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  = 610c9e986c added functionality to filter by a specific user 6 months ago
  = 05121f3386 Added plain-text output functionality. 6 months ago
  = 02106e14ec removed line leftover from debugging 6 months ago
  = 14a3a3c976 fixed bug where recent posts will not show the full date 6 months ago
  = 0e3cccd328 updated README 6 months ago
  = 899b7ac197 added functionality for text-file output 6 months ago
  = 40e9c2f7b0 removed alternate TLD functionality, as .pl/.nl domains have been removed 6 months ago
  = 62b96d5049 did some rearanging of files 6 months ago
  = 29e3e9dd0b fixed bug wher @'d user shows up as poster instead of guest user 1 year ago
  Roaming.Man 96516502c6 Update 'scraper/postData.py' 1 year ago
  = 011e1fc79d - modifications to documentation 1 year ago
  = bc0b81f688 fixed to accomidate for single-page threads 1 year ago
  = 5990ff9ebc fixed revert issues, changes should be up to date 1 year ago
  = 8c63e504dd . 1 year ago
  = 0251b1df54 Revert "- restructured code so scraper.py isn't so messy" 1 year ago
  = 589efd93d2 readme update 1 year ago
  = 53df18c860 readme update 1 year ago
  = cdda416b47 - restructured code so scraper.py isn't so messy 1 year ago
  Roaming.Man 000ed4847a Update 'README.md' 1 year ago
  = bdd222f49d minor update to readme 1 year ago
  = bf07f7e544 . 1 year ago
  = 45c3e1b517 Added readme/license/other standard junk 1 year ago
  = 1c9d703da8 - rearanged files 1 year ago
  = 1757555ff8 fixed retreval method for usernames to accomidate guest users 1 year ago
  = 49abedaeae - edited structure of json output to hide full html/raw text when viewing "content" in a json viewer 1 year ago
  = 72152f4a73 - first working build 1 year ago
  = b2771adb71 - fixed spelling errors in jsonConvert 1 year ago
  = 75fe5716dd minor edit to json output 1 year ago
  = 354469e511 added ability to save to json file 1 year ago
  = 1d2feeeeed Removed formating of json output. Might get back to it if I have better idea for implementation. 1 year ago
  = 0d93373212 new file: jsonConvert.py 1 year ago