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1/3/19: Misty Henry, who has been pretending to be dead, was just interviewed on local news
1/3/19: State of the Union 2018: Here are some numbers.
1/5/19: Kittystyle has admitted to molesting his sister.
1/5/19: 1-5-2019: Tom's Twitter gets Suspended
1/6/19: Mariah continues her slow crawl to doing porn with a camshow featuring pancake tiddies, accidental nipple shots, and burning her eyes with lube
1/7/19: [A] Virgin UK blocks Kiwi Farms - The Anglo menace is on offense. Learn how to use VPNs and Custom DNS resolution now.
1/8/19: Jetrex / Jetrex56 / Logan Alan Westfall: Sentenced to 50 years to Life in Prison
1/8/19: 1-8-19 Tom wants the Age of Consent lowered to 12
1/8/19: Living with a female brain and male reproductive organs
1/11/19: Eleanor has writing a new blog post on medium complaining about Scott Benson, creator of an indie game called Night in the Woods and Kiwifarms, completely denying all responsibility for her smear campaign against him. The Eye of Sauron draws nearer.
1/11/19: Dominique McLean / SonicFox
1/11/19: The 2019 Tommy Tooter GEM SHOWDOWN
1/12/19: The former general counsel of game studio Gearbox (Borderlands, Aliens: Colonial Marines) and CEO Randy Pitchford are suing one another in a messy legal battle that sees both men accused of violating their legal duties to the company. The suit against Pitchford is full of sensational allegations, including the accusation that the Gearbox CEO received a secret $12 million bonus from publisher Take-Two Interactive as an advance against Borderlandsprofits.
1/13/19: here is a reading of lagoonas jontron fapfic by @visitor
1/13/19: Arin Hanson / Egoraptor / Grump
1/15/19: By popular demand, here is the long-awaited Lupa thread.
1/16/19: DJ Coward Cuckstar is being a duplicitous waste of oxygen and kissing YouTube's ass and defending them by saying it's not a "cut and dry" case of injustice that they've removed Mumkey Jones channels for posting about Elliot Rodger.
1/18/19: Robby Pilkington / Tonkasaw / Robi Vio: A picture :(
1/18/19: After lefty transgender youtuber Contrapoints uploaded a video called "Are Traps Gay", Chris has begun harassing her again, as well as everyone associated with her as well as a furry he had beef with a couple months ago, when he went on another one of his harassment campaigns,
1/18/19: Michael O. Church / michaelochurch
1/19/19: [A] The site is being DDoS attacked again. Sorry! 10:50am EST: Attack is ramping up again.
1/19/19: 2019-01-20 - Cory Machado: "Retraction Demand and Notice of Potential Legal Action"
1/20/19: [A] The site is being DDoS attacked again. They've changed their bot behavior since last time. I've added a mandatory CAPTCHA at a Cloudflare level. Sorry about the inconvenience.
1/20/19: Tom's Twitter is suspended and a thread about a transgender child and a link are suspected to be to blame.
1/22/19: Glinner / Graham Linehan
1/22/19: TonkaSaw has deleted his entire video history.
1/22/19: Government Shutdown Megathread/Updates: Shutdown temporarily ended for 3 weeks. "Hopefully now the President has learned his lesson." -Chuck Schumer
1/23/19: Gorcenski is an irl navy seals copypasta and has spent the last couple days threatening fellow lolcow, Graham Linehan.
1/24/19: Venezuela Megathread: Trump has backed the opposition leader in Venezuela, leading President Maduro to severing all US-Venezuela relations. Ambassadors are being given 72 hours to remove themselves from Venezuela as hundreds of thousands of people crowd the streets to perpetrate a coup. Maduro calls on Venezuelans to protect him.
