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1/1/18: HAPPY NEW YEARS 2018
1/1/18: Timothy Wayne McClelland II / Beau McClelland / Beau99 / QueerCatDubh / SCIHedgehog
1/1/18: Logan Paul, top YouTuber, showcases Suicide Forest corpse - and is now perpetually fucking up
1/2/18: Wil Wheaton + Felicia Day
Bonus: Logan Paul 1/3/18
1/4/18: The Julays Third Annual Lolcow Awards 2017 + Lolcow of the Year 2017 (WINNER: RUSSELL GREER)
1/6/18: #Comicsgate
1/7/18: The /pol/ Theory of Beta Male Facial Expressions
1/8/18: Gabrielle "Gabby" Rivera / QuirkyRican / ogfunkbandit / Lunagabby
1/9/18: Angry Misanthropist Freak / Tyler Junky / Sheldon Cole
1/12/18: I am making a new thread just for this CNN clip dwi
1/12/18: ugojesse
Bonus: Something to do with Maddox I guess 1/12/18
1/13/18: Brian Henderson / Katharine Grey / Katie Keys
1/13/18: Kevin Batman / Lucia Batman / FreyasSpirit
1/15/18: Coolest Kiwi on the Farm (H&M Salt)
1/15/18: everything is lesbian
1/17/18: (BCC) BitConnect
1/18/18: Patrick Bronsgeest & Brenda Bronsgeest / CyberOps31 / Galaxy Productions / brendab1971 / patrick31vw
1/20/18: 2018-01-20 - Bryan Dunn: " Official Ban Appeal"
1/20/18: Women's March
1/21/18: Jim's Video on the DSP Catfish
1/22/18: Software Endorsements
1/23/18: [CBS]
1/23/18: fried_kooch / KingCasio / King of Kek
1/25/18: Zak Kayes / Kayden Seyak / FlameAmigo619 / ToonKriticY2K / CarToonZ / Zakkie Wuskers
1/26/18: Dragonlordfrodo / Michael Constantino
1/26/18: Dropping Google
1/26/18: Kazztawdal / Alex McDougall
1/28/18: Breitbart tackles Wired hitpiece which sourced Liz Fong-Jones against Google's workplace culture
1/29/18: Yahweh Rules2 / Alex Tilghman
1/30/18: Trans Toddler Tumblr
1/31/18: The Sims Modding Community
2/1/18: Randy Ross / RealRandyRoss
2/2/18: Pedophile support forum
2/2/18: House memo states disputed dossier was key to FBI’s FISA warrant to surveil members of Team Trump
2/3/18: Hottest Ratking of 2017
2/3/18: 2018-02-03 - Russel Greer: "Remove my book"
2/4/18: Andrew "Andi" Dier / Deercr0ssing / Cosmic.Candii
2/4/18: Dana Marie Cain / Oracle of Venus / The Scorpion
2/5/18: How has the rat king impacted your ideas about transgender people?
2/6/18: Smart Guys/Gals
2/12/18: Lolcows you would hang out with irl
2/12/18: The Puritans / Shawn Michael Vest / Shane Ballance / Gerald White & Shannon Rose West
2/13/18: Obama portrait artist's past work depicted black women decapitating white women
2/13/18: [13 Feb 18] Revenge of the Silt
2/17/18: Warren Lynch Shitpost General
2/19/18: 02-19-18 the Rat King defends Chris
2/19/18: 02-19-18 the Rat King defends Chris
2/21/18: DStecks / @TheDStecks / Daniel Steckly
2/21/18: "Too liberal" ex-Googler sues for wrongful dismissal
2/22/18: Shakedown in Progress
2/24/18: Catfishman23 / Michael Rabadan / Drdolittle23 / Killerryan675
2/26/18: DarksydePhil Twitch Suspension - February 26, 2018
3/2/18: [A] If you live in the Chicago area and want to help with content, click here
3/8/18: murrlogic / murrlogic1 / damien6 / MickleMackleMcKay / Michael McKay
3/8/18: 2018-03-08 - Victoria Jones: "This information has not been authorized to be released"
3/10/18: murrlogic1 / Michael Allen McKay [debate edition]
3/12/18: DSP introduces everyone to his new girlfriend
3/13/18: Alexander Leonidas / AlphaDestiny / outalpha / Solarwile / ALeonidas67
3/13/18: Austin, TX plagued by mystery bombings
3/13/18: Stephen Hawking Dead at 76
3/16/18: 3/16 - Game Stream on Twitch
3/20/18: [CBS] I mean this sincerely: fuck the United Kingdom and every single person who lives there
3/20/18: Count Dankula found guilty of hate crimes
3/20/18: Biased staff and abuse of power
3/20/18: Hunting for Trolls On an Anonymous Forum
3/21/18: [20 Mar 18] Neighbor David reminds Phil of his Dad.
3/22/18: Ariella Elovic (arelovic) & The Cheeky Blog
3/25/18: 3/24/18 - Australatina Is No More
3/27/18: autisticdragonkin / Eric Borsheim / Dhul Qarnayn II / Kappashiro Nietzchieri
3/29/18: 3/2018 - Trespassed at Fashion Square Mall / banned from End Games
3/29/18: 3/29/2018: Phil Suspended from Twitch again
3/29/18: Michael John Kricfalusi / John Kricfalusi / John K. / John K. Stuff / Raymond Spum
3/30/18: [A] DarkSydePhil has been suspended from Twitch, again.
3/30/18: [A] Christian Weston Chandler has been arrested.
3/30/18: [CBS]
3/30/18: Kwanza Osajyefo / Kwanza Johnson / kwanzer
3/31/18: [30 Mar 18] Surgery Confirmation Letter & More
Bonus: Welcome to Shenzhen 2/1/18
4/1/18: Server Relocation & Rule Changes
4/1/18: [1 Apr 18] GRS Surgery and Recovery Planner Calendar
4/2/18: President Donald J. Trump Proclaims April 2, 2018, World Autism Awareness Day
4/3/18: Active Shooter at Youtube HQ: If the shooter is trans, I hope to God that trannies start calling out the Googlers who described the shooter as a "man". Start saying their misgendering is responsible for the violent outburst. I haven't asked God for anything in decades so please join me in praying for this miracle, Kiwis. Please send your thoughts and prayers that the shooter is a tranny who got misgendered and all the bigots who got shot at get fired. Please pray with me Kiwis.
