434 Commits (master)

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  linkmauve abb462ef85 Replace sha1 dependency with sha-1 (#1258) 8 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 642ae161c0 prep actix-web release 9 months ago
  Nikolay Kim f86ce0390e allow to specify multi pattern for resources 9 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 7882f545e5 Allow to gracefully stop test server via TestServer::stop() 9 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 6a0cd2dced Rename HttpServer::start() to HttpServer::run() 9 months ago
  Nikolay Kim e5a50f423d Make web::Data deref to Arc<T> #1214 9 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 8b8a9a995d bump ver 9 months ago
  Nikolay Kim c877840c07 rename App::register_data to App::app_data and HttpRequest::app_data returns Option<&T> instead of Option<&Data<T>> 9 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 20248daeda Allow to set peer_addr for TestRequest #1074 9 months ago
  Nikolay Kim a08d8dab70 AppConfig::secure() is always false. #1202 9 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 01613f334b Move BodyEncoding to dev module #1220 9 months ago
  Nikolay Kim b0aa9395da prep actix-web alpha.6 release 9 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 8881c13e60 update changes 9 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 42258ee289 deps 9 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 8df33f7a81 remove HttpServer::run() as it is not useful with async/await 9 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 6c226e47bd prepare actix-web-actors release 9 months ago
  Vlad Frolov 8c3f58db9d Allow comma-separated websocket subprotocols without spaces (#1172) 9 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 1729a52f8b prepare alpha.3 release 9 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 205a964d8f upgrade to tokio 0.2 9 months ago
  Nikolay Kim c1c44a7dd6 upgrade derive_more 10 months ago
  Jim Blandy c5907747ad Remove implementation of Responder for (). Fixes #1108. 10 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 0212c618c6 prepare actix-web release 10 months ago
  Nikolay Kim 885ff7396e prepare actox-http release 10 months ago
  Hung-I Wang edcde67076 Fix escaping/encoding problems in Content-Disposition header (#1151) 10 months ago
  Anton Lazarev ace98e3a1e support Host guards when Host header is unset (#1129) 11 months ago
  Igor Aleksanov f81ae37677 Add From<Payload> for crate::dev::Payload (#1110) 1 year ago
  Nikolay Kim 4f3e97fff8 prepare actix-web release 1 year ago
  karlri c659c33919 Feature uds: Add listen_uds to ServerBuilder (#1085) 1 year ago
  Nikolay Kim d9af8f66ba Use actix-testing for testing utils 1 year ago
  Jim Blandy 58c7065f08 Implement `register_data` method on `Resource` and `Scope`. (#1094) 1 year ago
  Jos van den Oever 32a1c36597 Make UrlencodedError::Overflow more informative (#1089) 1 year ago
  Nikolay Kim a32573bb58 Allow to re-construct ServiceRequest from HttpRequest and Payload #1088 1 year ago
  Ronald Chan 5e8f1c338c fix h2 not using error response (#1080) 1 year ago
  κeen 8a9fcddb3c Condition middleware (#1075) 1 year ago
  Nikolay Kim bae29897d6 prep actix-web release 1 year ago
  Nikolay Kim 98bf8ab098 enable rust-tls feature for actix_web::client #1045 1 year ago
  Leland Jansen c193137905 actix_web::test::TestRequest::set_form (#1058) 1 year ago
  Erlend Langseth a07cdd6533 Data::into_inner 1 year ago
  Nikolay Kim b1cb72d088 update url crate 1 year ago
  Nikolay Kim 55179d6ab2 update dependencies 1 year ago
  jesskfulwood b0b462581b update CHANGES.md for Form impl Responder 1 year ago
  jesskfullwood c808364c07 make Query payload public (#991) 1 year ago
  Nikolay Kim cccd829656 update changes 1 year ago
  Nikolay Kim 6b7df6b242 prep actix-web release 1 year ago
  Nikolay Kim fbdda8acb1 Unix domain sockets (HttpServer::bind_uds) #92 1 year ago
  Rotem Yaari d03296237e Log error results in Logger middleware (closes #938) (#984) 1 year ago
  Nikolay Kim c01611d8b5 prepare actix-web release 1 year ago
  Nikolay Kim c65dbaf88e expose app's ResourceMap via resource_map method 1 year ago
  Nikolay Kim c45728ac01 prep test server release 1 year ago
  Andrea Corradi 6f71409355 Add DELETE, PATCH, OPTIONS methods to TestServerRunner (#973) 1 year ago