1/24/19: Sam Vogel Antonovich / allthefoxes / theotherredfox / vincelocktip / samman412 / vlt412 / atf412
1/25/19: Theryn Meyer / Daniël Meyer / dominodiaeresis / therynmilka
1/26/19: 1/26/19 ADF and Victoria have broken up
1/26/19: John Raymond Apt / Jai Amun Bhakti / JB / Christ John
1/27/19: Andy Warski has accused Ian Miles Cheong of leaking info to his enemies, calling the cops on him and stealing their mutual gaming channel, Hype Break. A slapfight ensues.
1/27/19: Furry "Personal Army" Thread
1/28/19: Chris Whiteman / @spawzfolf / SheerSnowLeopard & "Benjamin" March / LovelyDeer118 / PurpleDeerNerd
1/29/19: Louis Le Vau / Thomas Nelson / TomApollo / Tehblasta / Fuu-sama
1/31/19: Would a homosexual male sexualize female anus, if stuck on island 15 years - Hella curious
2/1/19: [A] The site is being DDoS attacked again, which is why accessing the site requires a CAPTCHA (outside of a few countries most of our legit traffic comes from). Sorry about that.
2/1/19: Warframe Community Staff
2/1/19: Kevin Perelman / vertigo262
2/2/19: Ride doxed someone through papers found on a table in a YouTube video.
2/2/19: Amitabho Chattopadhyay / Amy Chattopadhyay / Hips-chan / leSemenDemon / princessCuck
2/2/19: Keemstar did something useful for once and sourced audio of Ian admitting to SWAT'ing Andy Warski right here.
2/3/19: New England Patriots Have Won Super Bowl LIII
2/7/19: [A] The site will be going down for maintenance on February 24th for the XenForo 2 upgrade.
2/8/19: Peter Coffin, famous for kicking himself in the balls & making up an asian Fake Girlfriend to use as a shield to post racist and sexist jokes, is batting hardcore for serial sexual abuser Laurelai Bailey. He is blaming all of the accusations against her on an ex of hers named Natalie Durkin, and completely erasing all others who have come forward with Laurelai stories. Read starting from the linked post onward for the most recent details on his whiteknight campaign and people on the twitter left going after him for being an utterly terrible hypocrite.
2/8/19: Kiwi Farms Media Mentions
2/10/19: A Rainbow Family member who was the victim of child molestation came across Tom at the Gem show. Check the thread OP to see what happened.
2/10/19: Anthony George Halliday / Steven Hayden / Stephanie Hayden / JudicialCat / FlyingLawyer73 / srh2018:
2/11/19: There's been a lot going on with the absolute trash fire that is the Schofield family. Everyone will be appearing on Dr. Phil, and more info leakers have come forward, including Cory's daughter. Click here to read her account about Cory.
2/12/19: Florida Man fucks dog and uploads it online: This is one of the Zoosadists.
2/13/19: [A] The site will be going down for maintenance on February 24th for the XenForo 2 upgrade. (Update Feb-13)
2/13/19: r/KotakuInAction2: After KiA was raging about Reddit banning lolicon, KiA mods then unrelatedly decided to ask users about banning selfposts because they were targets of brigading and they usually involved spergy shit. Users vote no but mods vote yes, so they decided to ban selfposts and the subreddit is in a shitshow. Now, KiA has their own ResetERA called KotakuInAction2
2/14/19: Alice Walker Wright / Alice Ridley / partypantsNYC / Mercatur: I got some pics of her awful plastic surgery. She looks like a ventriloquist dummy. I like how she's larping as a Jew in one pic and an Aryan in another with those tacky contacts that fool no one.
2/14/19: lmfao article 11 & 13 are passing get fucked europoors happy valentines day commie fucks
2/15/19: Thorne is contemplating suing a Twitter user for asking how many people he raped.
2/15/19: Tommy Tooter LOLsuit + Begging + Doxing Extragavanza!
2/17/19: 2019-02-17 - Roy Philipose: "DMCA TAKEDOWN"
2/19/19: this is my youtube channel
2/21/19: The RRF-1 just got filed for TransLifeline for 2017 and it don't look too good for Kjel and Niraj. $353,703 will buy some platinum-plated dialators. Click here to read more and review the financials.