4/3/18: Nasim Najafi Aghdam / Nasim Wonder1 / Nasime Sabz / nasimesabz1 / Yesil Nasim / Vegan Nasim: back at it again on threads for dead people
4/4/18: Nasim Najafi Aghdam / Nasim Wonder1 / Nasime Sabz / nasimesabz1 / Yesil Nasim / Vegan Nasim
4/5/18: idk what this shit is but nerds do
4/5/18: Basically Channel Awesome is full of greedy assholes and creepers. Click quote arrow to go to the relevant page.
4/5/18: Kieran Shiach / KingImpulse / GoodEgg Podcast
4/5/18: what is the dog's name
4/6/18: Backpage has been seized
4/8/18: [A] Stop announcing you are making shitty posts. If you feel inclined to make an off-topic or personal post, you do not need to declare you are doing so with emotes or spoiler tags. It's not cute to draw attention to it, and it does not act as a shield if a mod were to decide it's too off-topic or too revealing and delete it. I have seen and dealt with posts doing this every single day for weeks and I'm fucking tired of it. If you're aware enough to know what you're posting is probably too much or too off-topic, you're aware enough to not post it or to modify the message to make it better. Stop treating me like your fucking janitor. Update: I have been told I should "laugh out loud calm down" and that this "rant" is "too large". I will be having none of that.
4/8/18: Recently, Clawshrimpy has been spreading harassment of Hbomberguy all over reddit and twitter starting from this post is where we cover his current chimpouts. [Mod Edit: This post was originally in the Obscure Laughingstocks thread like 3 years old but @Clawshrimpy decided to sperg like a spastic chimpanzee and draw attention. Basically acting like the the non-binary mechsperg version of Tamarlover] How about Clawshrimpy? I only know him from when he shows up on 4chan's /m/ to spasm about why Gurren Lagann is terrible and mean and evil and promotes abuse, but apparently he's made himself noticeable in some other circles.
4/9/18: [9 Apr 18] Horribly Infected Tattoo
4/10/18: [A] If you make a post like "not to break a rule [a-log/powerlevel/go off-topic], but ..." I am banning you from the site. Either post it or don't. Stop making me clean up your shit; more often than not these posts don't even fucking break any rules. I am having to deal with posts like this every single fucking day and I have no idea why you people think acknowledging you're posting something dumb is somehow a shield for doing it.
4/10/18: 4/10 - Chris Comes out as Bisexual
4/10/18: Possible multi-national airstrike on Syria expected in the next 72 hours
4/13/18: National Grilled Cheese Day
4/13/18: [A] Happy Friday the 13th
4/13/18: jewwarrior did 9/11
4/13/18: Todd Daugherty / N9OGL / Fox Smith / Doc Dot
4/13/18: Kremlin formally accuses the United Kingdom of staging Syrian gas attack
4/14/18: Trump approves US military strikes in Syria: 1. Damascus has been struck. 2. Russia anti-missile systems are being deployed. 3. Syria's airforce is engaging the United States. 4. Russian jets reported en route to Syria. 5. Strikes reported in Syrian city of Latakia, home to Russia military bases. 6. General Mattis has announced U.S. does not intend on striking Russian or Iranian targets. 7. Pentagon claims strikes are over and there will be no further bombings unless attacked or chemical weapons are used again.
4/14/18: SteelSeries Corporation rescinds its support of "BullyHunters"
4/16/18: The Difference a Year Can Make
4/16/18: Your Favorite Amber Moment/Event
4/17/18: Financhu Crisis / Chris sells his stuff megathread: He wants money to go to fucking BronyCon...
4/17/18: 4/17- Livestream
4/17/18: healthy life, happy life
4/17/18: Starbucks to close all company-owned stores on the afternoon of May 29 for racial-bias education day
4/18/18: Brianna Walker Wu / John Walker Flynt General Thread: Wil Wheaton just endorsed her.
4/18/18: HOW I DANCE!!!!
4/19/18: What's the most lewd, creepy or cringey thing your partner has asked you?
4/19/18: this is bad | weight loss update | 4.18.18
4/20/18: 420 Choose Your Fighter (Embarassing Anime Fanart Edition)
4/20/18: DNC sues Russian government, Trump campaign, WikiLeaks alleging conspiracy to help Trump win election
4/20/18: Lolcow Lickability Rankings
4/20/18: Guess the fetish/kink of the person above you
4/21/18: [A] If you're a Native American who either lives on, or has family who lives on, a reservation, email
4/21/18: Pet dog of a 3-year-girl who spent 16 hours in the elements stayed by her side until she was found
4/21/18: Kangaroo gets stoned to death in chinese zoo
4/22/18: Naked man goes on rampage at Waffle House in Nashville. Kills 3, now in custody
4/22/18: Cowboy chemists are selling 'DIY trans' pills to teenagers as more and more are 'risking their lives
4/22/18: Hindu nationalists are boycotting Amazon for signing up an actress who spoke out against child rape
4/23/18: [CBS] May everyone from the UK burn in hell, except this man and his stupid gross genetically mutated creature that is definitely not Aryan.
4/23/18: Incel driving a van strikes pedestrians in Toronto
4/23/18: GQ magazine puts Bible on list of classic books not worth reading
4/24/18: UK judge rejects bid to take sick toddler Alfie Evans abroad
4/25/18: Should off-topic boards qualify for autofeatures?
4/25/18: Sam Ambreen / Samina Ambreen Salahuddin / @SamAmbreenSalah / @SamAmSalahuddin
4/26/18: Wait, Kanye's Candace Owens is this fucking psychotic who namedropped us?
4/26/18: Dollieguts / Tearzah Hayes / Faedoll / Dollclaws and Bailey Lovell / David Caleb Balaski
4/27/18: Korean Cold War Officially Over
4/29/18: Bryan Dunn / King of /pol/ (KoP): Just gonna drop this here, it's from Bryan's /cow/ thread ( , which apparently archived the whole thread too):
4/29/18: Anthony Dagher / 7AnthonyDagher7 / Anthony George Dagher
4/30/18: Lolcow Lickability Rankings
5/1/18: Small European file uploading service host has been charged with distribution of Child Pornography
5/1/18: [A] Multi-cow drama: Start of the Shitshow | Summary of Drama | Jim narrating it and showing highlights Starring: Corrine Cliford | Baked Alaska | Ice Poseidon
5/1/18: Alpha and Omega Fandom
5/2/18: Prawst / PartyPrat / pr0stsh0cker / prastshacker / Sterling Prosten Richter and #AdventureCru
5/2/18: A Null Encounter
5/4/18: Tim Doyle / NakatomiTim / mrdoyle
5/4/18: YT 5/4 - Patreon bucks is low so Chris promises more comic pages
5/6/18: Venus Di'Khadijah Selenite / Thomas Lee Hinyard
5/9/18: Bad Plastic Surgery
5/9/18: ReSwitched: Hedgeberg, Kate Temkin / KTemkin / Kyle Temkin, and Cody Brocious / Daeken
5/11/18: Colt Seidman / Colton Seidman / selfmadecolt / Laura Ellyn Seidman
5/11/18: Russell Greer: Federal judge dismisses lawsuit seeking to legalize prostitution in Utah
5/12/18: Einstein wrong, spooky action at distance is real - big if true
5/12/18: Chad Richard Stallman enforces funny abortion joke ignoring crying about triggers & gender identity"
5/13/18: Steam Login removal & Policy Change
5/13/18: Jay Geis / The Golden Knight / The Platinum Paladin / Dick Pierce
5/14/18: Mail Time with Null
5/15/18: Sam Ambreen / Samina Ambreen Salahuddin / @SamAmbreen _
5/15/18: [A] As'Salam Alaikum, and happy Ramadan! The fruits of Allah's blessings are tumbling into our mouths too quickly for the featured thread system, so here's a brief update of recent kwality kahntent on the site.
