extremely opposed to White People, or as he calls them 'Toilet Seat Complexion Individuals', claims whites didn't bathe before invading Africa (which was true after the Bubonic Plague for a time due to psuedoscience in that era, but changed again in most places by the 1500s), loves to shame white people at any given opportunity. Oh and did I mention he's a comedy genius? Watch as he celebrates 'White Christmas' with a jar of mayonnaise supposed to represent a neurotic white guy. Hilarious!
2/8/16: Margaret/Margo, VenusAngelic's Mom (Former Thread Title: VenusAngelic) - Margo has posted nudes from her bathroom, starting here:
2/10/16: What would you expect in a "Chris Chan Simulator" game?
2/10/16: Rome Viharo, Wikipedia troll and creepy stalker
2/13/16: Vordrak / Samuel Collingwood Smith / Matthew Hopkins - Salty Wikipedia Gamergate Revisionist - "Jerry. You need to be aware that your son, Michael Sulsenti has fallen in with the wrong crowd. As he is a young and stupid man we are going to give you the opportunity to talk to him. If you do not, we will share this information with journalists and your neighbours, customers and of course the scouts."
Bonus: Knowing that one day the Kiwi Farms may find a permanent host fills you with AUTISM 2/17/16
2/26/16: Video/FB 2/25 - Chris does not appreciate unactivated gift cards and not receiving his PS4
2/26/16: 2016-Feb-26: Defcon 2! Phil quitting facebook until surgery over!
3/18/16: [A] Barb is being sued by Discover for failing to pay her debts.
3/18/16: 03/17/2016 - BREAKING! Phil Lied About Surgery, Removed from Hospital, Flagged HIV Positive
Bonus: A face I'd vote for 3/18/16
3/22/16: Tyler/Morgan Thorp - Whiny Homeless Tranny Who Blames Kiwis for Terra Jones's Pedo Reputation
3/29/16: Cybersecurity 101
3/29/16: [CBS]
3/30/16: Bob McKim:Carrollton - Preaching that we are living in the last days when war has been declared against Christians
3/30/16: 30-Mar-2016, Episode 230
3/30/16: Alison Rapp: Pro-Child Porn Nintendo Employee - "Today, the decision was made: I am no longer a good, safe representative of Nintendo, and my employment has been terminated."
Bonus: confetti, again 3/30/16
Bonus: Josh is a woman 4/1/16
4/6/16: Something Awful and Friends - There's been some drama between the Kyanka family and some former employees.
4/13/16: 4/12/16 I'm sorry, Portland; Phil has returned
4/15/16: [A] Test underway. Let me know if you see any broken images.
4/15/16: Luke Ledgerd McKee / hojuruku - "Hey #Gamergate fans.. This really affects you ! It shows you have militant, pro-gay pro-pedophilia operatives from the ultra-left infiltrating your forums here right now! @chimpburgers I'm talking to you It also shows these very same faggots are shutting down peoples PSN accounts who troll OUTSIDE THE PSN, NOT ON IT as retribution for free speech against what deserves to be ridiculed."
Bonus: Gamergate HQ 4/15/16
4/16/16: 2016-Apr-15 - Phil captured in the wild buying cheese, literally
4/21/16: A very important &/or critical GAMERGATE movie night
4/23/16: [A] Lolcow News launches first article:
How #GamerGate terrorized schools to silence humorists.
4/23/16: Richard "Terra/Buffalo Bill" Jones - I am about to drop some MAJOR cocks that I got. I got all of it capped, I'm putting the rest in pastebins right now but look what I did to his Twitter.
4/26/16: Nick Bate 3: JUDGEMENT DAY - I just got off the phone with the clerk of courts for Lancaster County. Nick got 16 1/2 to 40 years. Pop the bubbly.
Bonus: confetti x3 4/26/16
5/22/16: 04/21/206 - Prepare to Go Blind, Phil Posts "No Balls" Pics
5/3/16: SexSelector
Bonus: Enormous Collection of Cheese Pizza 5/3/16
5/4/16: 150,000,000
5/6/16: 05/05/2016 - Phil Enters The Court At Noon EST
5/7/16: Mikemikev / Michael Coombs
5/12/16: Anna Johnson, the Fit Vegan Ginger - Some brave kiwis try out the recipes from the Fit Vegan Ginger.