2/21/19: The Hirsute Community / Bearded Ladies
2/22/19: Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback
2/22/19: Kurt Eichenwald is being sued.
2/23/19: [A] - Dawn of the Final Day -
Bonus: The old look. It's... darker or something.
Note: At this point featured threads are replaced by announcements.
2/24/19: Form an orderly line to complain. I will be working on things continuously. If everything breaks or changes suddenly, that's probably me.
3/15/19: If you are looking for the video of the New Zealand Mosque Shooting, please consider downloading and seeding this torrent file (updated!). The Kiwi Farms does not have the bandwidth to meet several thousand people downloading a 64MB file.
3/15/19: The site is going down because of traffic. Please play this song while reading.
3/16/19: The Kiwi Farms is a non-violent autistic shitposting forum. It is not associated in any way with New Zealand. The operators of this website have never been to New Zealand. The operators of this website are not white nationalists. We believe in free speech and proliferation of information. You can't stop the signal.
3/16/19: Our matrix server for emergency comms are here.
3/16/19: Our government, in its infinite beneveloence, has pulled Jani and Bodhi at a time Michael can't get to them and they are currently sitting in a shelter.
3/16/19: Complaints regarding the shooting content hosted on the site.
3/17/19: If you are from New Zealand, your government is hunting you. Read this letter from NZ Police, then change your email address if you're using a personal account. Start using a VPN everywhere. I'm setting data retention to zero for the immediate future. Warrant canary is in the footer. Good alter-ego email services not associated with me: Cockli, ProtonMail Logless VPNs: PrivateInternetAccess, NordVPN, ProtonVPN
3/23/19: The Mueller Probe concludes. Special council submits report to AG Barr.
3/28/19: A Vancouver human-rights tribunal has ruled that misgendering is now illegal in Canada.
3/28/19: Michele Dalene is a batshit crazy tranny with a YouTube channel and a lolcow history going back to the days of public access. She's legally blind, but thinks that she can control the weather and that her body is inhabited by another soul. Currently fighting Tommy Tooter, whiteknighted by Jenffer A. Jay and manipulated by some old drug addict named Raychella.
3/29/19: Google is shutting down Google Plus. If you have a cow which uses the g+ platform, I suggest archiving their content now.
3/29/19: is winding down operations beginning March 31. If you have uploaded cow content to their servers, it is wise to maintain your own archive of the content and/or upload it locally to Kiwi Farms.
4/11/19: Phil Burnell has married Kat. Congratulations!
4/11/19: Former teacher and current raving lunatic Gina Fournier is mad at the internet. She has been ranting about Catholic conspiracies, Jesus rape and her former employers for the past 6 years.
4/11/19: Null and emspex were on Rekieta Tuesday night. The topic was the recent doxing and happenings dominating the Weeb Wars Thread.
4/18/19: Russell Greer has filed an (incomplete) DMCA takedown notice.
4/19/19: (TW: Politics) Grumpy CIA man delivers report on Orange Bad Man. The world wonders.
4/19/19: Gay rags are blaming us for some tranny dying last December. I guess they just noticed.
4/19/19: Voice actor Vic Mignogna has sued several parties, including Funimation.
4/19/19: Foxler, a neo-Nazi furry, has been arrested for enticing sex from a minor.
4/20/19: Russell Greer has filed an (incomplete) DMCA takedown notice. (Update 20-4)
4/23/19: Big thank-you to everyone using the Brave BAT program to support the site. A lot of people are doing it now and it really helps.
4/27/19: Site is back. I had to restore from a backup file created Apr 26, 2019 9:37:08 AM GMT+0300. This makes a gap of about 11 hours, not including downtime. Post-mortem about the issue and what I'm doing about it.
4/28/19: Daily reminder to use the Brave browser because it has built-in ways to help support the forum via cryptocurrency. The level of support seen from Brave just this month is already looking like it might solve the forum's issues.
4/28/19: The DailyMail, hallow be thy name, has published an article about Carl Benjamin's 'age of the child' comments.