5/15/18: [A] Sam Ambreen had doxed a forum user in 2016, demanding he remove her thread in private, before we had systems to prevent people from blanking their own OPs. She bragged about this so publicly on Twitter 2 years later, we dug into her, and she's gone as far to do the usual "report this site to everyone" screeching, as well as reporting us to Tell MAMA UK, an Islamic violence agency.
5/15/18: [A] DarkSydePhil pissed off everyone again by claiming REAL gamers(tm) don't play games before launch date, so if you're here for that, there's your link.
5/15/18: [A] Jay Geis, the Golden Knight has awoken from his coma to the joy of our oldest users. Jaimas has written a very detailed introductory post for his welcoming back party which new users will be able to digest readily.
5/15/18: [A] CIA African American wrote a very good OP for 'Byuu', a furry. If you're into furry drama that should sort you out.
5/15/18: [A] A lot of our recent proving grounds threads are pretty high quality, so if you're bored, consider checking them out and contributing if you can.
5/15/18: [A] Thank you, and atmna lk ywma tyba!
5/15/18: Byuu / byuu_nyan / setsunakun0
5/16/18: 5/15/2018 - DSP causes a Twitter shitstorm by being toxic towards streaming community
5/16/18: #Comicsgate
5/16/18: Maddox / George Ouzounian / George Schnoz: Dismissed with prejudice for Dick/Boser/Foundation digital. Dismissed with prejudice for WS. Dismissed without prejudice for Kokkinos.
5/17/18: [A] Maddox Lost!
5/17/18: [A] Recently approved Proving Ground threads: Dr Activism London-based Albanian 'rapper' and attention whore. 'Byuu', furry NES emulator dev going batshit. Stephanie Cianfriglia, a super morbidly obese Jefferey Dahmer fangirl. Mark Waid, professional comic book man, has fallen from grace and the nerds are descending on his corpse like zombies.
5/17/18: Mark Waid
5/18/18: Jetrex / Jetrex56 / Logan Alan Westfall
5/18/18: [A] For those asking about the new EU regulations: we are not hosted in Europe and I will never, ever concern myself with the UK and EU.
5/18/18: [A] Hardcore DSP and Jonathan Ross a-log, Jertex, has been charged with molesting his 8 year old cousin, proving once again that: if you have to tell people you're better than them, you're probably not.
5/18/18: [A] Ride doxed Lucas Williams, the recent Sorbet 'kidnapper', using puppets.
5/18/18: [A] Recently approved Proving Ground threads: Terence Sanchez, a shroomhead who took hairstyling advice from Naruto, is leading his groupies on an Internet trailblaze.
5/19/18: [A] Users complain this notice is too large. Null reportedly apathetic.
5/19/18: [A] Scott Malcomson, inflationist furry and alleged nazi, is suing IMVU (parent company of FurAffinity) for calling the 'Alt-Furry' community 'Nazis'. We are trying to find the court records.
5/19/18: [A] For those asking about the new EU regulations: we are not hosted in Europe and I would sooner set myself on fire than concern myself with the meanderings of God's least favorite continent.
5/19/18: May 19th Database Issue
5/21/18: [A] Nothing.
5/22/18: Maddox is now harassing people's employers who are laughing at him.
5/23/18: [A] We have wrought ourselves into a new era under a new host. If you experience tech issues, let me know.
5/24/18: Ryan N. Lord / Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer / TheMystic
5/24/18: John "TotalBiscuit" Bain has died.
5/25/18: 2018-05-25 - Alexander Leonidas: Copyright Infringement, Illegal Activities, & Slander Campaign
5/26/18: [26 May 2018] Phil States His Demands.
5/29/18: Maddox's dog bite lawyer has sent an official letter of complaint to Nick Rekieta. He's streaming soon.
5/30/18: Justin T. Hunt / DoctorChesterthe1st / JustParodiezMan / Dennis7ification
5/31/18: Koby dox
6/1/18: Corinne Cliford / adventureswithcorinne / Corinne Forever / Corinn Esque: @Null - Ethan Ralph invited me along with Metokur and Dick Masteron to chitchat and then we started sexually harassing a mentally handicapped woman.
6/2/18: Which lolcow do you identify with?
6/3/18: KF International Challenge
6/4/18: Donold James Elson / Dreamerdon and Jamison Collins / gottemsquickfoot
6/4/18: IDRAMA lab & the Cuckademics: IDRAMA LAB is a research team who call themselves "CUCKADEMICS" who rose to prominence by writing a paper entitled "You Know What to Do": Proactive Detection of YouTube Videos Targeted by Coordinated Hate Attacks which perhaps erroneously claimed that Kiwifarms is the source of coordinated raids against YouTube videos:
6/4/18: Gay Cakes case decided in favor of baker, 7-2: 1776 SHALL COMMENCE AGAIN
6/5/18: Count Dankula interviews Chris
6/6/18: DarksydePhil's primary YouTube account has "disappeared" in the past few hours. It accounts for up to half of his income.
6/6/18: [A] It's time for the box.
6/6/18: [A] Our Tor hidden service has been re-established on kiwifarms6v775u6.onion.
6/6/18: [A] Count Dankula has interviewed Chris. It's actually good.
6/6/18: [A] DarksydePhil's YouTube channel has completely vanished.
6/6/18: [A] New Zealand Yes! I'm looking for International topics for foreign language audiences. If you're a filthy foreigner, you might be able to help grow the site.
