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  Yuki Okushi 3a5b62b550
Add dependencies instruction (#1281) 7 months ago
  Adam Kewley 412e54ce10 Fixed documentation typo for actix-files (#1278) 7 months ago
  Peter Hall bca41f8d40 Changes to Cors builder (#1266) 7 months ago
  Jacob Brown 7c974ee668 Update doc comment for `HttpRequest::app_data` (#1265) 7 months ago
  linkmauve abb462ef85 Replace sha1 dependency with sha-1 (#1258) 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim e66312b664 add extra constraints 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 39f4b2b39e Merge branch 'master' of github.com:actix/actix-web 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim f6ff056b8a Fix panic with already borrowed: BorrowMutError #1263 7 months ago
  Yuki Okushi 51ab4fb73d
Tweak actions to use cache and not to be stuck on the way (#1264) 7 months ago
  linkmauve f5fd6bc49f Fix actix-http examples (#1259) 7 months ago
  Jeremy Wright 2803fcbe22 Small grammaritical update to lib.rs (#1248) 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 67793c5d92 add ssl feature migration 7 months ago
  Jonathan Brookins bcb5086c91 Added 2.0.0 rustls feature name change (#1244) 7 months ago
  wojciechkepka 7bd2270290 Fix link to example in readme.md (#1236) 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim a4ad5e6b69 update timeouts for test server 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 6db909a3e7 update migration 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 642ae161c0 prep actix-web release 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 7b3c99b933 prep actix-framed release 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim f86ce0390e allow to specify multi pattern for resources 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 7882f545e5 Allow to gracefully stop test server via TestServer::stop() 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 1c75e6876b update migration 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 6a0cd2dced Rename HttpServer::start() to HttpServer::run() 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim c7f3915779 update actix-service dep 7 months ago
  Yuki Okushi f45db1f909
Enable GitHub Actions and fix file URL behavior (#1232) 7 months ago
  Darin 3751a4018e fixed test::init_service api docs (missing await) (#1230) 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 0cb1b0642f add test server data test 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 48476362a3 update changes 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 2b4256baab add links to configs 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim e5a50f423d Make web::Data deref to Arc<T> #1214 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 8b8a9a995d bump ver 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 74fa4060c2 fix awc tests 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim c877840c07 rename App::register_data to App::app_data and HttpRequest::app_data returns Option<&T> instead of Option<&Data<T>> 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 20248daeda Allow to set peer_addr for TestRequest #1074 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim a08d8dab70 AppConfig::secure() is always false. #1202 7 months ago
  tglman fbbb4a86e9 feat: add access to the session also from immutable references (#1225) 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 1d12ba9d5f Replace brotli with brotli2 #1224 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 8c54054844 Use .advance() intead of .split_to() 7 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 1732ae8c79 fix Bodyencoding trait usage 8 months ago
  Rajasekharan Vengalil 3b860ebdc7 Fix poll_ready call for WebSockets upgrade (#1219) 8 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 29ac6463e1 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:actix/actix-web 8 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 01613f334b Move BodyEncoding to dev module #1220 8 months ago
  Andrii Radyk 30dcaf9da0 fix deprecated Error::description (#1218) 8 months ago
  Nikolay Kim b0aa9395da prep actix-web alpha.6 release 8 months ago
  Nikolay Kim a153374b61 migrate actix-web-actors 8 months ago
  Nikolay Kim a791aab418 prep awc release 8 months ago
  Nikolay Kim cb705317b8 compile with default-features off 8 months ago
  Nikolay Kim e8e0f98f96 fix docs.rs features list 8 months ago
  Nikolay Kim c878f66d05 fix docs.rs features list 8 months ago
  Nikolay Kim fac6dec3c9 update deps 8 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 232f71b3b5 update changes 8 months ago