A now defunct web server engine that is notable for its overuse of unsafe code, the memory safety bugs caused by that, and its deletion by its creator.
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Actix web Build Status Build status codecov crates.io Join the chat at https://gitter.im/actix/actix

Actix web is a small, fast, pragmatic, open source rust web framework.

extern crate actix_web;
use actix_web::*;

fn index(req: HttpRequest) -> String {
    format!("Hello {}!", &req.match_info()["name"])

fn main() {
        || Application::new()
            .resource("/{name}", |r| r.f(index)))



  • Supported HTTP/1.x and HTTP/2.0 protocols
  • Streaming and pipelining
  • Keep-alive and slow requests handling
  • WebSockets
  • Transparent content compression/decompression (br, gzip, deflate)
  • Configurable request routing
  • Graceful server shutdown
  • Multipart streams
  • Middlewares (Logger, Session, DefaultHeaders, CORS)
  • Built on top of Actix.


Some basic benchmarks could be found in this respository.



This project is licensed under either of

at your option.

Code of Conduct

Contribution to the actix-web crate is organized under the terms of the Contributor Covenant, the maintainer of actix-web, @fafhrd91, promises to intervene to uphold that code of conduct.