6/8/18: 2018 T-Shirt Art Drive: In 2017 we did a one-month merchandise sale run of t-shirts and stuff with RedBubble and we're going to do it again.
6/9/18: [A] I am on-boarding beta clients for the VPS company. If you have a use for a traditional KVM and would like a content neutral provider, please contact me for details (
6/9/18: [9 June 18] Rotten snatch photo, 2 weeks post-op: Quality is very bad but doesn't look like a shop.
6/9/18: Join the DSP board in endless speculation about what facet of God's unforgiving wrath is lined up to rape our hero now.
6/10/18: Extra Credits
6/11/18: Net neutrality is officially dead (June 11 deadline passed): Anyone who supports the removal of Net Neutrality is a proper fucking moron.
6/11/18: "Dilating. Meanwhile at Kiwi Farms, they be talking about drinks. Yeah, get jelly I have a new vagina. Fuck the Fascists, long live Antifa"
6/11/18: CyberDemon531 / John M Rovenski / Andrea Rovenski / @pizzaparty531
6/12/18: Tess Fowler / Teresa Fowler / Tess Gutierrez / tessfowler7
6/12/18: Big Brandon's Bail Money
6/13/18: Stephanie Cianfriglia / Sapphire Crimson Claw / meowitch666 / ClayAikenGurl / FedoraHippie
6/15/18: [A] 2 Weeks - Limited Time: Get it before Sammy starts threatening to send bombs in the mail again !!
Bonus: look it's cute 6/15/18
6/15/18: June 2018 Merchandise: F.A.Qs are posted here.
6/17/18: Jack Scalfani, celebrity salmonella survivor has had another stroke:
6/18/18: [A] We are doing a very limited time run of SFW merch. Help fund the war effort!
6/18/18: [CBS] During this pride month, the Kiwi Farms stands with @rizzydraws and the LGB community against Indonesia's radical Islamist theocracy posing as a democratic government. We wish him a speedy (and safe) recovery. — Kiwi Farms (@realKiwiFarms) June 18, 2018
6/18/18: [CBS] My apologies for the negligence demonstrated with my use of the incomplete "LGB" acronym in my last tweet, and my sincere appreciation for those who took time to correct me.
6/18/18: [CBS] The Kiwi Farms stands with the LGBA community, inclusive of our friends on the autism spectrum. — Kiwi Farms (@realKiwiFarms) June 18, 2018
6/19/18: Warren Lynch Shitpost General
6/19/18: Harry, the worst Discord user ever.
6/20/18: EU committee approves new rules that could 'destroy the internet as we know it'
6/20/18: Justin Chavero / Sultai / Rampage1986 + Nick Matthews/Edwards / Nixwerld
6/20/18: Donald Trump Threw Starburst Candies at Angela Merkel, Said 'Don't Say I Never Give You Anything'
6/21/18: Amberlynn Reid is fat and she's done counting her amount of fat, citing pressure from the internet as one of the reasons for fat. "I'm done counting calories, I am done doing Weight Watchers, I am done being so inside my head and wondering if [insert a lot of ways to lose weight]"
6/22/18: Chloe Sagal commits suicide by immolation; protests U.S. mental health treatment >Witnesses gave conflicting statements about the gender of the person.
6/22/18: People Who Use Suicide for Propaganda - A List of Ghouls Exploiting + Lying About Chloe Sagal's Death
6/24/18: Chris at Too Many Games convention: Chris called. The pussies running the convention didn't give him a single in-person warning. They sent him a facebook message. He didn't even see the warning until after the police arrived. Fucking spineless little cuckboys too afraid to talk to Chris.
6/25/18: We made the news, ResetEra wants you all to know you're all bad people and should feel ashamed.
6/29/18: Nailah "Mama Nails" Winkfield / Latasha Spears-Winkfield: Is she free? EDIT: It’s her. It’s over.
6/29/18: 2018-06-30 - Bhanu Prasad: "Now I am facing serious legal situation due to these statements"
6/30/18: A 15 minute long video of everyone's favorite lolcow DarksydePhil in puppet form. Lolcow art:
7/1/18: Terry Carl Bone / Kit Bone / Kit B Witchery / nonbinaryfaeriewitch / cherrythegoodwitch
7/2/18: r/legaladvice
7/6/18: Kendra Supinger / Rae / Lovedrool / occultclub / Yandere Satan/Sugar / Ken Ken VNs / Gurokiru
7/7/18: [A] Last call on merchandise. Sale ends within 24 hours.
7/7/18: Spergs sperging at spergs: I was recently unfairly banned from the Sargon thread due to censorship.
7/8/18: Spelunking with Children: a Thai recipe for disaster
7/9/18: Justice Brett Kavanaugh Megathread
7/10/18: Self-Hating Pedo General
7/11/18: Best Threads
7/11/18: Joshua Wise & Stephen Boyd, the Chris-Chan Extortionists
7/11/18: Pamela Swain / DocHolday1977 / MsPhoenix1969 / Observer1977 / danishlace2003
7/13/18: Joshua Wise & Stephen Boyd Cryzel Torture
7/15/18: Corinne Cliford is roaming the streets of Compton after @theralph promised her I would take down her thread if she survives a week.
7/15/18: Pamela Swain / DocHolday1977 / MsPhoenix1969 / Observer1977 / danishlace2003
7/15/18: Elon Musk calls British caver who advised Thai cave kid rescue "pedo" on twitter
7/16/18: [15 July 18] Stink ditch, 7 weeks post-op: i hate my community. open this thread.
7/16/18: Christy Lynn Walker / nemu / Holden / Malfunction54
7/18/18: 2018-07-18 - Stephane "Unixmad" Portha: "court order-related removal from Google Search"
7/18/18: 2018-07-18 - Misty Ray: "Legal warning"
7/18/18: Amberlynn lashes out at a hater
7/18/18: Helping Chris Discussion
7/19/18: Joshua Wise & Stephen Boyd The Bad Beginning
7/20/18: [CBS] The hosting service I am starting is almost ready for public launch, but if you'd like a KVM early, please contact me for details (
7/20/18: Curse has dropped Phil's channel, and it's not eligible for AdSense anymore. (this means about 50% of DSP's income has disappeared so its financhu crisis time for real this time)
7/21/18: In May of 2018, Translifeline finally got around to filing their 2016 federal tax return. Check out this post to see the extreme misuse of donations.