5/17/16: Repulsive Phil claims people have sex with him
5/23/16: MrCKMongler
6/11/16: MGTOW
6/13/16: Can I be a mod?
6/15/16: YT 6/14 - Donations Required, Serious. Please help.
6/24/16: #Brexit Remainers Chimpout
Bonus: Null celebrates, the full weight of the Anglo question not yet having crushed him 6/24/16
7/4/16: [A] HAPPY DADDY RAPE DAY!!!!
7/4/16: Jake Rapp
7/11/16: Steph Smith / @Darth_Steph / N7 Steph / Izrador / Faunts91
7/15/16: FB 7/13 - Chris is too stressed to play Pokemon Go
7/15/16: [A] Lolcow News launches new article:
“Samuel Collingwood Smith Is A Pedophile And Child Rapist”
7/15/16: 07/11/16 new stalker pics of 14bc and sonchu
7/19/16: [A] The server is under a denial of service attack. Please be patient if we experience downtime.
7/19/16: Jessi Slaughter - Jessi Slaughter turned 18 today. Someone tell Null to unlock her thread.
7/25/16: [A] Clinton Cash: Full Movie
7/25/16: 24-Julay-2016 Taint Megathread
8/1/16: Reading: "A Girl Who Brought Down the World"
8/3/16: [A] Happenings
Samuel Collingwood Smith
1. Psycho Sam's mind unspools further as he loses his Internet war on every front.
2. Details come out about how Sam stalked and harassed a teen Evanescence fan for years.
Trannies Declare War on C.I.S.!
1. Ava Ciccarelli's declaration of war
2. David Ferguson's declaration of war
3. Greta Martela's declaration of war
4. Terra Jones's declaration of war
8/3/16: Coppercab / Michael Tyler Kittrell / Claire Kittrell / Claire Cab
8/4/16: Dan Olson (Folding Ideas)
8/5/16: [A] The email service will be down for a few hours.
8/7/16: 8/5/2016 Chris links a Samuel Collingwood Smith article
8/10/16: FB 8/10 - Chris comments on a news article about incest
8/13/16: FB 8/13 Chris posts a photo of Lucy
8/16/16: Ronald Farnham
8/16/16: 8/16 - Chris does not like online socializing
8/17/16: JoeysWorldTour
8/18/16: [A] DEAR SUMMERFAGS: Powerleveling IS NOT talking from experience holy fucking shit. It is telling an embarrassing or shameful life story.
NOT POWEREVELING: "I worked at a cable company once and I know that fiber optic cables are faster because the amount of information delivered via light is blah blah blah!"
KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! It could save a life.
p.s. if you include a phrase like "a-logging, but" or "i know i will be downvoted, but", or "powerlevel, but" I will stomp your fucking throat. just say what you have to say and stop being a little bitch. no one but faggots care about their lucky charms score @CatParty
p.p.s. if you're going to share factual information that is based on a life story and you're concerned it might be powerleveling, protip: just say what you think without saying why you know it. dipshit.
8/18/16: TheReportOfTheWeek
8/18/16: Trans LifeLine Scammer Kjel Anderson "Greta Martela" "Greta Gustav" - The Scam's LifeLine poo war of 2016 continues. New aggregate information available. Training docs available for download. Internal communications explained.
8/20/16: [A] Limited time merchandise sale this Monday.
8/20/16: "Stinky" @todokaras
8/21/16: Coffee Overdose
New url: kiwifarms(dot)net 8/23/16
8/23/16: [A] Fundraising merchandise available now! T-Shirts and accessories for sale until people threaten the family of Redbubble's CEO. Limited time offer! (Discussion)
8/23/16: The story of josh null
9/3/16: "Assigned Male", by Sophie Labelle Verville
9/3/16: Common Filth Radio
Bonus: Null makes people dizzy 9/3/16
9/18/16: FB 9/17 - Transformers is baffling
9/30/16: [2016-09-27] Oh, Wait. I've got one more...