4/28/19: Russell Greer finally submitted a complete DMCA takedown complaint.
4/28/19: Brianna Wu announces they had 2 separate meetings with the Obama White House about GamerGate, and they intend to incarcerate 8chan's (former) crippled admin for creating it.
4/29/19: Chronically Jaquie, popularly thought to be a spoonie, is claiming to [S]be receiving end-of-life care[/S] is FUCKING DEAD.
4/29/19: A fat man is trying to pull a Forest Gump (fixed) and walk across the country, but starts his journey by putting propane tank in his airplane baggage.
4/30/19: Streamer 'Etika' livestreams himself being involuntarily committed by law enforcement.
4/30/19: UKIP Gloucestershire has experienced an exodus of members publicly protesting Carl Benjamin.
4/30/19: Venezuela's military rebels and government loyalists are preparing for a showdown.
5/3/19: Discord (who formerly employed this creepy cub porn afficianado dogfucker) has deleted our backup server which has only ever been used for movie nights and during downtime.
5/3/19: I encourage you to check out our Riot Server (Guide on How to Use).
5/8/19: Shooting in Denver, Colorado perpetrated by two people, one of whom was an underage FtM tranny.
5/9/19: Someone named ProJared is having a divorce over Twitter because he cheated on his wife with a woman that looks like Harry Potter. Come laugh at his peepee.
5/9/19: Drachenlord hat sich vor kurzem beim Sex mit einer Puppe gefilmt.
5/10/19: England proves itself even more pathetic than I previously understood with this new Defamation system on Google UK.
5/10/19: Buzzfeed Confirms: YouTube demonetizes Carl Benjamin.
5/11/19: Beauty fag James Charles has lost 150K+ subscribers because he took some fucking vitamins and tried to get some nonfag peen
5/11/19: Null has a conversation.
5/12/19: DSP Tries It: "Debunking" 7 Years of "Slander". DSP decided to use his going viral to dredge up all the dramas again, to hilarious results.
5/13/19: I accidentally upgraded the forum software before I was ready for it. If there's a bug, let me know. I'm also working on quality of life again.
5/18/19: Carl Benjamin's UKIP staffer is threatening Ethan Ralph with a lawsuit over a "RAPE" t-shirt.
5/20/19: The Most Dangerous Man Alive challenges the most autistic website running.
6/1/19: If you're following the Dick v. Maddox lawsuit, Dick has bought Maddox's debt owed to Asterios.
6/1/19: Field Agent Needed (NEW YORK CITY): JUNE 3RD. Needed to attend SUPREME TRIAL between Maddox and Dick Masterson. Someone with good memory and no body odor needs to show up in the benches for a trial and report on proceedings. Dick would also like attendees to call into The Dick Show, so if you're personable and not autistic that helps a lot.Court appearance details.
6/4/19: Sanctions against Maddox and his lawyer Kevin Landau were denied by the new Judge, closing the Biggest Lolsuit in the Universe without retribution for Asterios.
6/4/19: This Simba Lion guy wont shut the fuck up.
6/6/19: Carlos Maza gets his wish and ushers in a new wave of demonetization and censorship on YouTube.
6/6/19: Someone handsome and intelligent wrote an article. No loss condition — why YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook own you. (The original article has been deleted, the link now goes to an archive.)
6/12/19: The site has recently experienced downtime due to a DDoS attack. Despite being mitigated, it is on-going. We have received over 300,000,000 HTTP requests in the last 6 hours from 5,000 unique IP addresses. This is probably the largest, most expensive, and most easily defeated attack we've ever had.
6/13/19: Max Landis got #MeToo'd.
6/15/19: I've reconfigured the webserver to better deal with the attack. If you experience 429 errors post in the tech support thread and very clearly describe what you were doing and what page you tried to access. Errors starting with 500 mean the server is down, error 429 means my net caught you. If you experience weird issues with images loading or uploading files, you should also report that. I've changed a ton of settings but the server is face-tanking 500 requests a second now.