7/22/18: Erik "Taz" Mokracek / MollyHaleIsMyFriend / MGHSHour / CowboyErik
7/22/18: FB 7/22 - Chris insists he isn't delusional, refuses to see a psychiatrist
7/25/18: Twisted Pair (2018): GET HYPE
7/25/18: Marigold Calendula Kilgour / William Kilgour / @SonicGurl98
7/25/18: /v/TraditionalWives
7/27/18: Null tries it: talking to Women
7/28/18: KiwiFarms chases trans woman out of the US
7/29/18: Hamplanets collide as Chantal and Amberlynn share a side of beef in this full-figure feature for the girls.
7/30/18: Tom Wysom, MLP Animator, sentenced to prison in Canada for possession of child pornography
7/30/18: Michael J Hirtes
7/31/18: PUPPETS
7/31/18: chimpburgers
8/1/18: Boogie / Boogie2988: someone on samandtolki found his old porn blog page. haha, just read it.
8/2/18: Content creators in financial disarray after Patreon declines payments
8/5/18: Sarah Ruth Ashcraft / Sarah Ashcraft
8/5/18: 2018-08-05 - Russell Greer: "Final Cease and Desist"
8/7/18: Samantha Violet Bushart
8/10/18: Jihadi Jarbo flagged multiple YouTube videos criticizing him and got caught out on lying about it. Now he's suicide baiting on livestream.
8/11/18: Jaden Smith believes Wakanda exists IRL
8/12/18: [August 7&9] Antifa Super Scribbles
8/14/18: Stacy Michelle Barrington / StacyMichelleB / KhanLovr
8/14/18: Maddox / George Ouzounian / George Schnoz: Just listen to the first three minutes.
8/15/18: Bryan Silva / OutterSpaceSWAG / BryanGRATATASilva / CubanSwagPapi / Dr. Bryan Silva Ph.D
8/19/18: Anthos the Crimson Impulse / Anthony Christian Bapst / The Unknown Autobot / TheMagus772: He's back.
8/20/18: Two-thirds of youngsters wanting a sex change were diagnosed with serious mental health problems
8/21/18: Direct evidence has been found showing that Shrimpdick is a pedo. He is currently trying to discredit the kid coming forward with evidence against him by saying they were "coached" by us, or is part of a conspiracy by Hbomberguy fans to distract from his campaign of "callouts" (aka harassment and slander) by "planting" evidence against him. Needless to say he is desperate for this shitstorm to blow over, but because we have a link to a directory of the evidence in the thread OP now proof won't go away. Clawshrimpy is a pedo that tries to ERP with minors and will try every lie or deflection in the book to look innocent because he is a narcissistic scumfuck.
8/21/18: Robbie Rotten actor, Karl Stefansson, dead at 43
8/21/18: 08/21/18 Chris creeps on a child
8/23/18: 2018-08-22 - "Vulpe": Furry sperging.
8/25/18: ResetERA goes on full meltdown about the controversy regarding Cyberpunk 2077. Bans ahoy!
8/25/18: John McCain Dead
8/25/18: the official reptile thread
8/26/18: Mass shooting at Madden gaming tournament in Jacksonville
8/26/18: Never again! It breaks my heart every time we see yet another mass shooting in the United States. In the streets, at video game conventions, where our children go to school.
8/27/18: Popular funnyman Jim is suspended on Twitter. Here's why.
8/29/18: Dr. Katherine Horton / @Stop007org
8/30/18: Maddox has re-filed his lawsuit against only Asterios with a new lawyer, despite pending litigation from his former attorney.
8/30/18: Aimee Challenor / Ashton Lucas David Challenor
9/1/18: Terry might be dead
9/1/18: Deaf Community
9/2/18: Tommy Tooter isn't having a good week at all. Click here to find out why.
9/4/18: Brianna Wu has some funny stuff going on. Click the link below to find out what it is.
9/4/18: Pool for how much of the vote Wu gets in the primary: CAST YOUR VOTES
9/5/18: Pool for how much of the vote Wu gets in the primary: It happened. Wonder if he can hold on to it.
9/5/18: Sgt_Maul / Ninja_Warrior / Richard Bibby
9/7/18: Since this is September, I bring you the National Deaf Awareness month with this thread!
9/8/18: If you're a League of Legends player, you're probably aware of some recent corporate drama which resulted in two employees being fired. One of them is the husband of an FtM trans-Jew who happens to look like Oscar the Grouch. Shortcut to League of Legends slack screenshots.
9/9/18: Leah Rowe / Francis Rowe / libreleah
9/10/18: MundaneMatt / Matt Jarbo: He's playing this video. If anyone wants to try and contact this church for a statement regarding what Matt is saying, I'll give you a trophy.
9/10/18: What is your favorite 9/11 moment?
Bonus: I don't know what this is 9/10/18
9/12/18: Article 13 has passed : EU: Remember to buy an American-owned proxy, kids.
9/12/18: Brianna Wu Email: "Well, we lost. What happened? " Brianna Wu posts their phone number in a late concession letter.
9/13/18: Onision is being a lolcow again and has broke the law. Click this link to find out how.
9/15/18: Russell Greer has filed 91 pages against Tay-Tay.
9/16/18: Sargon is embarrassing himself by making a drama stream on Internet Aristocrat.
9/17/18: Russell Greer: Nick is in extra rare form tonight. The Russ talk is fun but he's just pretty drunk in general and also babbling about how fat Tess Holliday is.
9/18/18: [A] Notice about recent downtime.
9/18/18: Carl Benjamin / Sargon of Akkad: Update 9/17 - Comments Sargon has made regarding age of consent have resurfaced in light of his attempts to smear Jim as a pedophile.
9/18/18: Carl Benjamin / Sargon of Akkad: Update 9/18 - Sargon has put out another video retaliating against Ralph and Harmful Opinions, using Ralph's mugshot as the thumbnail and not touching on the other clip used.
9/19/18: The Ghost Gunner guy is wanted for sleeping with a 16 year old, conveniently after the DoD lost their lawsuit against him and he started a counter suit.
9/19/18: Presidential Penis Speculation
9/20/18: Multiple people killed, injured in shooting at Aberdeen warehouse complex: Please assist in archiving if a perp is named and they have internet presence.
9/20/18: Snochia Moseley / Sno
9/20/18: Maryland Shooting: 7 shot, 3 killed, suspect dead in Harford County shooting
9/20/18: Zoosadism Megathread
9/21/18: Temp Biohazard Area: Dead Animal Fuckers 2018: furries were fucking dead animals come farm ratings
9/22/18: [A] A lot has happened this week, and since I know many of you are unfaithful to the daily ritual of browsing this webzone, here is a weekly roundup for those of weaker disposition.