10/3/16: 10/2 FB Walmart Rant
10/4/16: 3-Oct-2016: GameStop ban rant
10/31/16: Redpilling and Enlightenment
11/2/16: Church of Genesis II and Friends
11/5/16: Unschooling
11/8/16: 11/08/16 chris votes. barb is still alive
11/9/16: Brad Watson - "Yes, Hillary lost. Things have changed. Let's hear your story. Tell us what makes you so fuckin' special so as to act like you are in a position to judge me. Why is that? What job do you do? Married? Let's hear about what book you've ever written, what music have you composed, what scientific discoveries have you made?"
Bonus: HOLY SHIT 11/9/16
11/11/16: 11/10/2016 - Chris Calls a Prayer for the Death of Trump
11/11/16: 11/11/2016 - Begging people to pray whilst sharing unrelated petitions.
11/12/16: 11/11/16 Chris is now the face of the radical left
11/13/16: FB 11/12 Chris's 2016 wish list, Transformers joke
11/14/16: 11/14/16 chris simulates murder with legos
11/15/16: FB 11/14 CWCville declaration of independence
11/16/16: CWC and Therapy
11/17/16: Tweet 11/16 - The real internet bully mascot
11/17/16: 11/17/16 is this the new tranny sonichu?
11/21/16: Chris chans LBP levels
11/23/16: Trans LifeLine's Greta Martela / Greta Gustav / Kjel Anderson - A Trans LifeLine caller has killed themself.
11/24/16: 11/24 Happy thanksgiving from Chris
11/25/16: Elizabeth Waite / John Waite Jr.
11/26/16: 11/26 - Barb falls over, doesn't die
11/27/16: 2016 Christmas Wishlist megathread
11/29/16: [A] The Image Proxy is on the fritz. Use post attachments instead of [img] tags for the time being.
11/29/16: 11/28 Chris Voices His Opinion on Paetreon
11/30/16: 11/30 Patreon Announcement
12/1/16: 11/30 The Alpha Trion/"Young Warrior" Challenge
12/3/16: 12/2 Alpha Trion/"Young" warrior explained
12/5/16: Lindsey Amer / Queer kid stuff
12/6/16: Trial of the Salt Mine
12/7/16: XenForo 2 and our post-upgrade itinerary
12/8/16: Overcoming Porn addiction?
12/10/16: FB 12/9 - RIP Bob
12/11/16: Official Sonic Boom TV Show Parodies Chris
12/12/16: [FAN ART/FAN COMIC] The Joy-Sama Sonichu thread
12/13/16: FB 12/13 - Sorbet found after being lost in 14BC
12/14/16: 2016-12-14 - Eric Walker: "Who Forum set up to infringe on Copyrighted Mater"
12/15/16: [A] If you're seeing ads or getting pop-unders, please let me know.
12/15/16: Will Bresch / William Charles Bresch - William Bresch has been arrested for threatening a Broward County Judge.
12/18/16: Debi Jackson,
12/19/16: Secretly Fabulous/Kathleen Atkinson-Davidson of Oshawa, ON and Richmond, BC
12/21/16: Lolcow Of The Year 2016 (5 LEFT IN THE POLL)
12/21/16: Lolcow Of The Year 2016 (4 LEFT IN THE POLL) - Goodbye, Vordrak! It was a good run from the start. 4 lolcows left
12/22/16: Babyfurs
12/23/16: Lolcow Of The Year 2016 (DAY 17: LAST LOLCOW STANDING: WU VS GRETA) - Nick Bate is eliminated, time to determine the final lolcow left in the poll! (before we get to the boring title defense part) Who will hold the belt for now? Get voting!
12/24/16: Lolcow Of The Year 2016 (DAY 17: LAST LOLCOW STANDING: WU VS GRETA) - Nick Bate is eliminated, time to determine the final lolcow left in the poll! (before we get to the boring title defense part) Who will hold the belt for now? Get voting!
12/25/16: Merry Christmas
12/26/16: Tommy Tooter - dog masturabation is not uncommon
12/26/16: Merry Christmas from Chris
12/27/16: FB 12/27 - Chris Complains About the CWCKI
12/28/16: Chris/Crystal Hall / @transqueerbitch
12/29/16: [A] Supporting the Forum. New donation form is rolled out.
12/29/16: FB 12/28 - A Puzzler for Donald Trump
12/31/16: Nina Chaubal in ICE Custody; Greta Gustava and Trans LifeLine Protest