6/15/19: Updated post on the Brave ban.
6/16/19: ResetEra staff are accused of being pedophiles.
6/16/19: Joseph Cumia, brother of Anthony Cumia, has filed a complete DMCA takedown request, which I have denied. He is now threatening to sue.
6/16/19: Megan Murphy, the feminist banned from Twitter at behest of Jonathan Yaniv, has lost her suit against Twitter.
6/20/19: Ralph's recently taken steps to improve The Ralph Retort by mixing his Maker's Mark with Xanax.
6/20/19: Etika is suicide baiting again.
6/20/19: Iran shot down a $130m American pilotless survelliance aircraft that was just minding its own business.
6/20/19: A tranny with over 300 confirmed kills in Operation Iraqi Freedom plans to capture a ghost-type Pokemon.
6/20/19: Scott Ford, eagle fucker that works with eagles, escalates his DMCA complaint. (Posts moved to new thread)
6/25/19: Mumkey Jones has announced in a 50 minute video that he has embraced the void of medically induced apathy, dumped his long-time girlfriend, moved out of state, bought a house, and proposed to a furry pedophile who sexually abused a 15-year-old boy before meeting him in one of the most spectacular and sudden downfalls ever witnessed.
6/25/19: Etika was suicide baiting again, but this time he actually did it. Based!
6/28/19: you're looking beautiful today
6/29/19: *Thunk-provoking*
7/1/19: Happy Straight Pride Day
7/3/19: Jonathan Jessica Yaniv is throwing a tantrum over another pagent contestant as part of his latest downward spiral. He's also a cripple now, lol!
7/3/19: Amberlynn Reid has made a cullinary masterpiece.
7/3/19: Monica Rial (fat) has served Nick Rekieta.
7/4/19: America, Fuck Yeah!
7/5/19: Vic's GoFundMe surpassed $200,000.
7/7/19: Maddox concludes The Best Debate in the Universe with 10 people who mostly play on their phones to an audience of 330 people, 90% of whom were trolls. Also, Rucka Rucka Ali called him a cuck.
7/9/19: Tuning shit again, expect errors. Note: I am testing page caching for guests.
7/11/19: Akiva Cohen is threatening to sue me personally for $300,000 over his dox, claiming it's child abuse and that he will become the new owner of the site in the process. He's also said he's submitted paperwork to the U.S. Copyright Office to register his own family photos as product, which is perhaps the most Jewish thing in the world besides the name "Akiva Cohen". Please buy my hats to crowdfund this lawsuit.
Bonus: Transformative Fair-use Kiwifarms Logo
7/13/19: 1. Where the Sidewalk Ends: An Internet Story
7/13/19: 2. Brave has updated their system to enable people to send BAT earned from ads directly to publishers, bypassing their mediation. If you have ad grants saved up, you should now be able to send them via the Brave browser.
7/13/19: 3. Finally, I am planning a hardware upgrade. We're growing very quickly. I will be taking the site down for hopefully no more than an hour at about 4am EST.
7/13/19: (P.S. on July 11th, we passed 5,000 user sign-ins in a single day for the first time in history. On July 11th, 2018 we had only 3,300.)
7/14/19: The hardware upgrade is still planned. I am waiting for a timeslot.
7/15/19: The Kiwi Farms is running a Fediverse Node, which is like Twitter but decentralized between many individual providers, similar to email. Feel free to sign up and follow me. There are many more services we federate with, and you will see all that content with one account.
7/15/19: /r9k/ user kills fembot and attempts to kill himself. Allegedly, she was underage and would give boys nudes only to extort them for oxy by threatening to report them to the FBI.
7/15/19: More importantly, we have recently had our 5,000,000th post. Wow!
7/16/19: Maintenance is concluded.
7/24/19: Fangs Bared: New Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv board following sudden tidalwave of bipartisan media coverage of the BC Human Rights Tribunal.