9/22/18: [A] Carl Benjamin (a/k/a Sargon of Akkad), has been in some shit this week after publishing a hit piece on Jim / Metokur / Internet Aristocrat. Old clips of him arguing age of consent with Amos Yee, pedophile advocate, have been shared around since. Ravenor has compiled an potential tax evasion regarding Benjamin's incorporation.
9/22/18: [A] Cody Wilson, owner of Ghost Gunner 3D Printer and Defense Distributed, has been charged with having sex with a 16 year old in Texas while physically in Taiwan for business. He has been extradited from Taiwan, despite no extradition policy or formal U.S. relations.
9/22/18: [A] Black FtM transgender, Snochia 'Sno' Mosley, shoots up a Rite Aid warehouse.
9/22/18: [A] Something Awful is dealing with mean banner advertisements, putting Lowtax in an awkward situation of rejecting money or pissing off his new userbase.
9/22/18: [A] A Texan father-and-son shootout has become an iconic representation of American justice and gun culture in the hearts of many.
9/22/18: [A] NSFL: Zoosadism leaks show a group of Furries doing unbelievable cruel things to animals. (Brain Bleach) (P.S. White Girls Fuck Dogs)
9/22/18: [A] We've also been suffering some light downtime this week as a result of a coordinated DDoS attack against my infrastructure from what I could only imagine to be a balding middle aged paedophile.
9/22/18: Glowfox / Philipp Arthur Valderrama Negreiros / Negre Valde Arthur
9/22/18: "Kero the Wolf" / Joshua Hoffman
9/23/18: [A] Sargon Week 2: British Media has started putting out hit pieces on UKIP and Sargon. I am keeping track here. He is looking for UK defamation legal assistance already (lol). He's just recently posted a video saying he's taking a break from politics.
9/24/18: [A] Mundane Matt has made an apology video.
9/24/18: Levi Dane Simmons / SnakeThing / Nelizar / Nelizar_Neli / Buttne
9/25/18: [A] After an argument with his other fans, #1 DarksydePhil donator leaves Phil, resulting in a pretty hilarious rant
9/25/18: [A] Chris-Chan is being sued for debt.
9/25/18: [A] Identified Zoosadists: Kero the Wolf / Glowfox / SnakeThing
9/25/18: [A] The beatings will continue until morale improves.
9/25/18: [A] Tips may be received at I'm aware there are other leaks being talked about.
9/25/18: i fell..... twice: Big AL shakes things up by posting a video
9/25/18: [24-9-2018] Death of Tutankhamunn
9/26/18: Ember / Emberwolf / Erolass / delta9knight / Dylan P. Pleskac
9/26/18: Come watch Rekeita talk about Russell and shitpost with us
9/26/18: "DSP Get a Job" Sign at WWE Smackdown
9/27/18: NOTICE: I am filing a Class Action Lawsuit against ALL members of Kiwi Farms
9/28/18: Jim Rozolosky / Ashley Zoe Fox / AshleyZoeFox / Bedtime Bear / lilPup / lilRugrat
9/28/18: 09-27-18 Chris wants to win a nintendo switch
9/29/18: [A] Starting 5pm EST, Ethan Ralph will be hosting a #Killstream featuring a bunch of popular Internet funnymen (inc. Dick Masterson / Jimothy Metokur) to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. 100% of Superchat funds are directly managed by Google to the charitable cause as a part of the Superchats for Good system.
9/29/18: Jacob Sockless / Michiro Hutaki / Agian Siin / Jacob JS / Darkseed2012 / RamleIronHeart
9/30/18: [A] (NOW WITH 100% LESS HOLOCAUST DENIAL) Starting 5pm EST, Ethan Ralph will be hosting a #Killstream featuring a bunch of popular Internet funnymen (inc. Dick Masterson / Jimothy Metokur) to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. 100% of Superchat funds are directly managed by Google to the charitable cause as a part of the Superchats for Good system.
9/30/18: Zoosadism Megathread: If you're here from the Jim video this is what you're looking for. Not safe for work.
9/30/18: Ethan Klein / h3h3Productions
10/1/18: [A] y'all niggas better get your spooky avatars on
10/1/18: Richard Meyer Sues Mark Waid Over ‘Tortious Interference With Contract and Defamation’
10/2/18: 2018-10-02 - Roy Philipose: Instant Regret
10/2/18: [A] Roy Philipose, briefly Internet famous for telling Elon Musk he is a 'level 2 supergenius', threatens to sue over a tweet.
10/3/18: The BetterHelp, CreatorHealth, InfluenceLogic Rabbit Hole: Every popular youtuber is shilling a scam online therapist site.
10/4/18: Chance Carmichael: He's dead. Pay your respects here.
10/4/18: [A] KIWIFARMS KILLCOUNT 2018: Chance Carmichael commits SUICIDE BY OVEREATING! For sheer mass alone, that's DOUBLE POINTS!
10/4/18: [A] KIWIFARMS KILLCOUNT 2018: Baraka Mkray commits SUICIDE BY IMMOLATION! That's a QUADRUPLE POINT kill!
10/4/18: [A] BetterHelp, a popularly advertised online therapy service, is catching a ton of heat and the rabbit hole goes deep.
10/4/18: [A] Boogie1488 livestream about BetterHelp is raided by Ralph's #Killstream and he actually joins up and subsequently shits on everyone.
10/4/18: [A] Adding more soon.
10/4/18: 10/4 - Chris says Magi-Chan wrote Hawaii trip tweet for monetary gain
10/5/18: [A] neger wrote a good thread about a cult which those of you who are fans of cults will enjoy.
10/5/18: [A] Special Mention: I've had the liberty to speak on behalf of the community regarding the Zoosadism leaks and BetterHelp, and want to show my appreciation for how much effort this community collectively puts into finding and vetting the information it does. I want to thank everyone for their hard work in making our website as influential as it has become.
10/6/18: [A] I did a video interview with a stalker. Thread is in the works.
10/6/18: Brett Kavanaugh Megathread
10/6/18: Halalween 2018
10/7/18: Kiwi Farms: The Animated Series
10/8/18: Google is shutting down Google+ for consumers following security lapse
10/9/18: Internet based communities are for fucking faggots
10/10/18: [A] If you're here over the [s]PewDiePie[/s] Poppy Harlow video, the BetterHelp thread is here.
10/10/18: [A] At 12pm EST, I will be livestreaming. Come watch the Hindenburg live.
10/11/18: [A] There's another DDoS attack against some parts of the site that may cause 502 errors. Refreshing should resolve it.
