Du kannst nicht mehr als 25 Themen auswählen Themen müssen entweder mit einem Buchstaben oder einer Ziffer beginnen. Sie können Bindestriche („-“) enthalten und bis zu 35 Zeichen lang sein.
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The Post-Meritocracy Manifesto

A project to communicate the values and principals of software developers in the post-meritocracy world.


Be sure to read the Code of Conduct before submitting a pull request, opening an issue, or otherwise engaging with this community.

Adding your name as a signatory

Open a PR to add your name. Modify the file static/signatories.csv and you’re all set.

Adding a translation

  • Fork the repo

  • Make sure that you have Hugo installed:

    • On macOS: brew install hugo
    • On most Linux distros: snap install hugo
    • See here for more options
  • Create an empty markdown file called _index.<LANGUAGE_CODE>.md in the content directory

  • Write your translation there. Be sure to copy the structure of the English version at index.md, including all the special codes.

  • Add an entry to config.toml with your language information under the [Languages] tag. Please use the language codes defined by ISO 639-1: http://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/php/code_list.php. For example, for Swedish, you would enter:

    languageName = "Swedish"
    languageCode = "se"
  • Start the hugo server: hugo server -D

  • Navigate to http://localhost:1313/LANGUAGE_CODE/ and you should see your translation

  • Open a pull request

  • I will find another native speaker to look over the translation you made, and then it will be merged!