7/26/19: 1. Emails will now be sent from <> in my 99th attempt to get emails to work reliably. 2. I'm aware all ratings show to everyone even if you can't use them.
7/27/19: lmao
7/28/19: I'm committing very serious changes to the server as I move to multiple devices.
7/29/19: Note: Recent downtime was determined to be some sort of hostile activity. I don't even know what to call it because it doesn't seem to be a regular DDoS attack. I've never seen anything like it.
7/29/19: I've applied a series of changes to try and mitigate what's called a Slow HTTP attack. I'm monitoring da siduation indensely.
7/30/19: Yahoo is blocking our emails. I've filed a complaint and disabled bounced email handling for now.
8/3/19: The Electronic Software Association has doxed every journalist and influencer currently registered to attend E3. The motherlode of all doxXxing.
Bonus: Entertainment Shitposting Association
8/5/19: The Electronic Software Association finally wrote me an email.
8/5/19: Cloudflare has terminated its service for 8chan, making it the 2nd website ever, after the Daily Stormer. Fredrick has commented on it on the site. Our new TLDs, and, are versions of the site not behind Cloudflare. If you'd like to test them, please do.
8/5/19: And yes, the site's random issues right now are due to me preparing for the site post-CF.
8/6/19: The Kiwi Farms has been under a sustained DDoS attack of 1 Gbps for several hours. My datacenter has implemented a mitigation that seems arbitrary and is blocking, alongside a majority of legitimate traffic, Cloudflare. I am trying to sort out a long-term solution with them and other peers who can filter traffic more effectively.
8/6/19: Journalist Ana Valens wrote about us down the downtime, but did not feel the journalistic need to disclose they have a thread.
8/6/19: Yaniv showed himself in possession of an illegal taser on stream with Blaire White last night and is now being raided by police.
8/7/19: Akiva Cohen, IP lawyer who threatened us with a genuinely faulty lawsuit, has filed a Bar Association complaint against Vic's representation. Beard has filed back already.
8/7/19: Kiwi Farms's legal department has a phone call.
8/10/19: Yaniv joined the forum just to post death threats against a user he knows lives in his building.
8/11/19: Terry Davis: December 15, 1969 - August 11th, 2018. "God just questioned my judgement. He said, 'Terry, are you worthy to be the man who makes the Temple? If you are, you must answer: Is this niggerlicious, or is this divine intellect?' And that's the question. I'll leave you with that."
8/20/19: Mumkey Jones's ex-girlfriend leaked their sextape. See what was worth giving up everything for - or don't, up to you really.
8/24/19: Oath, the search engine powering Yahoo!, AOL, DuckDuckGo, Qwant, and more de-indexed Kiwi Farms.
8/24/19: The mountain Jews are filing for writ in the U.S. Supreme Court against us.
8/28/19: ProJared made a video in response to accusers, 3 months later.
8/28/19: Maddox promises a retaliatory video against Dick.
8/29/19: Weeb Wars: Uncovered sworn statements against Ron Toye indicate he is a lifelong domestic abuser.
8/29/19: Weeb Wars: Audio leak of Sean Schemmel, voice of Goku, calling Gohan a fag.
8/30/19: Lego Company sends an email.
8/31/19: Lego Company sends an email. (Update: They've officiated a DMCA takedown notice to 1776hosting.)
8/31/19: Weeb Wars: Everyone working on DBZ at just had Funimation audio leaks.
9/1/19: Alex Holowka has killed himself after being accused of sex abuse by Zoe Quinn.
9/2/19: There are multiple happenings, which is why I, a humble public servant, have categorized them for you.
9/2/19: We're back on DDG, Bing, Yahoo, Qwant et al after they've re-indexed Kiwi Farms, recognizing our territorial soverignty and international charters.
9/2/19: There's an influx of spammers.
9/2/19: Weeb Menace: Vic's representation has filed a 1,200 page counter to the TCPA.
9/3/19: Finally, a good fuckin' mailbag.
9/3/19: Lowtax gives a shoutout.