10/11/18: LagoonaBlue / Harriet Louise Connor / BendyRuler / erapony / Ophelia Lordy / Hazza Jermface / erajermface
10/12/18: Gregory Raymond Buell / Greg Buell / Greg Lovestar / Greg Windcar Buell + Much More
10/14/18: [A] Recent downtime due to continuous paid-for attacks on 1776hosting. Our Tor hidden service at kiwifarms6v775u6.onion will usually remain up during downtime, unless the Tor hidden service is the target of the attack.
10/15/18: Chuck Wendig / Charles Wendig / TerribleMinds
10/16/18: [A] Internet Celebrity 'Josh' (of Kiwi Farms) will be streaming at 10am EST, in the next 15 minutes. I'll be going over Narcissa Wright, so grab some Soylent and strap in. You do not need to know anything about Narcissa to tune in. (
10/16/18: YouTube reportedly down worldwide
10/17/18: SHOTS FIRED - Crimea shooting leaves 18 dead, 50 injured.
10/17/18: Running Commentary & Internet Bloodsports General
10/18/18: James Patrick O'Shaughnessy is doxed. How will he respond?
10/18/18: Running Commentary: Metokur / InternetAristocrat / Jim has had an old name be verified and linked to a valid address. Here's how:
10/18/18: Running Commentary: He anounced a stream called "It's over" which has since concluded. The short is, the dox is real and nothing's changing.
10/19/18: Maddox has formally offered Asterios Kokkinos his half of The Biggest Problem in the Universe as a settlement, claiming it to be worth over $45,000.
10/19/18: The Five Stages of Jim Dox
10/19/18: Dylan Hafertepen / noodlesandbeef / ekigyuu / beefdumplings / California Cow
10/23/18: Aubrey Ahna / Aubs / aubreys.healing.journey / Aubrey Winkie
10/24/18: Chris is lying about needing donations
10/25/18: Jake is chimping out and "fearing for his life" after Jesse Singal called him out publicly
10/25/18: Could Bob Still Be Alive?
10/25/18: Wendy McCraw / Clyde McCraw / wendymajestic / empoweredragoness / madam_himmler
10/26/18: Levi Dane Simmons / SnakeThing: They fuckin' booked him, boys.
10/26/18: Plurals / Clusters / Systems
10/27/18: 4 Dead, Several Others Shot At Pittsburgh Synagogue
10/27/18: Robert Bowers / @onedingo
10/28/18: Torba to Trump: GOVERNMENT PLEASE HELP
10/28/18: Boston Red Sox Has Won The World Series
10/29/18: Dr. Rachel McKinnon / Rhys McKinnon / Rachel Veronica McKinnon / Foxy Moxy
10/31/18: Trans Lifeline calls quadruple after Trump redefines legal meaning of gender
10/31/18: DarksydePhil's eagerly awaited Halloween stream is live:
10/31/18: Halloween Haul 2018
11/1/18: Halalween 2018: last minute voting time lads
11/1/18: Google employees stage walk out over sexual harassment handling
11/2/18: Ralph's stream gets taken down 2 times in one night. Click here to talk about why.
11/2/18: Breaking: YouTube is apparently refunding all $25,000 raised by the Killstream a few weeks ago.
11/2/18: Breaking: All of Ethan Ralph's and Zidan's channels have been deleted.
11/2/18: Zidan's entire Google Account is gone.
11/3/18: Breaking: Ralph has been removed from Streamlabs.
11/3/18: Alleged Kentucky Kroger Shooter Complained About Racebending Superheroes: Black comicbook artist shot over his portrayal of Spiderman as black.
11/4/18: @DarkShadowFox / Sebastian Welch / foxboyhunter / furpawsradio
11/4/18: Tim Slosky / SniffHeinkel / Sniffeh / Sniffindahouse / Darkhusky88
11/6/18: [A] Live: Avoiding politics by playing a terrible game. Come join us. (P.S. If you enjoy the on-topic lolcow streams I encourage you to check out that link and make an account. Cheers.)
11/6/18: Aeryn Boyer / Katherine Boyer / Katherine Drevis / respectfulsuccubus / Respectful_Succ
11/6/18: We are hosting the midterm elections here. Let's all be together in this Autism
Bonus: The world literally ends again 11/6/18
11/7/18: [A] If you're looking to support the forum, definitely check it out on since that has gifting options on it.
11/7/18: HO HO HO! SECRET SANTA 2018 TIME!
11/8/18: Shots fired, multiple injured in Thousand Oaks, California
11/8/18: Justice Ginsburg, 85, hospitalized after fracturing 3 ribs in fall
11/9/18: Someone took a shotgun to Paul Denino in a sketchy motel in Alaska. This is happening right now.
11/9/18: Jonathan 'Jessica' Yaniv: Man sues women running waxing services for refusing to wax his feminine taint.
11/11/18: Cyndi Wilde / Kitty Danger
11/12/18: Yanderedev: Alex uploaded a video
Bonus: Gremlin Propaganda 11/12/18
11/12/18: A video about H3H3 being a crazy person, liar, fraud has gone viral.
11/13/18: [A] The featured thread system will now show a random thread per refresh if there are multiple active features. You may view all feature threads by clicking 'Featured Threads' at the second top level navigation.
11/13/18: Anonymous field operative dead dropped me an album of pictures from Sisterwood. It's a literal dump.
11/13/18: Douglas Bryan Spink / Fausty / Cross-Species Alliance / Exitpoint
11/14/18: Michael Avenatti Arrested For Felony Domestic Violence
11/15/18: John S. Bulla: Well, it does look like he was picked up by the police
11/15/18: 5 ministers have resigned from the UK Parliament in the last 3 hours over Theresa May's Brexit deal.
11/16/18: HO HO HO! SECRET SANTA 2018 TIME!
11/17/18: Michael Avenatti Arrested For Felony Domestic Violence
11/17/18: Kyle Lee Biddle / kyle2252 / p6274940 / Twilight Kyle
11/18/18: LOL a kid with a Kekistan flag on his facebook killed his mom for telling him to do better in school. VERY HIGH IQ
11/18/18: Kelli Mariella Knipe / Kevin Knipe / MilKelli / KelliHasBewbs
11/19/18: Angry Customer Destroys GameStop Store Over Inability To Return ‘Fallout 76’
11/19/18: Gregory Logan Ramos / Shadilay Strangler
11/20/18: Maddox's lawsuit was just dismissed with prejudice with Maddox ordered to pay $290 in filing fees
11/20/18: Tumblr Disappeared from the App Store Because of Child Porn
11/22/18: Happy Thanksgiving and may the British GO FUCK THEMSELVES
11/24/18: Nick Bate gets his appeal denied.
11/24/18: Cuban animal rights organizations are working against woof.
11/25/18: The Furby Community
11/28/18: Momokun had one of her pictures touched up and accidentally removed her entire ass and butthole in the photo.
11/28/18: Today, just over a year after this thread was created, Thorne had a complete and total meltdown. He's the CTO of a 3rd-rate scam WebMD bullshit and thinks people sending dick jokes to a guy on an internet chat is sexual assault. (All while he still whiteknights Laurelai Bailey, someone who's a rapist)
11/29/18: StarryGreenEyes95 / Taylor Mitchell Pickens / BlueGator / AzureTranquility
11/30/18: Laura Loomer: Lmao she just chained herself to Twitter HQ. Yes Laura, your decision will totally make Jack repent and give you back your account, he won't that you're insane at all.
11/30/18: [A] If you're in the coastal areas near Anchorage, Alaska: a 7.0 magnitude Earthquake has occurred and a tsunami warning has been issued. Stay safe.
11/30/18: George H.W. Bush Dead At 94
12/1/18: Something is finally happening in the Land of the Raging Thumb again as Nora Reed responds to getting sent a Cease and desist letter from the notorious "TERF" (and fellow lolcow) known as Cathy Brennan.
12/1/18: Mikael Westergren / Rutger Widell / Smirre Kirax / Smirre Räv / Rävmannen: (This thread is in Swedish and is for Swedish users. We've already exhausted the "WOW THIS ISN'T IN ENGLISH LOL" joke bank.)
12/2/18: Brandon Ross Fontaine / Katherine Fontaine / Kat Ross Wolf / Krimson Kat / RedHeaDL / redheadude
12/3/18: [A] Sorry about the downtime. The British dole just paid out for the month, so DoS attacks are funded for a little while.
12/3/18: @Durable Mike Malloy made one of Fit Vegan Ginger's recipes and it's one of the best posts on the entire site.
12/4/18: Thomas Dall / Kittystyle
12/4/18: Nigel Farage has resigned from UKIP after declaring it has taken on an anti-Islam tone.
12/6/18: MY DIETITIAN BLOCKED ME: sad day when even your imaginary friends block you
12/6/18: YouTube Rewind is out for 2018 and it's the worst one yet.
12/7/18: [A] Argentine ISP FiberTel has blocked Kiwi Farms (on all 3 TLDs), Encyclopedia Dramatica, and some torrenting websites.
12/7/18: Sargon's >$132,000 a year Patreon has disappeared.
12/7/18: 2018-12-04 - Tommy Tooter crossover with Virgo Rouge
12/9/18: Conversations of Kero admitting to being a 'normal zoo' and a nude photo have been published.
12/13/18: [A] New Rule: If you declare your post is against the rules, it will be deleted.
12/13/18: YouTube releases it's YouTube Rewind for 2018: It has happened. Baby has been dethroned. It's reached 10 million dislikes.
12/13/18: Jenffer has produced her 1000th video. Congratulate this awesome artist who we are lucky to have join us every day.
12/13/18: Luna Tiny / Sara Elizabeth O'Hern / Anonymous-Asexual / AnonymousArtist
12/13/18: Jonathan 'Jessica' Yaniv: the /lgbt/ board on 4chan is now covering for him and banning people for mentioning Yaniv. The censorship about this topic is now on the same level as the incidents that sparked GamerGate. Not even 4chan is fully safe.
12/14/18: 2018-12-12 - Melinda Leigh Scott v. Andrew Carlson, Joshua Moon: If at first you don't succeed, try try again.
12/15/18: Chantal has been in a full blown meltdown the last few hours over Null's livestream.
12/16/18: Bulla is to be institutionalized indefinitely. Will probably spend the rest of his life in a loony bin. Come read the documents.
12/17/18: audio of @dee price threatening Christopher Cantwell has been uncovered and its pretty fucking funny.
12/18/18: Google forced by internal conflict to end censored Chinese search engine project
12/18/18: it's my birthday and i'll drunkenly reminiscence on shit while living in siberia if i want to
12/19/18: [A] Regarding Emails: Because is unfortunately used by spammers, sending automated email from that system has become somewhat unreliable. Site emails will now be sent from If you're registering today, check your spam folder. Additionally, if you usually receive email from the site, be sure to check your junk folder. I'd ask you mark email inappropriately sent to junk as "Not Junk" to improve the health of the new domain.
12/19/18: [A] FEMME4MEMES IS [u]FUCKING DEAD[/u]
12/19/18: [A] i just wanted a 5th notice tbh
12/19/18: LagoonaBlue: @hood lolcow has found more discord caps of Harriet being a gross sped. She truly has zero sense of self-awareness. Click here to read the horrifying text. Also, @Hellfire has found some in-depth history about Harriet slutting around the world wide web. Come how much of a slut this bunny boiling ponyfucker can be.
12/19/18: Natalie is back again and kicking Richard's ass hard. Click here to see the tranny smackdown.
12/21/18: [A] If you are not using AdBlock, you will see Google-esque ads on the site. Feedback for ads can be posted here.
12/22/18: 50% of women by 2020 will have a penis
12/22/18: WARDAWG, a methhead streamer just out of prison for distribution and currently living in a halfway house, is back online and trying to build up a fanbase.
12/23/18: Secret Santa 2018 Gifts: What did your Secret Santa send you this year? Share your gifts here!
12/24/18: merry christmas niggers
12/25/18: 2018-12-25 - Jonathan Yaniv: DMCA Complaint
12/26/18: David Sherratt / Spinosauruskin: His mum came home on this Christmas to David's very special present: unfed housepets and dogshit-covered carpets. HO HO HO
12/27/18: 2018-12-27 - Yaniv Nahoum: Court Order from Israel
12/28/18: [A] Update: Spamhaus has removed us from their list. Emails should be delivering from normally.
12/28/18: Okay cunt, gloves are off.
12/30/18: pls post favorite kf moments from 2018. yes this is to steal content for a video
12/30/19: The Julays Fourth Annual Lolcow Awards 2018 + Lolcow of the Year 2018 (NOMINATION ROUND STARTS!): 2018 was a good year for new lolcows, but also a good year for our pet lolcows which we observed for years. So it's time to wrap it up with the Lolcow Awards!
12/30/19: Kiwi Farms Awards 2018: Its been a fun year here on kiwi farms and I thought It might be a good for a new tradition here on this site. I presnt to you the first and hopegully not last kiwi farms awards. POLLS ARE NOW OPEN
12/31/18: New Years Resolutions: Tell us how you plan to fail in 2019.
12/31/18: A New Years Eve Movie Night