9/4/19: Lego Company sends an email. (Update #2: They've sent me another, identical complaint.)
9/4/19: Finally, a good fuckin' mailbag. (Update: They've sent me their own IC3 report where they told the FBI I called them a retard.)
9/4/19: Local swamp monster Brianna Wu was with Cenk "The Armenian Genocide Didn't Happen" Uygur on TYT.
9/6/19: Jacob Wohl is wanted for trading securities. He is the youngest person ever banned from trading securities.
9/7/19: Nothing has happened today.
9/10/19: Something happened.
9/10/19: The site was compromised.
9/12/19: What to do (Formerly "The breach and some helpful information.")
9/16/19: A post about feelings
9/17/19: Stallman resigns from the FSF and MIT.
9/17/19: This announcement will be removed when I (hopefully) finalize my audit either today or tomorrow. I will follow it up with a mass email to all users linking the information in this announcement. So far, there has been no subsequent release of data.
9/20/19: Merchandise Run 2019 Planning ("I got hacked and all I got was this stupid t-shirt" edition)
9/21/19: After months of speculation, MundaneMatt confirms his daughter is not his.
9/21/19: Alex Jones is suing Brianna Wu, Andrew Kimmel, and The Young Turks.
9/30/19: Fredrick believes 8chan is now dead and will return as an imageboard more oriented towards QAnon.
9/30/19: One of the worst DMCAs I've ever received has just came in.
10/3/19: Merch is now available
10/3/19: Some boomer ranted about us to Chris Hansen.
10/4/19: Vic Mignona has had his entire case dropped.
10/6/19: Merchandise run will end on October 10th to help ensure people get what they ordered in time to have it for the week of Halloween.
10/9/19: Merchandise run will end on October 10th. Last call!
10/9/19: Shooter in Halle, Germany attacks Synagoge during Yom Kippur leaves 2 injured. Streams it to Twitch.
10/11/19: If you bought a hoodie, the order is in. Information about the apparel is here.
10/13/19: Internationally famous dog "Void", seen recently in Kiwi Farms merchandise run, featured in German coverage of the Halle shooting.
10/14/19: Lola, the second Hartley Hooligan, has died.
10/14/19: Are you wamman? Your input is needed!
10/16/19: Melinda Scott's petition for the Supreme Court to hear her lawsuit against me has been denied.
10/16/19: She's already filed another before the first even failed.
10/16/19: Boogie2988 did a video that showed his body size, which shows he's bounced back since his surgery.
10/19/19: Australia has formally banned the Kiwi Farms via the online censorship organ known as the eSafety Commissioner.
10/22/19: Jonathan Yaniv has supposedly lost his case and is going to be ordered to pay attorney's fees.
10/26/19: Federal Grand Jury Subpeona
10/30/19: The family of a shooting victim is suing literally hundreds of people, including 8chan and cloudflare. (Legal Discussion Thread, Shitposting Thread)
11/1/19: Family of El Paso shooting victim is suing the shooter's family, 8chan, its owner, founder, Cloudflare, its CEO, and an 'unknown' number of anonymous users. (Legal Discussion Thread, Shitposting and Everything Else)
11/1/19: Automated mail services for the site should be running again. If not, email me.
11/4/19: Christmas avatars are banned until November 29th.
Thank you, the Management.
11/5/19: Milo Yiannopolis has released audio of Richard Spencer saying he rules the jews, or something.
11/5/19: Weeb Wars: Ty Beard's "Damnit Nick We Lost the Case Again" t-shirt has been used in place of legal argument to demonstrate wreckless litigous behavior by defendant Marchi.
11/6/19: The Bidness is now our finance board, repurposed from the Cryptocurrency. board.
11/6/19: Internet & Technology is a new board for all things IT.
11/7/19: Jim Watkins, owner of 8chan, is suing Fredrick Brennan, founder of 8chan, in the Philippines (where they both live) for libel. (General Discussion, Legal Discussion)
11/20/19: ResetEra Tranny Drama: tranny lover of staff leaks staff discord logs where resetera veteran staff are being "problematic". Mass censorship ensues.
11/21/19: Simba Lion shot two cops.
11/27/19: Lowtax's wife has taken his daughter to a woman's shelter and he is legally helpless.
11/28/19: Reminder: Use a real email address and a real password or you will lose your account
12/1/19: Christmas Time has officially strated so get your avatars on
12/1/19: Alinity is definitely more of a dog person than a cat person and fucks her dog.
12/2/19: Christmas Time has officially started* (thank you to the zero people who pointed out this egregious typo to me) so get your avatars on
12/4/19: Simba Lion has died in the hospital following a shoot out with police.
12/5/19: The Slaton Sisters are getting surgery after losing weight for a TV show.
12/7/19: I am killing the Proving Grounds board in a week, unless someone has an idea to make it work. (Thread) (Update 1)
12/9/19: The End of Proving Grounds: (Thread) (Update) (Last Call in PG)
12/10/19: Animated avatars are permitted again. Don't fuck it up for everyone else.
12/10/19: I have changed our affiliate URLs.
12/12/19: UK Supreme Court rules in final judgement that the government can fine you for jokes and automatically deduct money from your bank account to satisfy their penalty. If you are in the UK you are a paypig slave lmfao
12/14/19: Scottish Supreme Court issues final ruling on the Count Dankula Nazi Pug joke.
12/14/19: Clicking timestamps where last post information is displayed will now always take you to that post instead of where ever XenForo wants to throw you.
12/14/19: Some sped is rage-DoS attacking the site again. Downtime is 15 minutes at a time. He's using a Russian booter that gives 15 minute blocks once an hour for $100/mo or whatever.
12/16/19: Bryan Dunn (King of /pol/)'s father was arrested and plead guilty to possession of Child Pornography last year, court documents uncovered
12/16/19: DarkSydePhil is being foreclosed on; $100k in debt, $30k upside-down on second mortage
12/16/19: PewDiePie has announced a break early into 2020 because he's "very tired" of YouTube
12/16/19: Our third-party affiliate links have been changed
12/16/19: Clicking timestamps in last reply sections will now always take you to that post
12/16/19: Persistent threat is DoS attacking the site; downtime is usually exactly 15 minutes
12/17/19: Off-topic is now hidden from guests
12/17/19: In the Reactions Received page, clicking thread titles takes you to the rated post instead of OP.
12/18/19: Everyone fucking hates Star Wars 9
12/18/19: [s]Off-topic[/s] A&H is now hidden from guests
12/21/19: Stop using the phrase "touching the poop". It's something a mentally and emotionally stunted child would say. Try "failtrolling" or "being a faggot". If you avoid my filters for it I hate you personally. Merry Christmas.
12/23/19: Smugruko allegedly attempted suicide because they cheated by doing a Furry ERP lol
12/23/19: Nickocado Avocado is being cancelled after a video listing grievances from Stephanie Soo
12/23/19: Gutian, some fag who vlogs about communism, has made a video about the Kiwi Farms
12/24/19: A Merry Christmas DMCA from C.A. Goldberg PLLC
12/25/19: Gutian, some fag who vlogs about communism, has made a video about the Kiwi Farms (Gutian got dox'd lol)
12/25/19: A wonderful work of fiction featuring the hacker known as fruit farms has been circulating
12/25/19: Levi Simmons, animal abuser known as SnakeThing, is in fucking jail
12/27/19: A wonderful work of fiction featuring the hacker known as fruit farms has been circulating (They wrote another!)
12/28/19: The furry cries out in pain as he strikes you
12/29/19: A church in Texas was attacked during a regularly scheduled prayer broadcast and ended up livestreaming the shooting
12/29/19: Remilia, a transgender competitive League of Legends streamer died this week and I pulled some clips from their last stream
12/29/19: [s]p.s. I need help shopping for phones and a credit card lol[/s]
12/31/19: Your input requested on the issue of OPs and Lolcow Encyclopedias